Black Tea Recipe And Health Benefits



Published on: 23-Dec-2022


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Black Tea Recipe And Health Benefits

Black Tea Recipe And Health Benefits

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A cup of black tea is a happiness key

After water, tea is the world's second most popular beverage. India is the world's second-largest tea producer, with the domestic population consuming roughly 80% of the total tea produced. Black tea is one of the most popular types of herbal tea. It is more oxidised than oolong, green, or white tea. China is where black tea is from.

Its strong, bold flavour and long shelf life make it popular. Tea was used for medicinal purposes before it was considered a beverage in ancient times. However, it gradually gained popularity due to its flavour and the health benefits like weight loss, boosting metabolism, power detox and many more. Assam, Darjeeling, Kenya, Nilgiri, and Nepal are the most well-known producers of black tea.

Table Of Contents 

1. What Is Black Tea?

2. Black Tea Recipe 

3. Health Benefits Of Black Tea 

4. Side Effects Of Black Tea 

5. Dietitian’s Recommendation 

6. The Final Say 

7. FAQs

What Is Black Tea?

Black tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis bush. Many people drink it either hot or cold. Before cooling, it should always be steeped in hot water.

The leaves turn from green to a dark brownish-black colour due to a process known as oxidation. The leaves oxidise when they are exposed to moist, oxygen-rich air.

Black tea is oxidised. Green tea is derived from the same plant but has not been oxidised. Black tea is high in antioxidants, which play a vital role in keeping the body healthy. Both herbal teas have similar health benefits. However, scientists are specifically interested in black tea due to its oxidation process.

Black Tea Recipe 

Here is the recipe for black tea. Have a look! 


  • Black tea leaf- 2 tbsp 
  • Cardamom- 3 crushed 
  • Fresh Mint- 3-4 leaves 
  • Rosewater- 1 tbsp 
  • Honey- 1 tbsp 

Preparation Method 

1. Add the water to a pan and brew tea. All it to cool 

2. Add tea powder and cardamon and let the flavours infuse. 

3. Stevie the tea, add honey, rose water and mint leaves. 

4. Serve cold or hot. 

Health Benefits Of Black Tea 

Black tea has several health benefits. Here we have listed a few of them. 

1. Improves Heart Health 

A recent study by the Journal of Nutrition discovered that drinking two or more cups of black tea daily reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, ischemic heart disease, or stroke. It also helps improve the heart health and function of the endothelium layer of blood vessels. 

This can help to promote healthy blood pressure and proper blood flow throughout the body. Besides, some researchers at CFTRI (Central Food Technological Research Institute) discovered that tea drinkers have a lower risk of stroke and atherosclerosis. 

2. Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Some research by CFTRI suggests that, in addition to overall heart health, black tea consumption can lower LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the blood. Other research has discovered that, while it does not always affect total or HDL cholesterol, it can significantly lower LDL concentrations.

3. Reduces Blood Pressure 

A recent scientific review by the Journal of Nutrition says drinking black tea regularly can help lower blood pressure. Moreover, according to research by NIN (National Institute Of Nutrition), drinking black tea can reduce the risks of high blood pressure, such as stroke.

4. Improves Intestinal Health 

The antioxidants in black tea can positively affect gut microbes. Polyphenols can also stimulate the growth of food bacteria in the gut, resulting in better gut health.

5. Contains Anticancer Properties 

According to research by ICMR, drinking tea regularly reduces your risk of dying from cancer. Moreover, black tea has numerous anti-cancer properties. For example, it can protect your DNA from oxidative damage, lowering your risk of certain cancers.

Side Effects Of Black Tea 

According to research, drinking too much black tea causes your body to release high-stress hormones, leading to anxiety and depression.

It may also cause gastrointestinal discomfort when consumed on an empty stomach by boosting the production of stomach acid (hydrochloric acid). Aside from the harm it causes our bodies, it increases dependency, requiring an increasing amount each time to achieve the same short-term boost.

Dietitian’s Recommendation 

Making black tea is simple and only takes a few minutes. You can use tea bags and adjust the flavour to your liking. Try black tea if you want a low-calorie, unsweetened beverage with less caffeine. You can easily consume two cups of black tea each day.

-Dietitian Lavina Chauhan 

The Final Say 

India is a tea-loving country. Black tea is one of the most famous types of herbal tea. It has numerous health benefits, including a lower risk of diabetes and cancer. It also aids in stress management and promotes oral and bone health. The best black tea to drink is plain. 

Adding milk, sugar, cream, and syrups raises the calorie count and may reduce the health benefits. Furthermore, if you are health-conscious, you should avoid ready-to-drink and iced teas. However, due to the negative side effects, moderate consumption is advised.


1. Is it healthy to drink black tea every day?

Drinking black tea in moderate amounts (about 2 to 4 cups daily) is likely safe for most people. However, drinking more than 4 cups of black tea is possibly unsafe. Drinking large amounts causes side effects due to the caffeine content.

2. Can black tea reduce belly fat?

Yes! Black tea is high in flavones. It has been associated with weight, BMI and waist circumference reductions.

3. Is black tea good for kidneys?

Black tea has a high concentration of soluble oxalates. These oxalates bind to the calcium and forms crystals that turn into kidney stones. Therefore, consumption of tea might potentially increase your risk of kidney stones.

4. Which is better, black or green tea?

Black and green tea provide similar health benefits for your heart and brain. While green tea contains more potent antioxidants, the evidence does not strongly favour one tea over the other. 


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