Best Weight Loss Diet For Men



Published on: 11-Mar-2023


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Best Weight Loss Diet For Men

Best Weight Loss Diet For Men

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Men's health may benefit from losing excess fat and achieving a healthy body weight in various ways. A healthy body weight, for example, may lower your risk of several health disorders such as heart disease, diabetes, many malignancies, and liver disease.

In fact, men with obesity have a higher risk of chronic disease than women with obesity because males have more visceral fat, a form of belly fat associated with an increased risk of disease. Reducing weight may also help with sexual dysfunction, mobility, depressive symptoms, and overall quality of life in males.

But losing weight strategically is crucial. Although restrictive fad diets may result in temporary weight loss, they are never the best option for long-term weight maintenance. According to research, the most effective weight loss solutions for men include food adjustments, increased physical activity, and other behavioural changes, not diet alone.

Table Of Contents

1. What Should Be In Men's Weight-Loss Diet?

2. Healthy Vegetarian Weight-Loss Diet Plan For Men

3. Gym Weight-Loss Diet Tips For Men

4. Gym Diet Plan For Men

5. Dietitian’s Recommendation

6. The Final Say

What Should Be In Men's Weight Loss Diet?

Males require more calories than women because of their higher muscle mass and body size. In addition, their height, weight, and degree of exercise determine their daily calorie requirements. A clean eating plan for weight loss is all they require.

Moderately active males should ideally consume 2,200 to 2,800 calories per day, most of which come from various fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fibre, and phytochemicals.

Adding fibre to your diet will help you manage your hunger and prevent diseases like prostate cancer and colon cancer. When it comes to grains, choose whole grains (bread, cereal, pasta, brown rice, or oats) over refined grains, and include plenty of other fibre-rich items in your meals.

Saturated fats, such as fried foods, cheese, and butter, should be avoided. Unsaturated fats, such as avocados, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils like olive oil, should make up most of your daily fat consumption.

Examples of diets that may be good for men include:

  • The Mediterranean diet- This diet is high in fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, nuts, beans, cereals and grains, fish, and unsaturated fats, while low in meat and dairy.
  • Paleo diet- It includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, chicken, fish, olive oil, and walnut oil; it excludes grains, legumes, dairy, salt, sugar, and potatoes.  Paleo diets are frequently recommended for guys who want to gain muscle mass.
  • Low-carb diets (such as the keto diet)- Carbohydrates are limited to 20-50 grammes daily and are high in good fats and protein-rich foods.
  • DASH diet- low in sodium and high in fruits and veggies (sources of potassium, magnesium, and calcium).

Healthy Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Plan For Male

Check out this amazing sample weight-loss diet plan for men and see yourself getting transformed.

Early Morning 

Tea/Coffee/Green tea (1 Cup) + Almonds (4) + Walnuts (2)


Skimmed milk 1 glass along with any one of the following items:

Oats- (1.5 bowls)/Dalia with veggies (2 bowls)/Vegetable poha (2 bowls)/Roti (2 medium)/Vegetable/Idli (4)/Sambhar/Vegetable sandwich (4 pcs)


Fruit (seasonal)- 150-200gm


Roti (4) + Vegetable (1 bowl) + Dal (1 bowl) + Rice (1 bowl) + Curd (1 bowl) + Salad (1 quarter plate)


Green tea- 1 cup and any of the following items.

Roasted chana with salad (2 bowls)/Boiled chana chat (2 bowls)/Roasted peanut(25gm)/Sprouts (25gm raw dal)/Paneer tikka (3-4 medium pcs)


Roti (2) / Rice (2 bowl) + Vegetable (1 bowl) + Dal (1 bowl) + Salad (1 quarter plate)

Bed Time  

Milk (Skimmed)-  1 Glass

ToneOp Note: Above mentioned diet plan is just a sample for men seeking diet plans for weight loss. Please contact your diet/fitness expert for a personalised diet plan per your health goals.

Gym Weight Loss Diet Tips For Men

You only need to gain sufficient information on a balanced diet and the desire to make tiny changes in your daily diet chart. Then, you can easily attain your weight loss goals with the correct balanced eating plan and regular workouts. Furthermore, following these guidelines may help create a personalised gym meal plan for weight loss.

The basic rule of a healthy diet is to include foods high in key nutrients in your diet plan. Today's grocery shelves include various products to prepare delicious meals. Meals should be made fresh, with minimal seasonings and oil. Cooking in a pan, oven, or slow cooker is the best way to prepare your gym supper.

A gym training diet plan comprises foods with balanced nutrition, with each semi-cooked product benefiting your body solely. Furthermore, at first, allow yourself to eliminate meals that can cause weight gain.

Foods you should avoid on your menu:

  • White flour
  • Sugar and sugar-containing products
  • Crackers, chips, and fast food
  • Carbonated drinks, packaged juices
  • Mayo and ketchup
  • Smoked meats and sausages
  • Semi-cooked products
  • Alcohol

It is challenging for anyone to eliminate these foods from their daily lives and adjust to healthy nutrition. Yet, if you make it a habit, the temptation to eat "forbidden food" will fade.

Gym Diet Plan For Men

Early Morning

1 glass lukewarm water + 1 tsp flaxseed (roasted)


Oatmeal + Grilled paneer 1 bowl   (Marinated)

Mid Meal

Black chana chaat or chana soup 1 bowl  


Paneer Biryani + curd + salad 1.5 serving 

Pre Workout

1 glass beetroot juice + 1 peanut butter rice cake or beetroot soup ( 30-40 minutes before workout) 1 Cup black coffee before 5-10 minutes of workout  

Post Workout

Paneer and chickpea salad


Scrambled tofu + chapati + salad

Bed Time

1 Glass milk    

Dietitian’s Recommendation

Men who desire to shed excess body fat can choose from healthy, long-term diets. Maintaining a nutritious diet while trying to lose weight is a smart option because it is easy to maintain.

-Dietitian Lavina Chauhan

The Final Say

Several sophisticated weight reduction diets are available these days. Still, while you may be tempted to follow a restrictive, low-calorie diet that promises quick weight loss, it is critical to choose one that fuels your body and is not overly restrictive.


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