Remedies For Dark Circles Before Wedding



Published on: 14-Oct-2022


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Kajal Tharwani


Remedies For Dark Circles Before Wedding

Remedies For Dark Circles Before Wedding

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Carry dreams of a wedding, not dark circles of tiredness! 

Dark circles are so scary, especially before your wedding day. It is a horror for a person getting married. Particularly after all the sleepless nights, wedding chaos, shopping and heavy makeup to dark circles come as an uninvited guest to the wedding. 

There are different types of dark circles caused by multiple causes. While many dark circles are hereditary, some other causes include a poor diet, lack of sleep, ageing and allergies. 

Do not get scared! We have got you covered. There are remedies that can help you look best on your W-day. 

What are you waiting for? Finally, it is time to bid adieu to dark circles! 

Why Do Dark Circles Occur? 

No matter the type of skin you have or what healthy habits you practise, veins will eventually show through the thin skin around your eyes since the skin naturally loses collagen and becomes thinner over time. 

Exposure to the sun hastens the breakdown of collagen. Therefore, your best defence against dark circles is a routine of constant and disciplined sunscreen use beginning at a young age. (Wearing sunglasses outdoors also helps; less squinting results in fewer crow's feet!)

But even the best practices can not alter your genetic makeup! Genetics influence our skin type and how we will look as we age. 

Because our blood gathers in the capillaries under our eyes, it is more noticeable through lighter skin. Those with pale or thin skin display under circles more readily than others.

Unfortunately, as blood builds up, your fragile capillaries start to stretch and strain under the weight, which causes more blood to flow out and pool, resulting in even darker under-eye circles.

What Are The Common Causes Of Dark Circles? 

There are many common causes of dark circles. Here we have listed a few of them! 

1. Lack Of Sleep And Rest 

Studies show that continued poor sleep results in a severe drop in skin hydration and elasticity. It has disastrous effects on the delicate skin around your eyes. This effect of lack of sleep allows the blood vessels to show and causes fluid to build up underneath your eyes — the perfect recipe for puffy dark circles!

2. Eye Fatigue

What happens when your eyes are strained? It causes the blood vessels around your eyes to enlarge, which results in darker skin colour. Too much exposure to screen can also cause blue-light skin damage, which ages your skin and increases your chance of having dull, dry, and wrinkled skin around the eyes.

So yes, too much time on your computer can cause dark circles, so make sure you take regular screen breaks and give your eyes a break!

3. Sun Exposure 

Sun exposure, especially without adequate SPF protection, also speeds up the decline of collagen and elastin in your skin. As a result, it leads to further dilation of blood vessels and thin skin that can cause dark circles.

4. Allergies And Stress 

An allergic reaction, whether to food, harsh ingredients, or an airborne allergen such as dust or pollen, causes your immune system to release histamines in response to the perceived threat if the allergic itching affects your eyes.

If you rub and scratch the area, you will exacerbate the problem and cause more dark shadows and circles under your eyes. Other causes of dark circles may include stress, nutritional deficiencies, prescription medications, or kidney and liver issues.

5. Genetic/Heredity 

Family history significantly impacts the state of your skin; if your parents had hyperpigmentation and dark bags under their eyes, you might inherit these characteristics as well.

Family history plays a vital part in developing dark circles under your eyes. It can be an inherited trait seen early in childhood. Over time, the dark circles may lighten or get darker. Predispositions to other medical conditions, such as hypothyroidism, can also result in dark circles beneath your eyes.

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What Are The Remedies For Dark Circles?

Whether you are suffering from the occasional day time puffiness or severe dark circles. Here is the solution that works better for you! 

1. Eye Massage 

Eye massage on specific points may provide relief. You should spend about 10 seconds on each point. Here are a few easy steps for eye massage.

  • You can use the tip of your knuckle to gently massage the points. Remember to keep your nail away from the skin. 
  • Massage in small circles and try to keep your finger straight if you are using a fingertip. 

2. Cold Tea Bags 

Soak two green tea bags in hot water for a few minutes, squeeze out the excess water, and then chill the tea bags in the refrigerator. Put them in your eyes for 5 minutes and relax. Make sure they get nice and cold!

3. Have A Healthy Diet 

One of the causes of dark circles beneath your eyes can be a diet deficient in essential vitamins and minerals.

As per the study in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, anaemia due to iron deficiency affected 50% of study participants with dark circles. However, the patients noticed that their under-eye circles looked better once their anaemia was treated.

If you are not getting enough iron in your diet, you can also consider taking an iron supplement. However, excessive iron supplementation can damage your health, so make sure you speak with your doctor before opting for an iron supplement.

4. Take Enough Sleep

No matter how many home remedies you try to help reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes, you probably would not be able to resolve the problem without a good night's sleep. 

So if you want to reduce the appearance of dark circles, remember the value of a good 8 hours of sleep!

5. Apply Day And Night Cream 

The skin around the eye area is sensitive and delicate; eye creams are specially planned to be gentle and non-irritating while adding some much-needed hydration and nutrients. This helps prevent thinning, one of the biggest causes of dark circles under the eyes.

The Final Say 

Weddings are times of excitement and joy, but for some people, this can be overshadowed by dark circles. The preparations are stressful but do not let that stress show on your wedding day. These remedies will help you look like a million bucks on your D-day! So, what are you waiting for? Start using these remedies to see the results!

Besides dark circles, if you want to look like a stunning couple at a wedding, you should get in touch with experts. The Toneop’s experts have full-fledged wedding makeover plans to make your day more special.


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