10 Proven Ways To Encourage Yourself To Lose Weight!

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Published on: 06-Jul-2022


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Lalita Vishwakarma


10 Proven Ways To Encourage Yourself To Lose Weight!

10 Proven Ways To Encourage Yourself To Lose Weight!

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Hello readers! It is so obvious that every year, we resolve to stay fit and healthy or start a weight loss journey to lose weight and much more. But, after a few days, we get demotivated and distracted. It is very common as it is a normal human nature.

Staying motivated is crucial to achieving health goals. To help you stay focused and motivated, we have compiled a list of the top 10 ways to encourage yourself to reach your active fitness and health goals. 

So, here are some helpful tips to keep you encouraged and on track towards your weight loss journey!

Table Of Contents

  1. Why Is It Important To Lose Weight? 

  2. Reasons For Unnecessary Weight Gain 

  3. Consequences Of Weight Gain 

  4. Top 8 Ways To Encourage Yourself To Lose Weight

  5. What Are The Easy Ways To Lose Weight?

  6. The Final Say

  7. FAQ

  8. References

Why Is It Important To Lose Weight? 

Our eating habits can affect our health and mind. Conditions like obesity and overweight are the leading cause of cardiovascular disease, type 1 and type 2 diabetes and gastrointestinal disorders. Therefore, looking for a diet plan for effective weight management is essential.

Losing weight requires regular exercise, a good diet, and making behavioural changes to recreate healthier habits, which might not be a piece of cake. Now is when motivation and strategies come into play.

 Some strategies can help set an effective weight-loss goal: 

  • Eat fewer calories, and make sure they come from nutritious foods.

  • Exercise regularly for 15 minutes.

  • Maintain your sleep cycle.

  • Eat right, healthy and nutritious.

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Reasons For Unnecessary Weight Gain 

There are various reasons for unnecessary weight gain, such as: 

  • Medications

  • Psychological factors

  • Overeating of unhealthy foods

  • Genetics

  • Insulin resistance

  • PCOS

  • Hypothyroidism

  • High carbs in the diet 

  • Stress

  • Disturbed sleep or lack of sleep

Consequences Of Weight Gain

Overweight or obesity are the leading cause of various disorders like: 

Top 10 Ways To Encourage Yourself To Lose Weight

Now that we have discussed the reasons and consequences of weight gain, here are the top 10 ways to encourage yourself to lose weight:

1. Understand Why Losing Weight Is Important For You

If you are trying to lose weight, it is really important to figure out why you are doing it in the first place. One of the best ways to stay motivated is to list all the reasons you want to lose weight. This can help you stay on track and overcome any obstacles that might come your way. Good luck!

2. Create A Weight Loss Plan

After acknowledging the reason, the second step is to have a good weight loss plan to achieve your target. There are many diet plans available online that you can choose from, but remember to consult with your doctor and dietitian first. You can also customise your weight loss plan according to your health conditions at ToneOp

3. Set A Goal

To accelerate your weight loss journey and encourage yourself continuously, you can set a goal and keep it in mind. The best way is to write your goals and post them where you see them every day, or you can take a picture to track your progress.

Don’t make unrealistic goals like ‘I will lose 10kgs in a month or 5kgs in a week’. No, not only will they do more harm than good, but they also disrupt your psychological health. Take small steps with realistic goals and achieve them. Nothing will make you happier than striking off that goal after it has been accomplished!

4. Appreciate Yourself

Appreciation is the motivational mantra that you can use to encourage yourself. Record your progress; for every positive result, pat your back and appreciate it. Celebrating small victories helps boost your confidence, so you can try this unique tip to encourage and honour your strengths.

5. Choose The Right Diet Plan App

Okay, now comes the selection of an effective and proper diet plan. Although many health apps are available online, it is confusing which one to choose or which suits you well.

Let’s make it easy: a customised diet plan is best because you get all the nutrients according to your body type. At ToneOp, you can get this opportunity, and you can also resolve your queries with expert dietitians and fitness experts.

A healthy diet is about more than just what you eat; it’s about when and in what portions you eat. The diet plan makes it easy to manage your meal time and helps you ensure you eat only when your body needs food the most.  

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6. Find A Companion For Yourself

You might feel lonely in your weight loss journey. Therefore, finding someone with a similar weight loss journey and goal is better. Having a companion can encourage you to achieve your goals, making your trip more accessible and practical.

7. Make A Commitment

Make promises to yourself that you will follow your diet plan for weight loss targets. Believe me, it is one of the best motivational tips that work. You can follow this resolution to get a healthier life and a better tomorrow.

You will feel better about yourself and have a strong sense of accomplishment. You may observe you have more energy, a clearer mind, and an improved mood. 

8. Get Expert Assistance

If you are struggling with weight loss, it is okay to seek help from a professional. A nutritionist, exercise physiologist, or psychologist can assist you. For diet-related questions, consult a registered dietitian. 

And for proper exercise guidance, a trainer or fitness coach can help. Remember, there is no shame in getting support when you need it.

9. Join A Weight Loss Group

Joining a weight loss group is a great way to stay accountable and motivated on your weight loss journey. It is a place where you can surround yourself with like-minded people who are all working towards similar goals. 

10. Get Expert Assistance

Some people might need a little help in the weight loss journey whether it is seeing a nutritionist, an exercise physiologist, or a psychologist. 

Don’t hesitate to seek advice from a professional if you feel stuck. 

Consult an expert dietitian for diet-related queries, and a trainer or a fitness coach for a proper exercise regime.

What Are The Easy Ways To Lose Weight?

If you are looking for some easy ways to lose weight without diving into extreme weight-loss plans, here are some methods that can help you: 

1. Prioritise Vegetables And Fruits

Having fruits and vegetables in the diet helps reduce the higher intake of calories by providing lots of nutrients and fibre in the diet that helps to reduce food cravings. This type of food helps load good nutrients in fewer calories daily.

2. Count Your Calories

It is essential to count calories while on a diet because counting calories helps to reduce the intake of unhealthy and calorie-dense foods by improving the information on low-calorie and healthy foods.

3. Control Snacking 

Snacking should be controlled because excessive snacking can cause weight gain, so choosing healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, and roasted pulses helps to make your stomach feel satiated. Stay mindful of your choice of snacking.

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4. Include More Whole Grains 

Whole grains are rich in healthy carbs, fibre, and proteins, and compared to refined grains, whole grains are more nutritious. They should replace the refined grains in your diet. Opt for healthy brown rice, brown bread, quinoa, etc., which boosts weight loss. 

5. Increase Water Intake 

Water helps detoxify the body, and having a good amount of water controls the cravings, so unnecessary intake of foods can be controlled. An adult usually requires 3-4 litres of water daily, which is about 15.5 cups (3.7 litres) a day for men and 11.5 cups (2.7 litres) of fluids daily for women. Also, hydration helps to manage weight loss.

6. Exercise Is Important

Physical activity is essential to burn calories and boost the metabolism, which helps promote the fat-burning process and can result in weight loss. You can try light to moderate exercises like cycling, swimming, running, etc. These can help you to maintain your weight.

7. Choose A Sustainable Diet Plan

A sustainable diet plan helps sustain your weight loss process for extended periods. Also, it does not pressure the body to burn calories. Still, it regulates the body's whole function by keeping healthy levels of nutrients throughout the diet process.

8. Eat Slowly

Chewing food properly promotes better emulsification of the food particles and better digestion, resulting in better absorption of the nutrients in the body. Also, the brain works better and signals the body when you eat correctly, and you can eat in a required quantity when you eat slowly by chewing the food properly.

9. Avoid Sauces and Dressings 

You may think your favourite salad topped with delicious dressings will be a shortcut way to reaching your fitness goals, but no. Most dressings are just unnecessary calories and fats that can hinder your progress. 

Also, having more sauces means having more salt and fats, so instead, use spices to enhance the taste of the food. Also, having less dressing on food can provide the natural flavour of the vegetables.

The Final Say

Your willpower is everything that keeps you positive and motivated. Strong willpower can boost your success rate to achieve a targeted weight loss goal. Different factors work for different people, so it is up to you to find your motivation idol.

In this blog, we discussed some easy ways to lose weight along with 10 best ways to encourage yourself to lose weight. Losing weight can be challenging, but with motivation and encouragement, you can accomplish it! 

Also, it is essential to appreciate your little success goals. Plan a proper strategy and diet plan with the help of your dietitian or fitness expert, who can give effective results. If you require expert consultation, reach out to us at ToneOp


1. Is weight loss healthy?

Yes, weight loss is healthy, but only when done under the guidance of a fitness expert or dietitian.

2. How to burn 300 calories a day?

To burn 300 calories, you need to do proper physical activities like cardio and strength training. You can include squats, abdominal exercises, running, cycling, etc.

3. If I burn 400 calories a day, how much weight will I lose in a month?

If you burn 400 calories daily, you will lose almost 1.5 kg of weight in a month.

4. What to eat to lose weight?

You can eat foods rich in healthy fats, carbs, fibre, proteins, minerals and nutrients.

5. Which spices should be used to increase the taste of the food?

Spices like chat masala, black pepper, lemon juice, etc., can increase food taste instead of dressing sauces.

6. How much weight can I lose in 1 month?

It depends on your diet and physical activity. Some people can lose 5kg a month, while some lose 2 kg. Other factors such as lifestyle and genetics also come into play, so always target realistic goals while sustainably losing weight. 

7. How many calories should I eat to lose weight?

You should consume 1500-2000 calories for weight loss.    

8. What are the ways to encourage yourself to lose weight?

The ways to motivate yourself to lose weight include:

  1. Create a weight loss plan

  2. Set a goal 

  3. Appreciate yourself

  4. Choose the right diet plan app

  5. Choose a role model for yourself

  6. Join a weight loss group

  7. Make a commitment

  8. Positive thinking and speaking

  9. When expert assistance is required

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