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      Trunk Of Ganpati Symbolises Adaptation: Adapt & Change With Time

    • “Adapt & Change with time” is a phrase that has made us accept the changes with time and dwell according to them. We all now or then think about how technology has made progressive changes and how they are affecting our lives. These changes are like fireballs; with just one update, things tend to be more modified, and we have to learn new things with these changes. Similarly, starting to live a healthy life significantly changes our lives. We shift our eating habits from junk to healthy and time-bound them from binge to mindful eating. Well, you do not have to take this as a difficult task. Ganpati Bappa is here with a new lesson for you. Lord Ganesh is also known as “Vakratundaya”, meaning curved trunk! Lord Ganesha’s curved trunk represents his patience in adapting to changes and following things with a free mind. 

      Adopting a change per your dietary needs is hectic because our body gets habitual with our ongoing dietary routine. The regular high amount of calorie intake makes it hard to cut down on them, and we end up feeling sick, but this is just an obstacle that we can easily overcome. With time, our lives have also become pretty busy; we do not get time to even think about how the start eating healthy. Let us talk about how you can quickly adapt to any change; 

      1. Time

      Time is the biggest problem when it comes to maintaining a routine with meeting deadlines. But eating a nutritional meal should not be another stressful task. Instead, try to manage time by preparing in advance or waking up a little early to ensure you have a healthy breakfast and a good nutritious lunch, to keep you healthy and fresh during your working hours. 

      2. Motivation

      Motivation is like sand that slips from your hand quickly. However, you need to understand that this feeling of giving up when your body is drained is just a phase that will pass away. 

      3. Food Preference

      The love for food grows with new dishes and various cuisines. But why do we live in a myth that diet food is not delicious? On the contrary, healthy food can be delicious with the use of some suitable alternatives. Adopting a ratio of healthy eating and good taste can ease this obstacle.

      4. Where to start? 

      Looking for the right way to start a healthy eating plan would be best. You should know the right calories to cut from your diet and how to make nutrient-dense meals. It would help if you always opted to consult a professional dietitian or nutritionist to understand these questions. Adapting to this change can open the doors to many thoughts and where to start is one of them. Eating habits are hard to change. However, you can start by adopting small meals and focusing on making this one meal healthy.

      5. Control 

      We all have a sweet tooth, and resisting it is the most complex task. Even after knowing the severe effects of sugary treats, we treat ourselves with sweets. But here is the thing; whenever you have the urge to eat anything sweet. Keep yourself calm and think of how healthy eating can benefit your body. The struggle to adapt and change when we start to live a healthy life is enormous but looking for an excuse rather than trying to make these changes is incorrect. Instead, make the right choice with the right friend. Download TONEOP to be your healthy eating partner and make these adaptations easy to follow in your busy life. With Toneop, you do not have to worry about anything. Instead, they have to plans to complement your healthy goals and make them easy to achieve. The plans vary from weight loss/gain to managing medical conditions and food allergies. 


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