10 Benefits Of Tracking Water Intake: ToneOp



Published on: 03-Mar-2023


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Kajal Tharwani


10 Benefits Of Tracking Water Intake: ToneOp

10 Benefits Of Tracking Water Intake: ToneOp

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Talk less, drink more! 

Our parents have always forced us to drink water and stay hydrated! Not just the parents; if we go to the doctor for any medical treatment, they first ask how much water you have consumed in the last 24 hours. 

Our body is 60% water, which makes tracking the intake of water vital. 

But how are you going to track your water intake? It is as simple as drinking water; you just have to install the ToneOp app, which has an inbuilt water tracker with many more health-related features.  

What is a water tracker? Why is it essential to track water? What are the health benefits of staying hydrated? Too many questions! 

Where to find answers? No worries, this blog will answer all your questions! 

Table Of Contents

1. What Are The Benefits Of Staying Hydrated? 

2. Why Should You Track Water Intake? 

3. Some Tips To Drink More Water 

3. The Final Say  

What Are The 10 Benefits Of Staying Hydrated? 

Water is vital! It is essential to keep all the cells and organs functioning properly. Here we have listed a few benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated. 

1. Cartilage in the joints and the spine disk contains approximately 80% water. Insufficient water intake can lead to joint pain and reduce the joint’s shock absorbing ability. 

2. Blood is almost water; blood carries oxygen to different body parts.

3. It helps to make skin more healthy and avoids premature wrinkles. Water hydrates the skin and increases its elasticity. It means the skin will not crack and will not have irritation and blemish issues. 

4. Having enough water is necessary to keep bowel movements healthy and easy.It helps to break down the food in your body and makes the stool softer.  

5. It helps to maintain the body’s temperature.

6. Having enough water decreases the risk of kidney stone formation. 

7. Mainly, hangovers are caused by dehydration. Therefore, having enough water can reduce the risk of hangovers. 

8. Having plenty of water will help you with weight loss.

9. Hydration will keep you physically and mentally active. 

10. Having enough water helps to power detox the body. 

Why Should You Track Water Intake? 

You may not consider tracking water intake essential, but it can make a big difference. It helps to reach your fitness goals easily. Moreover, the ToneOp water tracker has made it easier. It makes it easy to log how much water is required per your body mass index (BMI) and ensure that you do not forget to drink enough water by giving reminders from time to time. 

Tracking water makes it beneficial for many people to ensure that they have hydrated sufficiently during the day and have met their water intake goals. Here are a few reasons that will tell you the importance of tracking your water intake. 

  • It is a fact that a person who tracks their daily water intake and consumes the required water in a day feels more energised than someone who does not track their water intake. 
  • Weight gain is directly related to dehydration. Therefore, keeping track of water will tell you how and when you need to drink water, leading to healthy weight management. 
  • The water tracker calculates your water consumption and lets you know how much you have consumed and how much is left to reach your daily water goal. 
  • Tracking water gives you a chance to recover your body from dehydration. 

Some Tips To Drink More Water 

Some Tips To Drink More Water

Having enough water is an excellent way of getting fluids as it has no calories. Unfortunately, even after knowing the benefits of drinking water, we tend to forget to drink water Therefore,  here we have a few tips that will help you to stay hydrated. 

  • Make a habit of carrying a water bottle along and refilling it throughout the day. 
  • Choose water instead of sugary drinks like soda and juices. 
  • Add lemon to your water to help you improve your taste and detox your body. 
  • Make a routine to drink a glass of water every time you brush your teeth or use the bathroom. 
  • Include fruits with high water content in your diet. 

The Final Say 

This high pace life has made us so busy that we forget the most essential thing, which is to drink water. Having sufficient water daily is vital to keep yourself healthy and away from several chronic disorders. If you find it hard to track your water intake, ToneOp is just for you! 


1. What is the best water tracker app? 

ToneOp is the best water tracker app, and not only this, it offers a wide range of personalised diet plans. 

2. Are the water tracker apps free? 

Yes! Most water tracker apps are entirely free. 

3. Why is a water tracker app essential? 

The water tracker app is essential for tracking your overall hydration goals.

4. How much water should you have in a day? 

It is recommended to have around 3.7 litres of fluid for men and around 2.7 litres for women.


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