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      Lime - The Best Ingredient For Better Health?

    • As we all know, citrus fruits are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. However, many people might not know that limes are especially rich in these essential nutrients. To reduce acid reflux, aid in power detox, and improve overall health; limes are a powerful citrus fruit that you should definitely include in your daily routine! So start incorporating lime into your diet today!

      Table Of Contents

      1.  Nutritional Value Of  Lime 

      2. Health Benefits Of Lime

      3. The Final Say

      4. FAQs

      Nutritional Value Of Lime

      Lime is a fruit high in vitamin C and antioxidants and is a cure for many medical conditions. It is also a great source of magnesium, potassium and calcium. Unfortunately, one tablespoon of lime contains about 5 grams of sugar. So it is not an ideal beverage for people with diabetes or weight concerns. However, when used in moderation (about 1/2 lime per drink), lime can be a healthy incorporation into your diet! Lime is high in nutrients and sugar-free, and it has a refreshing taste that can help you stay hydrated on hot days. So next time you want something refreshing, reach for a lime; you will not regret it!

      Nutritional Value Of 67g (Medium) Lime

      • Calories- 20 Kcal
      • Carbs- 7 grams
      • Protein- 0.5 grams
      • Fibre- 1.9 grams
      • Vitamin C- 22% of the Daily Value (DV)
      • Iron- 2% of the DV
      • Calcium- 2% of the DV
      • Vitamin B6- 2% of the DV
      • Thiamin- 2% of the DV
      • Potassium- 1% of the RDI

      Health Benefits Of Limes

      Adding limes to your diet can have a range of health benefits. They are rich in vitamin C and many other antioxidants and vitamins that can promote overall well-being. These include vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. In addition to these benefits, limes are great for keeping your skin healthy as they contain natural ingredients that combat acne and blemishes. So what are you waiting for? Start incorporating limes into your diet today and see the amazing changes for yourself!

      1. Good Source Of Antioxidants

      Limes are a good source of antioxidants which can help fight against cancer and other diseases. Moreover, they are packed with vitamin C, which helps improve your immune system. So add limes to your diet to enjoy their health benefits - they are that good!

      2. It Boosts Immunity

      Limes are a great way to boost your immune system. This is because they are high in Vitamin C, essential for building defences. They are also rich in minerals like potassium and magnesium.

      Adding lime to your morning breakfast is an ideal way to get the most out of its health benefits!

      3. Promotes Healthy Skin

      In search of a way to improve your skin's health? Lime is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can improve your skin's health. In addition, it promotes healthy blood circulation and exfoliates the skin. Plus, limonene is known for its ability to reduce acne and rosacea symptoms!

      4. Reduces Heart Disease Risk

      Limes are an excellent way to reduce the risk of heart disease. This is because they are high in citric acid, a substance that reduces the risk of heart disease. Citric acid also helps with cholesterol levels and other heart-related problems. Additionally, limes are wonderful sources of Vitamin C, which is beneficial for your general health.

      5. Prevents Kidney Stones

      Kidney stones can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle. By incorporating limes into your diet, you can make it happen.

      Limes contain citric acid, which has been proven to prevent kidney stones. Additionally, it helps in weight loss as it reduces the intake of sugar and carbohydrates. It can also be used in various food items like salads, smoothies, etcetera - making it an ideal addition to a balanced diet! Get lime juice at least three times a week for better health!

      6. Increases Iron Absorption

      Limes are a great way to increase vitamin C intake and other essential minerals. They are also a good source of potassium and iron, which helps maintain blood pressure and fluid balance. Also, citrus fruits are high in antioxidants. So by adding limes to your diet, you are improving your overall health!

      7. May Lower Your Risk Of Certain Cancers

      Adding limes to your diet may lower your risk of certain cancers and is considered an anti-cancerous food. This is thanks to their high vitamin C content, which helps protect the body from various illnesses and diseases. Furthermore, they are rich in magnesium and potassium, which have anti-inflammatory properties. 


      1. Can lime juice be used instead of bleach to clean my house?

      Yes, lime juice can be used in place of bleach when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. This is because lime juice has a naturally acidic pH, killing bacteria and viruses on contact. In addition, lime juice also works as a deodoriser and can help reduce foul smells in the house.

      2. Is it safe to drink freshly squeezed limes straight from the fruit?

      It is safe to drink freshly squeezed limes straight from the fruit. Limes are a great source of vitamin C which can help improve your skin, hair and nails. They also contain high levels of antioxidants that work together to fight against the development of cancer cells. You can incorporate it in your drinks like lemon soda or lemon tea or squeeze the lemon juice in your meals to enhance the flavour.

      3. How can I use lime in my cooking?

      When it comes to cooking, lime is a wonderful addition for its tart and acidic taste. This fruit increases the flavour of food while reducing fat and boosting the immune system. It also helps in regulating blood sugar levels.

      You can squeeze the fresh juice into the dish and enhance the flavour, or you can also incorporate it in the side salad for presentation.

      The Final Say

      Lime is a delicious and refreshing fruit that is said to have a host of health benefits. Limes are worth a try, from fighting acne to regulating blood sugar levels! So, what are you waiting for? Start incorporating limes into your diet today for better health!

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