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ToneOp: nutrition, meal tracker and BMI calculator App

BMI Calculator

Calculate your BMI by entering your height and weight and explore more about your health.


Calorie Tracker

Track your daily meals and figure out your micros and macros to maintain your calories.

ToneOp: steps and vitals tracker with regional based diet app

Region-Based Diet Plans

Customize your nutrition with regional taste for a healthier, culturally enjoyable meal journey


Health Tracker

Track your daily steps, water intake, sleep and calories at your fingertips.


Toneop Health & Fitness App's Happy Testimonial by Pradeep Chaturvedi

24 May 2023

Pradeep Chaturvedi

I have always been concerned about my health and believe in living a healthy life. However, over time, I realized that you always need expert advice to maintain health. While looking for health expert

Toneop Health Application's Happy Testimonial by Sagar Kapoor

25 May 2023

Sagar Kapoor

I took the 7-day detox plan at Rs 499 from ToneOp under the guidance of Dr Ruchi Soni. The best thing was, I saw the results after the detox diet. I felt light, and energetic after the detox diet. I would like to thank ToneOp & Dr Ruchi for guiding m

Toneop fitness Application Happy Testimonial by Dharmesh Gupta

25 May 2023

Dharmesh Gupta

I am a businessman and a health enthusiast. After you hit 50, you start experiencing fatigue and lack of energy, regularly. I was introduced to ToneOp a few weeks back and decided to try their live yoga session. It is a process-driven platform that o

Toneop fitness app - Happy Testimonial by Mrs.Adarsh Tiwari

25 May 2023

Mrs. Adarsh Tiwari

After spending a lifetime guiding people to make suitable investments as an investment advisor, I finally decided to invest in my health by choosing ToneOp as my health partner. I was dealing with low stamina, decreasing flexibility, and increasing s