Detox: Ways For Brides To Glow On The Wedding Day



Published on: 08-Oct-2022


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Kajal Tharwani


Detox: Ways For Brides To Glow On The Wedding Day

Detox: Ways For Brides To Glow On The Wedding Day

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When life gives you a lemon, make detox water and sip off throughout the day! 

Amid endless hours of shopping, millions of arrangements for your wedding day and bridal fittings, the constant thing that goes through every bride’s mind is how to look flawless on the W-day. 

From fad diets to regular skin treatment, a bride does everything to look queen on the biggest day of her life. However, skin care tips and beauty treatments can help you get a glow, but most brides end up missing vital things that should be included in their diet to get overall health benefits. 

Do you wonder what? No worries! ToneOp has your back! 

It is the detoxification and power detox plans! It helps to get the glow you want and eliminate harmful toxins. Scroll down to learn about the detoxification plan for glowing skin on the wedding day!

What Is Detoxification? 

Detoxification is a treatment intended to remove poisonous or harmful substances from your body. It strengthens your immune system and prevents you from catching infections and falling sick. 

Power detox diet contain herbs that improve the functioning of your lymphatic system and help you get glowing and flawless skin. Moreover, no external beauty treatment can replace what detoxification does to your body and skin from within.

What Is The Best Time For A Bride To Start Detoxification? 

The secret to glowing skin is detoxification! 

If you want to witness the results of your detox diet, begin one month beforehand. Planning your detox diet a month in advance will guarantee you attain your aim without putting your body under stress. 

A week before a detox, abstain from alcohol, caffeine, refined sugars, and processed food. If you can adhere to your nutritionist's advice and stick to your well-planned detox diet, you will observe these changes in your body within a short period. 

The Best Ways To Detoxify Your Body

The bride is all about love, laughter and flawless skin! 

Detox only makes your skin glow and helps you shed weight and feel more energetic and healthier. Detox is also a remedial process for poor digestion, weight gain, skin allergies like acne or pimples, and even high blood pressure.

Here are a few ways to detoxify your body naturally! 

1. Bid Adieu To Junk Food 

Junk food is injurious to health!

So the day you decide to detox your body, you must give up all the fizzy drinks, and fried, sugary and cream-laden treats. These foods are heavy to digest and cause bloating in the stomach. 

2. Drink! Drink! Drink! 

Keep calm and stay hydrated! 

The most evergreen detox technique you must have heard of is staying hydrated.

A bride-to-be must carry a water bottle along. Not only water, but you must also have enough fluids in your body to help you detox.

You can have: 

  • Fresh juices 
  • Smoothies 
  • More water and no coffee/tea 
  • Herbal tea

3. Eat Right 

You do not have to eat less; you just have to eat right! 

There is not only one food that can magically detox your body. You need to have different good food to be a beautiful bride. Here are foods you must include in your wedding makeover plan

Fresh Fruits  

Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, and many other vital nutrients that are great for your system. So include a large bowl of fruits in every meal.

Whole Grains 

Choose what is right! 

Make sure you choose whole grains like wheat, jowar, bajra, etc. over refined flour products such as white bread, cakes, pasta, etc.

Whole grains are not only loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, but they are high in fibre too. Fibre helps keep the system clean by ensuring regular bowel movements. While trying to detox your body, the last thing one would want is constipation or bloating.

Green Leafy Vegetables

As a groom is to the bride, so are green vegetables to a detox diet! 

Leafy greens help your digestive system with enough antioxidants and fibre to eliminate toxins. You can either eat them raw as salads or add them to all your favourite preparations.

Get Enough Sleep 

Sleep solves everything! 

Sleep is a critical factor that allows your body and mind to relax, recharge, and destress. Therefore, you must get a proper 8 hours of sleep, which will leave you refreshed. But‌ not getting adequate sleep might affect your body and lead to several diseases, the last thing you want during your wedding preparations. 

What Are The Benefits Of Detoxification? 

You are a bride; you need to detox! Apart from helping to lose weight and get unblemished skin, detox helps in several ways! Here we have listed them: 

  • Improves your energy levels
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Eliminates excess waste and ingested toxins
  • Boosts your immunity
  • Helps you say “Goodbye” to eye bags
  • Offers you a clear, glowing skin
  • Drives away bad breath
  • Balances the pH of your body
  • Sharpens your mind and thinking
  • Make your hair healthy 
  • Makes you feel lighter and more pleasant
  • Improves your sense of well-being
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Provides anti-ageing benefits

How ToneOp Help In Detoxification?

 You are the bride, and you have to look perfect! 

If a bride needs to clean up her diet and lose a lot of weight, she has to start in advance, which includes a slow but steady diet overhaul while preventing discomfort and energy dips. First, we would slowly remove simple sugar, including processed white foods, candy, and packaged goods, while incorporating many whole foods, like veggies and fruits.  

We would incorporate breakfast smoothies packed with superfoods and some (but not many) green juices closer to the wedding date to maximise de-bloating and antioxidant consumption and digestion. 

Some detoxes do not allow meat. However, this one does. If you enjoy meat, then you can consume it on this detox. Make sure it is a clean protein (organic, pasture-raised, grass-fed, fresh-caught). 

You want to eat a small portion, no bigger than your palm, and enjoy abundant veggies with any animal protein you consume.
Opting for ToneOp's power detox plan is a perfect way to work towards a permanent healthy lifestyle. This power detox plan is effective not only for your W-Day but for long-term as well!


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