7 Days Sample GM Diet Plan And Its Effects

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Published on: 21-Jan-2023


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7 Days Sample GM Diet Plan And Its Effects

7 Days Sample GM Diet Plan And Its Effects

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Being overweight causes numerous health issues, which may even reduce your life span. You must maintain weight by following a suitable weight-loss diet plan to have a healthy body.

One such plan trending today is the GM diet plan, which is showing tremendous results for people following it rigorously. It allows you to lose 15-17 pounds in one week. 

So, continue reading this blog to learn about this fruitful weight loss method and commit to it after understanding everything.

Table Of Contents

1. What is a GM diet?

2. How does the GM diet work?

3. Possible benefits of the GM diet

4. GM diet plan for seven days

5. Dietician recommendations

6. The final say

7. FAQs

GM Diet Plan: An Overview

The GM or General Motors diet is a popular weight-reduction plan that guarantees people lose up to 6.8 kg per week. It allows you to eat certain foods or pick specified food groupings daily. This diet plan has received attention after claiming to boost weight reduction and burn fat quicker than other diet programs. 

This diet was for General Motors employees to help them lose weight and stay fit. It was born with the association of the US Department of Agriculture and the FDA with tests done at the Johns Hopkins Research Center.

This diet is a seven-day programme where participants carefully choose and consume meals from specific food categories. It consists solely of low-calorie items, facilitating weight loss.

There are both non-vegetarian and vegetarian GM diet plans that are popular and effective. Some people alternate between the two for 2-3 months and witness astonishing improvements in their skin and health. 

How Does The GM Diet Work?

How Does The GM Diet Work

Following a low-calorie diet helps in weight loss, but you should only pursue them for a short time as they are quite rigorous. Before picking this diet, learn the principles it is based on:

1. Low Caloric Intake

It is a low-calorie diet, with weight loss determined by the number of calories consumed and burned. When you have a calorie deficit, your body automatically swings to a negative energy balance, which helps you lose weight.

2. Stimulates Metabolism

The GM diet includes food items that stimulate metabolism and boost fat burning.

3. Focus On Negative Calorie Foods

This method also focuses on consuming numerous "negative calorie foods," containing fewer calories than required for digestion and absorption.

4. Purify The System

The GM diet concentrates on foods high in water content, helping the body stay hydrated, lose extra fat, and eliminate toxins from the system.

5. Enhances The Digestion Process

The GM diet is a fiber-rich plan which enhances bowel movement and digestion. To achieve your long-term weight loss goal, you should strictly repeat the diet numerous times, with a 5-7 day gap between each cycle.

Possible Benefits Of The GM Diet

No data support the benefits of the GM diet. But the plan's effectiveness remains the same. So, before you commit to this plan, know about these advantages this plan offers:

1. Detoxification - As fruits and vegetables in this diet are high in antioxidants, it helps remove pollutants from your body. You can follow various natural power detox plan to clear harmful elements from the body.

2. Boosts immunity and cell function - The GM diet consists of vegetables and fruits that help promote immunity and cell functions.

3. Reduces weight gain - The best part about this diet is it cuts less on sugar and sugary meals, which allows you to lose weight. Therefore, this diet can be a part of your lifestyle to lose weight and improve your health.

Sample GM Diet Plan For 7 Days

Those planning to follow the trending GM diet plan can start with this routine:

1. Day 1: Eat Fruit Only

On the first day, you should only consume fruits. After that, except for bananas or starchy carbs, you can eat any fruit; watermelon and muskmelon are the favourites. 

Remember to have 8 to 10 glasses of water because the body detoxifies on the first day. So, have only fruits and water.

Sample Diet Plan

Breakfast (8:30-9 AM): 1 apple and water

Mid-morning (11 AM): 1 bowl of papaya and water

Lunch (12:30-1 PM): 1 bowl of watermelon or muskmelon and water

Afternoon (3 PM): 1 sweet lime or orange and water

Evening (5-6 PM): Coconut water and 1 bowl of berries 

Dinner (8-8:30 PM): 1 bowl of muskmelon and water

2. Day 2: Eat Just Vegetables

After feeling dizzy on day 1, owing to a lack of carbs and constant fluid consumption, on the second day, have meals that the gastrointestinal tract can readily digest. Here, you will only consume vegetables. 

Avoid eating high glycemic index veggies like maize or green peas, and cook them without or with just ½ teaspoons of oil, ghee, or butter.

Sample Diet Plan

Breakfast (8:30-9 AM): 1 large boiled potato with black pepper and salt+water

Mid-morning (10:30-11 AM): 1 bowl of cabbage or lettuce soup + water

Lunch (12:30-1 PM): 1 bowl of salad (tomato, cucumber, and beetroot) and water

Afternoon (3-3:30 PM): 1 bowl of tomatoes + water

Evening(5-5:30 PM): 1 cup of broccoli or sauteed broccoli

Dinner (7-8 PM): 1 bowl of steamed carrots, beans and lettuce + water

3. Day 3: Eat Fruits And Vegetables

Now that your body has accepted the GM diet, the third day will seem easy. Here, you will eat various fruits and vegetables on the third day. The primary guideline is to prepare vegetables with no or little oil, and no maise, peas, or carrots are permitted.

Sample Diet Plan:

Breakfast (8:30-9 AM): 1 apple or 1 cup diced melon and salt + water

Mid-morning (10:30-11 AM): 1 cup of watermelon + water

Lunch (12:30-1 PM): 1 bowl of salad (tomato, cucumber, onion, and beetroot) + water

Afternoon (3 PM): 1 bowl of tomatoes + water

Evening (5-5:30 PM): 1 cup of ripe mango and water

Dinner (7:30-8 PM): 1 bowl of boiled broccoli and beans + water

4. Day 4: Milk And Banana Diet

You have taken in enough fruit sugar and plant fibre by the fourth day, and because of the consistent appetite, it no longer reacts to the taste of bananas. So now, you will drink more liquids and receive energy from milkshakes and soups. The sole guideline is to avoid honey, sugar, or sweetener in the milk.

Sample Diet Plan:

Breakfast (8:30-9 AM): 2 big bowls of ripe bananas and 1 glass of low-fat milk

Lunch (12:30-1 PM): 2 big bowls of ripe bananas and 1 glass of low-fat milk  

Evening (4-4.30 PM): 1 bowl of cabbage soup with salt and pepper

Dinner (7:30-8 PM): 2 big bowls of ripe bananas and 1 glass of low-fat milk

5. Day 5: Protein-Rich Diet

If GM dieters consume bananas, milk, and soup on the fourth day, they will only eat protein and tomatoes on the fifth. The important part is now they can have meat, eggs, or fish. If vegetarian, you may substitute paneer, tofu, or brown rice.

Sample diet plan

Breakfast (9.00 AM): 3 tomatoes +  ½ cup sprouts + water

Mid-morning (10:30 AM): 1 apple +  water

Lunch (12:30-1 PM) – ½ cup brown rice and sautéed assorted veggies with tofu or paneer/3 fish fillet and water

Evening (4-4:30 PM) – 2 tomatoes + water

Dinner (7:30 PM) – 1 cup brown rice, 1 tomato and ½ cup of sautéed veggies and water

6. Day 6: Protein And Vegetable Diet

The sixth day of the GM diet includes protein and veggies. You may also call it a cheat day, as you can consume whichever meat, protein-rich item, and vegetables you wish.

Sample diet plan

Breakfast (9:00 AM) – 1 glass carrot juice and ½ cup boiled legumes

Mid-morning (10:30 AM) – 1 cup of boiled vegetables and water

Lunch (12:00 PM) – ½ cup of brown rice, ½ cup of veggies and Tofu/fish fillet

Evening (3:30 PM) – 1 cup cucumber slices and water

Dinner (6:30 PM) – ½ cup brown rice, ½ cup veggies, chicken/cottage cheese and water

7. Day 7: Fruit And Vegetable Juice Diet

Meal portions fluctuate on the final day of this diet. While no meat is permitted, followers can ingest starch from white or brown rice. After that, however, the diet returns to fruits and vegetables, which are easier to consume now.

Sample Diet Plan

Breakfast (8:30-9 AM): 1 big bowl of watermelon    

Mid-morning (11 AM): 1 bowl of cabbage or lettuce soup and water

Lunch (12:30-1 PM): 1 plate of cooked brown rice, paneer and a glass of fresh sweet lime juice

Evening (4-4:30 PM): 1 bowl of mixed berries and water

Dinner (7-7:30 PM): 1 plate of cooked brown rice, sauteed mixed low-calorie vegetables and 1 glass of fresh juice.

The Final Say

Because the GM diet is a quick way to lose weight, it is not practical or advisable to follow it in the long run because it goes against the recommendations of a balanced diet. 

When you modify your eating habits drastically, your body loses weight, and when you resume your usual diet plan, weight gain happens. Therefore, mindful eating, a well-balanced diet, and physical activity are the most effective ways to maintain weight.

The GM diet is a crash diet that contradicts the fundamentals of a healthy diet. Though the weight loss results are immediate and obvious, the long-term repercussions are more harmful.

The body loses weight due to a significant shift in your regular eating regimen, and when you resume your normal diet, you acquire more weight than you lost.

Any diet that asks you to cease eating your daily meals is said to be unsustainable. Weight control necessitates regular excellent eating habits and a well-balanced diet that includes all nutrients.


1. How much weight will the GM diet help you lose?

The GM diet can help you lose up to 17 pounds (7.7 kgs).

2. Does the GM diet aid in reducing abdominal fat?

The GM diet promotes weight loss in general. So, your tummy fat will also reduce significantly.

3. Can milk be substituted in the GM diet?

Yes, you may substitute low-fat, skim milk for full-fat dairy milk. You can also consider plant-based milk like soy, oat, or almond.


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