3 Best Pre-Wedding Indian Diet Plans For Healthy Skin And Hair

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Published on: 10-Oct-2022


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Kajal Tharwani


3 Best Pre-Wedding Indian Diet Plans For Healthy Skin And Hair

3 Best Pre-Wedding Indian Diet Plans For Healthy Skin And Hair

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Congratulations! You got the one who loves you selflessly and wants to be with you forever! 

Wedding preparations are not easy! From hours of dance practice to shopping, wedding rituals, menu planning, decoration and whatnot, it is all a big fuss. But unfortunately, this chaos leads to unhealthy eating, stress, and no workout, eventually affecting your skin and body. 

That is why the wedding couple should take extra care of their meal and physical activities to look stunning on their biggest day of life. Therefore, good wedding makeover plans that work on your body, hair and skin must be followed.

Let us look at the foods and diets for glowing skin and healthy hair for D-day! 

What Are The Foods For Healthy Skin And Hair? 

Remember, makeup can ace the look for the wedding day, but your skin and hair need to be healthy inside out.

Here we have listed Indian foods that will help you with healthy skin and hair: 

1. Eggs 

People have a misconception about eggs that they contain high levels of cholesterol. However, eggs are a complete protein and best for weight loss, especially the whites, as they have very low carbs and work great for healthy skin and hair.

2. Salmon Fish 

Salmon fish is rich in vitamins, fats and proteins, which is excellent for faster weight loss. Also, it is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids to fight inflammation, provide skin moisture, and make skin healthy.

3. Green Leafy Vegetables 

Green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of fibre, vitamins and minerals required to lose weight. Also, it provides hydration to the body. Leafy green helps keep you satiated for a long time, reduces cravings, aids weight loss and keeps skin healthy and young. 

4. Root Vegetables 

Root vegetables like sweet potatoes and yams are naturally loaded with carbs, so there is no need to consume excess carbs. Moreover, they are also rich in micronutrients, making them a great option and combined with some protein sources like beans.

5. Lean Meat 

Lean meat includes chicken breast, which is high in protein and low in carbs, helps to increase lean muscle mass and helps to burn fat faster. A combination of lean meat with some carbs, like brown rice or quinoa, makes an excellent combination of healthy skin and hair.

6. Paneer

Indian weddings are incomplete without paneer, as is a healthy Indian diet! Paneer is high in fat, and it is high in protein also and less in carbs, which makes it ideal for healthy skin if consumed in a controlled manner. Also, paneer contains a good amount of calcium, strengthening bones and increasing bone mass.  

7. Legumes And Beans 

Beans like kidney beans and cowpea are rich in fibre, protein, and other nutrients, which help to provide satiety and are great for people planning to lose weight and get magnificent hair before their wedding.

8. Nuts 

Eating nuts is better than going nuts for your wedding preparation! 

However, they are essential for a healthy diet. Nuts are a substantial source of omega -3, micronutrients and fibre, which helps to replenish the body with deficit micronutrients necessary for healthy hair and glowing skin. 

9. Whole Grains

Give your partner wholesome love and whole grains! 

Whole grains are an excellent source of fibre, carbs and protein. They include oats, quinoa and wheat and brown rice. Moreover, whole grains promote satiety and aid in overall metabolic health. In addition, grains are excellent for getting healthy hair and flawless skin. 

Indian Diet Plan For Healthy Skin And Hair 

There is nothing like Indian food for healthy hair and skin. Here are general diet plans you can follow to make people aww on your wedding day. 

Diet Plan 1

Early morning-  1 glass of warm lemon water with 3-4 soaked almonds. 

Breakfast- 1 big bowl mix fruits with 1 glass of milk 

Mid-morning- 1 glass of spinach and apple juice

Lunch-  2 medium chicken cabbage wraps

Afternoon- 1 cup of green tea

Evening snacks-  1 bowl of roasted chana

Dinner-  2 multigrain roti with 1 serving of cabbage sabji and salad

Diet Plan 2 

Early morning: 1 glass coconut water + 4-5 walnut 

Breakfast1 cup milk with 1 toasted brown bread and 2 egg whites

Mid-morning: 1 bowl fruits 

Lunch-  1.5 servings of beans sabji with 1 bajra roti with 1 big bowl salad 

Afternoon-  1 cup of green tea

Evening snacks- 1 fruit 

Dinner-  1 serving rajma pulao with curd raita 1 serving

Diet Plan 3 

Early morning-  1 glass of warm lemon water with chia seeds

Breakfast- 1 serving of vegetable masala oats 

Mid-morning- 1 glass of pomegranate and orange juice

Lunch- 1.5 servings of  pumpkin sabji with 1 thick multigrain paratha and 1 bowl of beetroot salad

Afternoon- 1 cup of ginger green tea 

Evening snacks- 1 serving of roasted makhana chat

Dinner-  1 bowl of chickpeas and paneer salad

The bride and groom are the centre of attraction on the wedding day! People always run to cosmetics stores and salons to get better skin and hair, but they do not generally look into their homes for foods that are great for skin and hair. 

Following simple tips and tricks and indulging in natural foods will provide the best results for looking like a stunning couple on your wedding day.


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