Try These 5 Best Office Exercises: Lose Fat While Sitting At Your Desk!

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Published on: 24-Feb-2024


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Anushka Tripathi


Try These 5 Best Office Exercises: Lose Fat While Sitting At Your Desk!

Try These 5 Best Office Exercises: Lose Fat While Sitting At Your Desk!

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Dear readers, are you feeling the afternoon slump hit harder than usual? Between endless emails and looming deadlines, staying active at work can feel like a forgotten dream. But what if we told you there's a way to combat belly fat, boost energy, and even sculpt your physique without leaving your office chair's comfort (or discomfort)?

In this blog, you will explore office exercises that require minimal space and equipment. In today's sedentary work culture, spending long hours at the office desk can affect your physical health. However, incorporating simple yet effective exercises into your daily routine can significantly impact your overall physique!

These 10-minute office workouts target various muscle groups, helping you stay active, improve posture, and boost your well-being throughout your workday. So, read on to learn about office exercises to lose fat effectively! 

Table Of Contents

1. Which Exercise Is Best For Office Workers?

2. How Can I Exercise While Sitting At My Desk All Day?

3. Dietitian’s Recommendation 

4. The Final Say

5. FAQs

6. References

Which Exercise Is Best For Office Workers?

How can I exercise in the office? But you must know that spending around 5 to 10 minutes exercising at your desk may benefit you by stimulating blood flow, helping you push through your mid-afternoon slump, and even avoiding sleepiness at work.

While it can be challenging to fit a long workout into your busy schedule, if you are struggling to find time to exercise, try doing short workouts along with your work. Here are some of the office exercises that you can perform during office hours.

1. Desk Push-Ups

These are for weight bearing through your wrists, which helps prevent bone loss in that area. It strengthens the muscles of your upper body, including your chest, shoulders, and arms.

Target Muscles: Chest, Core, triceps, and shoulders

How to do it?

  • Stand facing your desk with your feet hip-width apart.

  • Place your hands on the edge of the desk, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

  • Keep your body in a straight line from head to heels, engaging your core.

  • Lower your chest towards the desk by bending your elbows, keeping them close to your body.

  • Push back up to the starting position, extending your arms fully. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

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2. Chair Dips

It is also known as tricep dips, target the tricep muscles at the back of your upper arms. Experts suggest that chair dips are this muscle group's most effective office chair exercise. 

The triceps are involved in everyday activities that require extending the elbow and forearm, such as carrying grocery bags or reaching for items overhead. Additionally, this muscle group is crucial in stabilising the shoulder joint.

Target Muscles: Triceps, Chest, and Shoulders

How to do it?

  • Sit on the edge of your chair with your hands gripping the sides. 

  • Lower your body by bending your elbows and then push back up. 

  • Slide off the chair with your legs extended in front. 

3. Desk Squats

When you sit on a chair, your hips are at a 90-degree angle, which restricts their range of motion. Standing can help to open up the front crease of your hips, but it doesn't engage the opposite end of the same range of motion.

Target Muscles: Quadriceps, Glutes and hamstrings.

How to do it?

  • Lower your body into a squat position as if sitting back in a chair. 

  • Stand back up. 

  • Stand in front of your desk with your feet shoulder-width apart. 

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4. Wrist Stretch

Wrist stretch helps increase flexibility and lower the risk of injury. Stretches are recommended as a preventive measure to ease slight pain. 

Target Muscles: Wrists and Forearms

How to do it?

  • Use your opposite hand to press down on the fingers, stretching the wrist gently. 

  • Extend one arm in front of you with the palm facing down. 

  • Hold for 15-30 seconds and switch sides.

5. Neck Stretches

Many people experience stiffness or pain in their neck and back at some point in their lives. This can be particularly common during long office hours, where prolonged screen time and incorrect sitting posture can cause neck stiffness.

However, there are ways to alleviate this discomfort. Regularly stretching your back and neck can help provide relief from neck pain, as desk exercise is important for keeping yourself healthy and fit.

Target Muscles: Neck muscles (trapezius, levator scapulae, sternocleidomastoid, and scalene muscles)

How to do it?

  • Bring your ear towards your shoulder by Slowly tilting your head to one side, Hold for 15-30 seconds and switch sides. 

  • Repeat for forward and backward stretches.

How Can I Exercise While Sitting At My Desk All Day?

If you spend long hours working at a desk while staring at a computer screen with improper posture, it can gradually have negative effects on your body. The consequences of sitting at a desk every day can be serious and may lead to obesity, chronic neck and back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. 

However, there is no shortage of ways to actively counter these effects and keep your physical health in check while managing your desk job. Below are some of the best and most helpful desk exercises you can do right from your desk to boost your strength, increase blood flow, and boost brain health.



Target Muscle

Seated Shoulder Shrugs

Lift both shoulders toward your ears, hold for a moment, and then relax. 

Trapezius muscles

Seated Cat-Cow Stretch

Sit with your feet flat on the ground, place your hands on your knees, and round your back (Cat). Then, arch your back and look upward (Cow).

Spine and core

Ankle Alphabet

Lift your one foot off the ground and rotate your ankle to write the alphabet in the air. Switch to the other foot and repeat.

Ankles and lower legs

Seated Marching

Lift your knees toward your chest in a marching motion while remaining seated. Alternate between legs.

Abdominal muscles and Hip flexors

Seated Torso Twist

Holding onto the back of your chair for support Sit up straight and twist your torso to one side, hold for a few seconds, then twist to the other side.

Lower back Obliques

Desk Cycling

Mimic a cycling motion by pedalling your legs while seated; this helps improve blood circulation and engages your lower body muscles.

Quadriceps, Calves and Hamstrings

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Dietitian’s Recommendation

Incorporate office exercises to counter sedentary work. Seated leg lifts, desk push-ups, and chair squats engage muscles. Take short breaks for stretches, improving circulation. Prioritise hydration, and consider mindful eating. Pair regular movement with a balanced diet for enhanced energy, focus, and overall well-being. Small changes yield lasting health benefits.

Dt. Akshata Gandevikar

The Final Say

Making small changes to your work habits can lead to increased energy, improved productivity, and a happier, healthier you. Incorporating these office exercises at your desk into your daily routine to lose weight can positively impact your physical and mental well-being. 

Remember to listen to your body, take breaks, and stay hydrated throughout the day. So, why wait? Start incorporating these exercises into your office routine today and feel the difference!


1. Are there exercises suitable for shared workspaces?

Absolutely! Desk exercises like seated marches or discreet stretches are perfect for shared office environments.

2. Are there any side effects of following these office exercises?

No, there are no side effects as these exercises are designed to stretch your body muscles, which get sore due to constant sitting on the desk.

3. Can office exercises reduce stress?

Yes, regular exercise can reduce stress as it helps to release feel-good hormones in the body.

4. What are the benefits of exercise at the office chair?

Following office exercise regularly helps to boost energy levels, improve blood circulation, and boost long-term physical well-being.

5. How can I exercise while working on my computer?

While working on the computer, you can take small breaks and follow these above-mentioned office exercises that can help counter the effects of sitting for too long. These exercises may help improve blood pressure and heart rate.

6. What are some office activities ideas that I can arrange with my colleagues at the workplace?

Here are some of the games that can be played together with colleagues:

  • Play team or board games

  • Create a scavenger hunt

  • Give out blind directions

  • Do a silent line-up

  • Host a lunch and learn

7. What are the best office stretching exercises?

Here are some of the office stretching exercises to perform:

  • Neck stretch

  • Hip stretch

  • Chest stretch

  • Calf stretch

  • Spinal Twist

8. I wish to target my abdominal region so what are some office exercises to lose belly fat?

Some effective office exercises to lose belly fat are:

  • Jumping jacks

  • Office Yoga

  • Chair Lunges

  • Desk Push-ups


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