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  • discoverfitness

    With the most coveted and professional trainers, Discover Fitness is one of the best gyms in Bhopal. It is an all-in-one hub with a luxurious workout environment providing the best aspects of gyms, health clubs, and group fitness studios.

  • lavanya

    One of the largest chains of beauty spas in Bhopal, Lavanya is a beauty venture of Discover Fitness. Along with the salon treatments, it also offers diet counselling and weight loss programs.

  • pumpingiron

    The Pumping Iron gym intends to give the best fitness facilities to every customer. The gym is equipped with modern amenities & experienced trainers that offer a complete make-over to your current fitness regime.

  • zine

    Znine Fitness is the only gym in the city to offer spa and restaurant services to its customers along with a high-class and notable wide array of fitness & strength training making it an out-of-the-box fitness centre.

  • fitfighter

    Fit Fighter Fitness Club is a well-known personal gym training establishment for both men & women. The courteous staff and timely assistance make it one of the most pleasant experiences for its customers.

  • fitnessempire

    Fitness Empire is a top-notch health club in Bhopal with a well-equipped gym, high-class fitness centre, and the best machinery & training facilities for all fitness enthusiasts.

  • pumpingironfitness

    The Pumping Iron gym intends to give the best fitness facilities to every customer. The gym is equipped with modern amenities & experienced trainers that offer a complete make-over to your current fitness regime.

  • shuja

    Fitness Shuja Centre helps you recognise your strengths and abilities while getting you fitter. With dedicated service and trainers, the gym provides various exclusive gym facilities to get you in the desired shape.

  • fleshfitness

    The Flesh Fitness Club in Bhopal is popular for its distinct services including gym, yoga classes, fitness centres, and Zumba classes. The personal gym trainers curate a regime for your fitness goal and assure its effectiveness.

  • fitnessclub

    My Fitness Club fulfils all your requirements from cardio to muscle building. A basket of group activities that you can experience here is the gym for men & women, fitness centre, Zumba classes & Aerobic classes.

  • elitefitnessclub

    Elite Fitness Club is famous for a variety of fitness activities that it offers including gym, yoga classes, fitness centre, Zumba classes, personal gym trainers, Aerobic classes, and much more.

  • gymfitness7

    With certified trainers and quality equipment, this place is dedicated to achieving your fitness goal. Gyms, fitness centres, dietitians, weight loss centres, personal gym trainers, and Aerobic classes are the highlights of Gym Fitness 7.

  • jaguar

    Break a sweat and join Jaguar Fitness to get the finest gym services. The unique features of this gym include advanced equipment, well-trained personnel, distinct fitness activities and a welcoming environment.

  • closium

    This company has set a benchmark in the fitness industry and is specialized in providing excellent services like gyms, fitness centres, weight loss centres, yoga classes, power yoga classes, and yoga meditation classes.

  • ironmangym

    The Iron Man Fitness Center in Bhopal is well-known for body massage clinics for men and women, gyms for men & women, fitness centres, personal trainers for the gym, and much more.

  • nexux

    Along with Fitness & Weight Loss Centres to improve strength & flexibility, Nexus has also scattered its presence as Treadmill Dealers, Home Gym Equipment Dealers, Gymnasium Equipment Dealers, and Gym Equipment Manufacturers.

  • eminentsfitness

    With client satisfaction as its motto, Eminent Fitness provides Fitness Center, Women's Gym, Unisex Gym, Personal Gym Trainers, a super hygienic campus & various fitness services to get you in shape & build strength & endurance.

  • o2fitness

    O2 Fitness is a one-stop fitness centre that offers exclusive high standards in workout plans. The services include gyms for men & women, fitness centres, yoga classes, personal gym trainers, Zumba Classes, and Weight Loss Centers.

  • gymfitness24

    Gym Fitness 24 is a popular gym with a neat & clean ambience that lets you choose from a wide range of health solutions such as Zumba classes, Aerobic classes, yoga classes and much more.

  • clubrivera

    Club Riviera is a well-equipped fitness club. It is more than just a basic workout gym and a favourite spot for youngsters. With exotic fitness activities like cross-fit and futsal along with a well-equipped gym and a swimming pool,

  • hercules

    Hercules Gymnasium is a fitness centre that works on your entire body, from cardio to building your body on complex machines. It aces by providing certified trainers, and diet & nutrition experts to help you achieve your fitness goal.

  • planetfitness

    Planet Fitness is a popular fitness centre where you can find all your fitness solutions through the gym, cardio, power yoga, cross-fit, personal training, diet & nutrition assistance for your desired fitness.

  • Raw Fitness Gym an amazing gym in bhopal that goes with the moto of 'Fit ho to Hit ho' helping you chase your dream body. Weight training, weight loss, cardio, strength & crossfit, all facilities are available here.

  • A leading gym situated in bhopal, 7 day fitness club. The best fitness center known best for all the facilities, like personal trainers and workout sessions- zumba, aerobics, yoga and much more.

  • A fitness center, fit for you and your family Fit4Life, with all the first in class amenities Fit4Life has personal training sessions, diet and fitness consultation, and cross fit classes.

  • themax

    Roll up your sleeves, mark your fitness goal and be a part of The MAX Gym. Fully equipped with modern machinery and expert trainers & dieticians, an ideal place to reach your weight loss or muscle building goals.

  • f3club

    Fitting amongst the leading gyms in Bhopal, F3 club is a fitness centre with world-class equipment and a wide range of amenities like weight loss training and diet consultancy.

  • protineplanet

    Protein Planet is one of the most trusted and leading supplement stores in Bhopal. It comprises a wide range of health, wellness, fitness and bodybuilding products. The team of protein planet is dedicated to making every product accessible all over India.

  • rockwayfitness

    Rockway Fitness Factory is the only USA pattern-based gym in Bhopal, spread over 25,000 sq m. They provide a safe and sanitised space with impressive gym equipment and activities like Cardio training, Crossfit friendly, Resistance training, Personal training, Diet plans and a Weight control program.

  • bajrangfitness

    The Bajrang gym is a premium fitness centre in Gulmohar Colony, Bhopal. The belief that customer satisfaction is as important as their products and services has helped this establishment garner a vast base of customers.

  • mygym

    A perfect place for newcomers as well as for professionals. A well-equipped GYM with all the latest machines. A GYM under the guidance of the best trainer (Mr Ashish Tonk). A GYM well known for its quality. Giving shapes and making lives of many.

  • beyondfitness

    Get working on the body you've craved for. Experience The Best In Fitness Only at beyond Fitness, a well-known establishment that acts as a one-stop destination for all your fitness needs.

  • eshanfitness

    At Eshaan Fitness the support is real and it starts the moment we meet. We have trainers that are dedicated to their respective roles and put in a lot of effort to achieve the common vision and larger goals of better health.

  • fitnessf5

    Fitness F5 is one of the leading gyms in Bhopal. The staff at this establishment are courteous and are prompt in answering any queries that you have. This gym is known for its top services like Free trial, Cycling Room, Jogging Circuit, Outdoor Training, Strength Training Equipment, Yoga, Sunday Open, Group Classes, Cardio Equipment, Power Yoga Classes, TRX, Zumba.

  • musclepark

    As the name suggests “MUSCLE PARK GYM” was formulated for two main reasons, 1st for full strength and 2nd to tone your body with CrossFit, cardio & Zumba aerobics. With certified trainers.

  • shefitness

    A fully feminist fitness centre! Situated in Bhopal, “She Fitness” is a fitness centre dedicated only to girls. A place where you can freely accomplish your fitness or health goals

  • Making gym’s a place where you can “achieve any fitness goal” is what [email protected] days offer, certified trainers, strength training and focuses on achieving your health goals.

  • A leading gym in Indore, established back in 2021. The downtown fitness club is a top player when it comes to choosing an authentic fitness centre. A dedicated fitness club with cross-fit as well as strength training.

  • A perfect fitness centre is a fine place to work out. Equipped with all the studio features, and has well-qualified trainers. This place is your fitness go-to.

  • A significant player in the category of Gym & Fitness with a strong hold on their morals. Since its establishment, UD Fitness is offering world-class services to its consumers and is focused on its customer health and fitness goal. UD Fitness serves as a one-stop destination for your fitness needs.

  • An ultimate fitness centre is here, Gym box is breaking the myth by making their gym fun and happy place. With an area to spend time with your gym buddies, being futuristic with workout sessions on VR and a healthy kitchen for in the gym.