Benefits Of Coconut Water For Skin

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Friday, 06-Jan-2023

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Benefits Of Coconut Water For Skin

Not only in southern regions of India, but coconut water is one of the country's most widely available and preferred drinks. It is refreshing and energising, especially in the summer. Around a glass of water inside the coconut contains a sea of nutrients. 

It contains vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Coconut water has, for a long time, been a part of detox diets and healthcare practices. About 95% of coconut water is just water, which helps prevent or treat dehydration very efficiently. 

It is known for its hydrating and moisturising properties for the skin. This is because of the presence of natural vitamins and minerals in abundance in the heart of the coconut.

It is a myth that only expensive and high-end products are the solutions to keep your skin healthy. Undoubtedly, using natural remedies for the skin also goes a long way. For example, using coconuts is one of the ways to make your skin healthy. Coconut is an effective way to hydrate your body and make your skin healthy and glowy. 

Table Of Contents

1. Nutritional Value Of Coconut Water

2. Benefits Of Coconut Water For Skin

3. How To Use Coconut Water?

4. The Final Say 

5. FAQs 

Nutritional Value Of Coconut Water 

1 coconut water contains the following nutrients. 

  • Total Carbohydrate- 8.9 g
  • Dietary  Fiber-2.6 g
  • Starch -0.0 g
  • Sugars- 6.3 g
  • Protein- 1.7 g
  • Vitamin A- 0.0IU
  • Vitamin C- 5.8 mg
  • Folate- 7.2 mcg
  • Choline- 2.6 mg
  • Calcium- 57.6 mg
  • Iron- 0.7 mg
  • Magnesium- 60.0 mg
  • Phosphorus- 48.0 mg
  • Potassium- 600 mg
  • Sodium- 252 mg
  • Zinc- 0.2 mg
  • Copper- 0.1 mg
  • Manganese- 0.3 mg
  • Selenium- 2.4 mcg

Benefits Of Coconut Water For The Skin

Vitamins like vitamin B3, vitamin B2 and vitamin C, as well as other ingredients, are abundant in coconut water which can be beneficial for the skin. It is one of the best inclusions of a wedding makeover plan.  

Consuming coconut water may help with:

  • reduction of fine lines and wrinkles 
  • promoting the hydration and elasticity of the skin
  • promoting collagen levels 
  • giving you visible glow

Coconut water is made up of kinetin, a type of phytohormone, which may provide anti-ageing and antioxidant effects. The rich micronutrients promote the activity of antioxidants against free radicals. Staying properly hydrated does not directly hydrate your skin or improve the skin, but it leads to overall improvement in the skin's health and detoxes the whole body.

Coconut water helps in maintaining a balance in electrolytes in the body that help in keeping it hydrated because of the presence of the following in abundance:

  • sodium
  • potassium
  • calcium
  • magnesium.

There are several benefits of tender coconut water when applied directly to the skin. 

1. Removal Of Toxins 

Coconut water is known for its deep cleansing and hydrating properties, which help in removing toxins and flushing out impurities. Eczema (a skin condition involving inflammation, itchiness, swelling and cracked skin) can also be treated with the help of coconut water.

2. Reduction Of Sebum Production

Coconut water is a natural moisturiser. Also, it has many effective astringent properties that help in reducing sebum production and keeping your skin oil-free and non-greasy.

3. To Treat Dryness 

Coconut water has nourishing and moisturising properties as it contains amino acids and multiple sugars. The topical application of coconut water on dry skin will do the job. The high electrolyte content in coconut water is the reason for its soothing effect when applied to the skin.  

4. Acne And Acne Scars

A preliminary 2017 study suggests the antimicrobial properties of coconut water help in fighting acne.

Though there seems to be no prominent evidence suggesting that topical usage of coconut water can reduce acne, scarring, skin pigmentation, or dark patches. 

Coconut water can not heal acne alone, but it surely can be used in your skincare routine alongside, to speed up the healing process. 

5. Anti-Ageing Support

A study conducted in 2015 on rats resulted in the finding that the consumption of coconut water could delay ageing. The effects of free radicals can be neutralised, which would promote effects like anti-ageing.

How To Use Coconut Water?

We all use coconut water as a refreshment drink. However, there are several ways to use it as a skin care product.

1. Coconut Water As A Face Wash 

Try washing your face with coconut water. Even a light splash will do the job. Post this, apply a cleanser and then rinse it with coconut water.

2. Coconut water to tone your face 

Drench a tiny cotton ball in coconut water and gently apply it to a clean and dry face, using it as a toner. Follow this up with a good moisturiser.

3. Coconut Water Mask

Take ½ tablespoon of honey and ½ tablespoon of turmeric and add two spoons of coconut water. Make this mixture in a bowl and then apply it to your face evenly. Give the mask around 10 mins to dry up, and then wash it with mild warm water. 

4. To Refresh Yourself

Fill coconut water in a mist bottle. Use the mist bottle throughout the day to spray coconut water onto your skin for a dewy and brightening effect.

5. To Moisturise Your Skin

Adding a few drops of coconut water into your moisturiser or facial oil will help in increasing hydration.

The Final Say 

The usage of coconut water as a rehydration drink and also as a topical liquid to apply on your skin is one of the best natural ways to make your skin glowing and healthy as there are several beneficial effects of coconut water for the face, skin, and body. 


1. Can tender coconut water be directly applied to the face?

Tender coconut has a very soothing effect and can be applied directly to the face. Moreover, it would be even better if a face pack made out of tender coconut added with red sandalwood and turmeric powder for the face. It would work wonder for a better complexion of the skin and even tone. 

2. Are there any benefits of coconut water for acne?

There are many benefits of coconut water for acne as it is inflammatory in nature and also has antimicrobial and detoxifying properties that help in reducing acne marks, dark spots and blemishes on the skin. 

3. How much coconut water can you take in a day?

Excessive consumption of coconut water can be the reason for hyperkalemia which is also called potassium toxicity. There is not enough data on the daily upper limit for coconut water. Although it suggested sticking to one tender coconut a day.

4. What is the best type of coconut to buy?

Fresh green coconuts are healthy and the best to buy because they have more water. They have no sugar or preservatives added to them. The brown coconuts are usually mature and have less coconut water in them. 

5. Is there any preferred time to drink coconut water?

Coconut water is a healthy and preservative-free drink, and enjoying it does not require a specific time to consume. It can be consumed anytime.

6. What if we drink coconut water on an empty stomach?

Studies and researches suggest that consuming coconut water on an empty stomach boosts the immunity and metabolism in our bodies.


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