Water- A Vital Nutrient



Published on: 08-Aug-2022


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Water- A Vital Nutrient

Water- A Vital Nutrient

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Despite being a forgotten nutrient, water is a vital ingredient for our bodies. Let us go through some of the primary health advantages of water.

The human body must have access to water to function correctly; while the body can survive up to one week without food, it would be a struggle to survive even one day without water. The water content of the human body is 60%. Water is present in muscles, fat, and bones and forms the basis for blood, digestive juices, and urine.

Water is required to transport nutrients to cells, moisturise tissue, cushion joints, control body temperature, and flush away toxins. You can prevent kidney stones, high blood pressure, heart disease, urinary tract infections, and colorectal and bladder malignancies with proper hydration.

A crucial nutrient for the body is water because it helps maintain blood volume, eliminate toxins from the body, regulate body temperature, lubricate joints, and transport nutrients inside the body. Water is essential for our bodies because of its many health advantages; lack of water or excessive water loss can lead to dehydration. 

Dehydration can have adverse health effects and can be fatal. As a result, it is essential to maintain your water consumption at all times.

Many people have misconceptions about how much water they should drink throughout the day. Some individuals either drink less or consume excessive water, which is terrible for their health. 

The body uses water to deliver nutrients and solutes. Ninety per cent of the water in blood is present as plasma serum. Water is calorie-free and contains all the minerals and electrolytes. Less water means the body has more fatty adipose tissue. Depending on age, objective, environment, and health status, water intake should be in optimal quantity. 

Table of Contents

1. Why Is Water Beneficial For Our Health?

2. Recommended Daily Water Intake for Indians

3. The Final Say

4. FAQs

Why Water Is Beneficial For Our Health?

1. Enhances Physical Performance

In particular, hydration is crucial for physical performance if you engage in high-intensity activity. Those who work out or are involved in sports lose 6–10% of their body weight in water through sweat. 

This may result in impaired regulation of body temperature, decreased motivation, and increased exhaustion. 80% of your muscles are made up of water. Hydration is key to reducing oxidative damage from vigorous exercise. Maintaining proper hydration might improve your physical performance.

2. Impacts Brain Function And Energy Levels

Your level of hydration has a significant impact on how your brain functions.

Dehydration can significantly lower brain and memory function and affect mood, energy levels, and memory.

3. Shields Against Headaches

In certain people, headaches and migraines have been linked to dehydration.

In addition, 47 per cent of the men who drank more water reported relief in headaches. Water consumption may lessen the frequency and symptoms of headaches. To verify this potential advantage, though, further credible research is required.

4. Relieves Constipation

Infrequent bowel motions and trouble passing faeces are two symptoms of the common condition of constipation.

As part of the constipation treatment, increasing fluid intake is frequently advised. Drinking sufficient water can be extremely helpful in curing constipation. For constipated people, mineral water can be more beneficial. 

5. Helps In Kidney Stone Treatment

Stones in the urinary system are collections of mineral crystals.

More fluid consumption results in more urine passing through the kidneys. As a result, minerals become less concentrated and less prone to crystallisation. Additionally, drinking more water lowers the likelihood of kidney stone formation, which may help avoid the initiation of the issue. 

6. Reduces Weight

By consuming lots of water, you can reduce your weight.

This is because water can raise satiety levels and enhance metabolic rate.

The best strategy is to drink water 30 minutes before meals. You may consume fewer calories as a result of feeling more satisfied. It also aids in eliminating toxins from the body.

Tips for increasing water intake

Drinking more water is essential for maintaining good health. If you are unclear about how to proceed, you should follow these suggestions-

  • Carry a water bottle and fill it up as you go.
  • Freeze several water bottles suitable for freezers. Bring one along so you can have ice-cold water all day.
  • Instead of sugary drinks, choose plain or detox water.
  • Whenever you eat out, choose water first. You will cut back on calories while saving money.
  • Water can be enhanced with a wedge of lime or lemon. This can help improve the taste as well as help in detoxification.

Recommended Daily Water Intake for Indians

Depending on the gender, the body's weight is between 55 and 60 per cent water. Water is a vital component of all foods, just like it is in the human body, and food accounts for around 20% of our daily fluid needs. Only foods like butter and oils lack water.

Water is present in milk, yoghurt, some fruits, and green vegetables like watermelon, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, and spinach in amounts greater than 90%. Apples, grapes, oranges, pears, pineapple, and other fruits have a water content between 80% and 90%, while beans and legumes have around 60% and 70%. Water makes up 1% to 9% of even dried fruits, seeds, and nuts.

The Indian Council for Medical Research's (ICMR) Dietary Guidelines state that an average healthy person needs eight to ten glasses (two to three litres) of water per day, and even more in hot weather and during strenuous activities. Along with water, whole meals and beverages like tea, coffee, milk, and yoghurt will help you reach your hydration goals.

The Final Say

Water is one of the essential nutrients. It is needed for several bodily processes. Lack of water intake can cause dehydration affecting your emotional and physical health. Make sure you consume enough water every day. It is one of the healthiest practices to maintain good health, proper functioning of organs and good skin. An optimum water intake for a healthy person is eight to ten glasses per day.


1. How much water should be taken in a day?

According to ICMR's dietary guidelines, 2 to 3 litres of water should be taken daily. 

2. What are the functions of water?

The primary function of water is to carry nutrients and oxygen to cells, lubricate joints, and lessen the burden on kidneys and the liver by flushing out waste products.

3. Is water considered a nutrient?

Water is considered an essential nutrient because the body cannot produce enough water by metabolising food to fulfil its need. Health issues, most notably dehydration and diarrhoea, occur when the quantity or quality of water is inadequate.

4. Does drinking water increase weight?

Water does not cause weight gain. Drinking a lot of water can make you fat only if you have water weight, also known as fluid retention or water retention. It is the extra water in the tissue between your cells.

5. Why is drinking warm water healthy?

The body will break down fat deposits, relax the muscles, and improve blood flow with regular consumption of warm water. Skin cells can be renewed and fed by a rise in blood circulation.


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