How to Cultivate a Mindful Attitude For A Better Life?



Published on: 27-Mar-2023


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Kajal Tharwani


How to Cultivate a Mindful Attitude For A Better Life?

How to Cultivate a Mindful Attitude For A Better Life?

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Practising a mindful mindset can help you achieve concentration, clarity, and compassion when you feel overwhelmed or anxious. There are techniques for focusing on the breath, body, and mind, which help in a complete transformation  of body and soul.

A mindful mindset is fully present and aware of your surroundings and actions, with as little judgement or reaction as possible. It is a skill often linked with meditation, yoga, staying active or other types of training, which can help bring your attention to your present moment and what you are experiencing without getting overwhelmed or distracted.

Rather than aiming to perfect a mindful mindset, consider it a state of mind or being to cultivate. As a result, mindfulness practices will become easier and more natural over time and will help you excel in mindful leadership

Table Of Contents

1. The Core Attitudes Of Mindfulness

2. Dietitian’s Recommendation

3. The Final Say 

4. FAQs 

The Core Attitudes Of Mindfulness

The Core Attributes of Mindfulness

When people ask about the core attitudes of a mindful mindset, certain characteristics come to mind. We all require these fundamental essential mindfulness attitudes and may work on daily!

1. Being Non Judgemental 

It is human nature to pass judgment on things, whether good or negative. But judging every experience and contact requires a lot of energy. As a result, while practising mindfulness, concentrate on letting go of automatic judgements.

As humans, we are not perfect. It is so simple to pass judgement, even when you do not mean to! But it is something we have all done. Whenever you find yourself making judgements, attempt to contradict them with positive thoughts. Find something positive about the person or situation and change your perspective. It all comes down to practising non-judgment to create a mindful mindset.

2. Being Open Minded 

Acceptance of outside conditions and oneself is crucial to a mindful mindset. Consider any unpleasant ideas or judgements a passing phase, then let them go or accept them. Although acceptance can be difficult initially, it can be liberating once achieved.

3. Being Patient 

Patience is the ability to bear delay, difficulty, or hardship without becoming upset. In normal life, we rarely notice patient people, but we always notice impatient ones.

Consider the motorist rushing to work, the mom becoming upset with her children at the supermarket, or the person annoyed with their coworkers. There are numerous situations in everyday life where you can exercise patience. Cultivating patience by reframing and accepting a circumstance can help cultivate a thoughtful attitude.

3. Trusting Yourself 

Trust is an essential component of a mindful mindset. As previously stated, becoming attentive is difficult for many people, and you must trust yourself and the process. Trusting yourself and your abilities to practise mindfulness will aid in developing acceptance, patience, and clarity.

4. Looking At The Things With Fresh Eyes 

This means you approach a subject with a clean slate and an attitude of openness, excitement, and absence of preconceived judgement. As a result, you can have more positive connections with others, be more creative, and be more open to possibilities when you look at things with fresh eyes.

5. Letting Go

A mindful mindset is all about letting go. We may truly live consciously when we can trust ourselves and let go of our judgmental ideas, unpleasant emotions, opinions, and beliefs. It is easy to let the past hold us back, yet letting go is part of the process of growing.

6. Not Trying To Control Every Situation 

By not attempting to control every circumstance, you can let go of any anticipated outcomes and simply let things fall as they will without an agenda. You will also not be obligated to act based on previous experiences. Instead, concentrate on the present moment and accept things as they are.

7. Being Thankful And Giving 

Feeling appreciative of your environment might help you feel alive. Gratitude and generosity are inextricably linked because when we are grateful, we are more likely to be generous, wanting to share and offer to others. Being awake and aware is a terrific method to cultivate more gratitude and giving.

Dietitian’s Recommendation 

You will benefit in various ways as you practise a mindful mindset and adopt these mindfulness attitudes. For example, you will feel better, make more relationships with others, and be more appreciative and generous.

-Dietitian Lavina Chauhan 

The Final Say 

Taking the effort to be in the moment and notice the present regularly can significantly impact your daily life. To develop your level of awareness, choose a quiet place and meditate with concentrated breathing, returning your attention to your breath anytime your thoughts wander. A mindful mindset allows you to be creative and interested in the current moment and what it reveals about your internal and exterior self.


1. How can I use these attitudes daily, especially at work?

Implementing these attitudes into your daily life can be as simple as you make it. You can practise sitting down, walking, or eating lunch. Be aware that any of them can be used at any time, but do not try and force it.

2. What is the best way to practise these attitudes of a mindful mindset?

There is no best way to practice because everyone is different. However, the best way to make these attitudes come naturally is to regularly pay attention to your surroundings. 

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