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    • cal02-August-2022 adminKajal Tharwani

      Honey Chilli Makhana ( Fox Nuts) Recipe

    • Ingredients

      • Makhana – 1 cup
      • Sesame seeds (white) – 1 tbsp
      • Honey – 2 tbsp 
      • Red Chilli Powder – 2 -3 pinches
      • Ghee – 1 spoon


      1. Take a pan and dry roast sesame seeds

      2. Use the same pan, heat ghee and dry roast makhana for 5-7 minutes on low flame or until it becomes crunchy.

      3. Meanwhile, mix honey and chilli in a small bowl. The quantity of red chilli powder can vary based on your child’s preference.

      4. Once the makhana is roasted well, pour this honey and chilli mix on the roasted makhanas and stir quickly. Turn off the flame.

      5. Gentle sprinkle a generous amount of roasted sesame seeds on the honey chilli makhana.


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