The Best Way To Improve Health Is To Exercise Daily



Published on: 07-Nov-2022


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The Best Way To Improve Health Is To Exercise Daily

The Best Way To Improve Health Is To Exercise Daily

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Just put your mind to it and see yourself transforming!

Exercise has been well-known to benefit one's health forever. This is true because exercise boosts your mood and removes the stiffness from the body to feel relaxed, revitalised, and refreshed mentally and physically. 

A balanced diet and perfect exercise routine can do wonders, and you will be able to achieve the fit physique you always dreamt of.

Furthermore, studies have shown that regular exercise improves mental fitness and reduces stress. Thus, it is clear that exercise improves both mental aptitude and physical condition, thereby extending life.

Table Of Contents

1. What Is Exercise?

2. What Are The Types Of Home Exercises?

3. Health Benefits of Exercise 

4. Dietitian’s Recommendation

5. The Final Say

6. FAQs

What Is Exercise?

Exercise is a body activity that improves and maintains physical fitness and general health and wellness.

Exercise is done for various reasons, including aiding growth and improving strength, muscle development, and the cardiovascular system, honing athletic skills, weight loss  or maintenance, improving health, or simply for fun. Exercise also helps you find the right regime and lifestyle and helps motivate you every day.

Many people prefer to exercise outside, where they may assemble in groups, socialise, and enhance their physical and mental health.

What Are The Types Of Home Exercises?             

You do not need to pay for an expensive gym membership to be healthy. Instead, ToneOp suggests you follow a good home fitness plan with dedication. 

There are numerous ways to exercise at home without using modern exercise equipment. You only need to follow the same principle of setting objectives and working hard to achieve them. 

Some fundamental exercises at home to help you make it happen are:      

  • Stretching and warming up
  • Air squats
  • Walking lunges
  • Push-ups
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Plank and side plank
  • Jumping jacks
  • Mountain climbers
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Running on place

Besides these, you can also try out walking, jogging, aerobics, zumba, steppers, and yoga asanas at home, like Surya namaskar, bow pose, cat and cow pose, chakrasana, halasana, sukhasana, cobra pose. 

Health Benefits Of Exercise 

Regular physical activity can  improve your lifestyle. For example, you start to feel confident, you feel optimistic, and you see improvement in your daily life in every possible way. Such are the kinds of effects exercising daily can have in our lives.

Here we have some more health benefits of exercising so that you set up your mind and start today!           

1. Manages Weight 

Exercise is essential for controlling your weight and preventing obesity. Understanding the importance of physical well-being is necessary to prevent your body from unforeseen diseases and ailments. However, your diet also plays an important role.

To stay at your current weight, the calories you intake must equal the energy you expend. Therefore, for effective weight loss, you must burn more calories than you intake.

2. Reduces The Chances Of Heart Disease

Exercise helps strengthen your heart and circulatory system. The increased blood flow raises your body's oxygen levels. This reduces your chances of developing heart problems. Exercise can also manage your blood pressure and lipid levels.

3. Becomes Easy To Quit Smoking 

By lowering your cravings and withdrawal symptoms, exercise may help you quit smoking. Additionally, it can help prevent weight gain after quitting smoking. 

Studies have shown that even a short time of physical activity, especially aerobic exercise, reduces the urge to smoke. 

Aerobic exercise is a physical activity that makes you sweat, releases toxins from your body, causes you to breathe harder, and increases your heart rate. It strengthens your heart and lungs. Walking, swimming, running, dancing, cycling, and boxing are a few types of aerobic exercise you can do.

4. Boosts Mood And Mental Well-Being  

Your body produces endorphins during exercise that can lift your spirits, boost mental health, and help you feel more at peace. This can aid in stress management and lower your risk of developing depression.

5. Enhances Sleep

In various ways, regular exercise can improve sleep quality. Promoting longer, deeper, and more peaceful sleep cycle reduce disruptions. Your body can be prepared for early-onset, restorative sleep by exercising.

6. Boosts Sexual Well-Being

Men who do not regularly exercise may experience less erectile dysfunction (ED). Exercise may help those who already have ED enhance their sexual performance. Moreover, it may heighten sexual arousal in women too.

7. Increases Life Expectancy

According to the results of 13 studies describing eight different cohorts, regular physical activity increases life expectancy by 0.4 to 6.9 years. 

While regular physical activity increases life expectancy, those engaging in physical activity can lower their risk of passing away too soon from diseases, including heart disease and various malignancies.


Dietitian’s Recommendation

Nowadays, health-related problems are affecting more people. To solve this issue, regular exercise is the cheapest advice. It is beneficial for maintaining our physical, social, and mental health. 

Simultaneously exercising and eating a balanced diet is also crucial. To achieve goals and targets, you should first set them. Then, with the assistance of professionals, create an action plan that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise.

- Dietitian Lavina Chauhan

The Final Say

From strengthening bones and muscles to preventing various  health problems, exercising can give you a different and more optimistic approach to life. 

Who does not want to feel lively every day? Any physical activity, particularly exercise, will help you do that, and you will see the apparent change in your daily life. You can plan your routine with a professional, or you can also design your own workout routine according to your schedule.


1. How much should you exercise?

A moderate-intensity exercise of approx 30 minutes five times a week is suggested. However, going easy on yourself while on the fitness journey should be the first step.

2. How can exercise improve health?

Exercise helps burn the calories consumed by making our heart pump more blood. Also, exercise helps in strengthening our muscles which makes them stronger and aids in increasing the muscle mass of our body and burning fat. Exercise also relaxes our body and gives us sound sleep.

3. Does exercise lower blood pressure?

Regular exercise can lower high blood pressure by 5 to 8 mm Hg. So it is essential to keep exercising to keep blood pressure in check. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise in any form daily as a general goal.

4. Which exercise is best during periods?

During menstrual days, try less-intense aerobic exercises like walking or light jogging. This type of physical activity can reduce bloating and the pain of period cramps; Do not do high-intensity exercise.

5. Does exercise help reduce stress?

Exercise increases overall health, putting more pep in your step daily. Moreover, physical activity may bump up your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, endorphins.

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