India's First Region - Based Diet Plan: ToneOp App



Published on: 18-Aug-2022


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Kajal Tharwani


India's First Region - Based Diet Plan: ToneOp App

India's First Region - Based Diet  Plan: ToneOp App

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India is a country of love, colours, laughter and food. Every state in the country has its speciality. As a result, the dishes are vastly diverse, not only because of taste but because of the variety of flavours and regions. 

Dosa of South India, Makke di roti, sarso da saag of Punjab, Misal Pav of Maharashtra and Dhokla of Gujarat; what if we say these regional cuisines can help you manage weight, medical conditions and intolerances? Do not be surprised! Because it is true. 

Most people believe they must change their diet to tasteless and boring salads to manage weight and medical conditions. But with TONEOP, dieting has become both easy and taste-satisfactory! 

Now you can manage weight by eating the food you love. No expensive drinks, pills and most importantly, not changing your taste. Because we know, taste matters the most.

Imagine! You are North Indian, and your dietician has asked you to quit butter chicken. It feels like the world has come to an end!  You might get a mini heart attack by listening to her instructions. But, we do not want you to leave your favourite food to lose or gain the desired weight. Following a healthier diet does not call for abandoning your favourite food, but the modifications to make them nutritious.  

We at TONEOP offer the best diet plan customised according to your needs and the region you reside in. The nine regions we cover are: 

Region 1: Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Uttarakhand 

Region 2: Gujrat

Region 3: Maharashtra

Region 4: Rajasthan 

Region 5: Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh 

Region 6: Uttar Pradesh and  Bihar

Region 7: Bengal and Odisha

Region 8: Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka

Region 9: Kerala and Tamil Nadu 

TONEOP makes your diet easy by offering a diet plan per your dietary preferences. Not only does TONEOP provides regional food options, but it also monitors the progress and witnesses how close you are to your desired health. 

What are you waiting for? Get yourself the plan of your choice to reach your health goal.

TONEOP Diet Plans:

1. Gym Diet Plan   

2. Diet Plan For  Weight Loss 

3. Diet Plan For Weight Gain 

4. Diet Plan As Per Medical Condition 

5. Diet Plan As Per Food Intolerance 

About ToneOp

ToneOp is a platform dedicated to improving and maintaining your good health through a comprehensive range of goal-oriented diet plans and recipes. It also intends to provide value-added content to our consumers.  


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