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    • cal01-October-2022 adminKajal Tharwani

      Rajgiri Ladoo Recipe

    • Ingredients 

      • Rajgiri - ⅓ Cup 
      • Peanuts - 1 ½ tbsp (crushed) 
      • Jaggery - 1 ½ tbsp (powdered) 

      Preparation Method 

      1. Add powdered jaggery to a pan and keep it on medium heat. Add little water and let the jaggery melt entirely and form a syrup. 

      2. Add rajgiri grains and crushed peanuts to the pan. Mix well and coat them properly with the jaggery syrup. 

      3. Cook for 4-5 minutes until the mixture leaves the sides of the pan. 

      4. Let the mixture cool (it should be warm). Now dampen your hands with water and make small balls from the mixture. 

      5. Make the ladoos out of the mixture and let them dry. 

      6. The ladoos are ready to serve! 


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