Drumsticks: Health Benefits And Nutritional Value



Published on: 04-Jan-2023


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Kajal Tharwani


Drumsticks: Health Benefits And Nutritional Value

Drumsticks: Health Benefits And Nutritional Value

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Drumstick, also known as Moringa oleifera, is a tropical drought-resistant tree. Every part of the tree is valuable, including flowers, pods, and leaves. Drumsticks are essential in traditional medicines because pods and leaves benefit from treating various ailments. 

Drumstick pods and leaves can be found in almost all south Indian kitchens. Drumstick pods can be used in various recipes, including dal, sambar, and drumstick curry. Drumsticks leaves, like spinach, are edible. They can be mixed into lentils, juices, and stir-fried vegetables.

Drumstick is most likely one such vitamin-rich and health-promoting vegetable. Drumsticks are a fantastic addition to a weight-loss diet. Drumsticks are most commonly consumed with meals, but there are numerous other ways to incorporate them into your diet and reap their benefits.

Table Of Contents

1. What Are Drumsticks? 

2. Nutritional Value Of Drumsticks

3. Health Benefits Of Drumsticks 

4. Side Effects Of Drumsticks 

5. Dietitian’s Recommendation 

6. The Final Say 

7. FAQs 

What Are Drumsticks?

India has a diverse culinary culture, and various types of vegetables are used in various Indian cuisines. Drumstick is one such intriguing vegetable. It is worthy of our attention due to its high nutritional value. 

Drumsticks are a scarce plant species that are both edible and highly nutritious. It is also known as moringa and is regarded as a super plant due to its potent properties. These properties aid in the treatment of several medical conditions. 

Drumstick has Ayurvedic roots and was widely used by our forefathers. Moringa plant vegetables are grown in African and Asian countries. It is particularly well-known in southern India.

Nutritional Value Of Drumsticks

Drumstick pods and leaves are rich in essential nutrients, the leaves being the most nutrient-dense part of the plant and a good source of calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, and magnesium. Besides, fresh pods and seeds are high in oleic acid, a healthy fatty acid that promotes heart health.

100g of drumsticks contain the following nutrients:

  • Energy-  64 kcal
  • Carbohydrates- 8.28g
  • Dietary fibre- 2g
  • Fat- 1.40 g
  • Protein-  9.40 g
  • Iron- 4mg 
  • Magnesium- 147mg 
  • Zinc- 0.6mg 
  • Sodium- 9mg 

Health Benefits Of Drumsticks 

We have listed a few health benefits of drumsticks. Have a look! 

1. Helps To Control Diabetes 

Drumstick leaf extract may have anti-diabetic properties that can help lower blood glucose levels. According to a NIN (National Institute Of Nutrition)  study, the extract of drumstick leaves may help slow the progression of diabetes and lower serum glucose levels by increasing protein and insulin hormone production.

Another study published in the Journal of Health and Nutrition found that a drumstick leaf extract may help control glucose levels, urinary sugar and protein levels, haemoglobin and total protein in the blood.

2. Helps To Heal The Wounds 

Several studies suggest that extracts from dried drumstick leaves may have wound-healing action in granuloma, excision, and incision models. It also significantly reduces scar areas, aids in wound closure, and may strengthen skin breaking. However, more human studies are needed to prove the potential uses of drumsticks for wound healing.

3. Prevents Respiratory Disease 

Drumsticks have anti-inflammatory properties that aid in the prevention of respiratory diseases. Furthermore, vitamin C inhibits the development of allergies in the respiratory tract.

4. Aids In Blood Purification 

Another advantage of drumstick leaves is their aid in blood purification. Drumsticks have blood-purifying properties and are an effective antibiotic. Therefore, you can improve your blood circulation by eating drumsticks regularly.

5. Good For Kidney 

Drumstick bark, leaves, seeds, flowers, and roots may have diuretic activity, aiding in urine formation in patients with kidney dysfunction. It may also aid in the reduction of oxalate salt deposition (stone-forming units) in the kidneys. 

A study by research scholars at ICMR discovered that a drumstick root extract reduces kidney salt retention and excretion in the urine. 

Furthermore, these extracts lower serum uric acid and creatinine levels. Unfortunately, this information is insufficient because these studies were conducted on animals. More studies, however, are needed to back up this claim.

Side Effects Of Drumsticks 

Drumstick leaves, seeds, pods, and flowers are entirely safe to eat; However, large amounts of pods and seeds may cause side effects. Drumstick root and root extracts are dangerous because the root contains spirochin, a toxic substance.

Due to an abundance of alkaloids, eating a lot of drumsticks may lower blood pressure and slow heart rate. However, consuming drumstick bark may cause uterine contractions. Combining a drumstick with thyroid medication is also not a good idea. 

Drumsticks in large amounts may also interfere with blood sugar levels, so keep an eye out for hypoglycemia symptoms. Furthermore, taking drumstick supplements with hypertensive drugs is not advised because it may lower blood pressure.

Dietitian’s Recommendation 

Drumsticks are vegetables with numerous health benefits and a high nutrient profile. They contain a lot of antioxidant nutrients. The drumstick plant can be used in a variety of recipes. You can enjoy them daily.

-Dietitian Lavina Chauhan

The Final Say 

Drumstick is highly valued for its essential therapeutic and nutritional properties. This versatile vegetable is high in essential vitamins A, C, K, and B complex, and minerals iron, calcium, and magnesium, to name a few. 

Regular addition of drumsticks to the diet is well-known to control diabetes and high blood pressure, fortify the bone, improve skin health, treat erectile dysfunction and enhance libido. Traditional medicine extensively uses roots, bark, leaves, pod, flowers, fruits, and seeds.


1. Are drumsticks safe to eat during pregnancy?

There is insufficient and inconclusive evidence to support the use of drumsticks during pregnancy. However, before eating it, please consult your gynaecologist to ensure its safety.

2. Does a drumstick aid in thyroid management?

Yes!  Drumstick leaf extracts may be beneficial for thyroid hormones, aiding in treating hyperthyroidism (excess thyroid hormones).

3. Is a drumstick a superfood?

Yes! Drumsticks are a highly valued superfood. This humble vegetable contains a treasure trove of nutrients that provide numerous health benefits. In addition, traditional ayurvedic medicines have also been used to treat various health issues.

4. Is it okay if I eat drumsticks every day?

Yes! Incorporating drumsticks into your regular diet can help improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. They also stimulate the immune system and manage diabetes and bone disorders. As a result, you can incorporate drumsticks into various recipes and enjoy them daily.

5. What are the drawbacks of eating drumsticks?

Drumsticks are generally safe to consume. However, when consumed in large quantities, it can cause stomach upset, heartburn, and gas. Furthermore, its taste triggers your gag reflex and causes nausea.

Moreover, it can potentially cause some side effects in pregnant and lactating women. As a result, you should always consult your doctor before incorporating it into your diet.

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