Ways To Deal With Stress And Anxiety Of Wedding Preparations



Published on: 15-Oct-2022


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Shubhi Sidnis


Ways To Deal With Stress And Anxiety Of Wedding Preparations

Ways To Deal With Stress And Anxiety Of Wedding Preparations

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Take a deep breath cause they are lucky to have you!

A wedding is one of the best and most precious days in everyone’s life, but with all that happiness you have to deal with a lot of stress and anxiety, which is very common among the bride and the groom.

Some stress about if everything will turn out fine? And some stress about starting a new phase of their lives. 

The stress caused due to the exhausting schedule can show up on your face in the form of dull skin, acne, wrinkles and a lot more.

Also, to become a centre of attraction for all the guests invited to the wedding and with all the ceremonies and rituals, it is ok to freak out a little as it is a big day, and we expect it to turn out great.

Let us ponder how to handle your stress and anxiety to help you feel better, so you can enjoy this experience to the fullest.

Ways To Stay Calm For The Wedding Day

1. Talk To Your Family About Your Expectations

The family knows you in and out and will understand your needs and expectations. Talking to your family and friends can be a great idea when you are stressed about your wedding. 

Let your parents, siblings or friends know what and how you want everything, and assign someone to be on your side, so you do not feel anxious.

2. Take Your Time And Talk With Your Spouse

A wedding is a big deal for both bride and groom, and it is necessary to talk about your thoughts and spend time with each other more often to be comfortable. Pour out everything in front of your spouse so there is no confusion before the wedding. Talking to your partner before the wedding will also help you understand their perspective and help them out if they are dealing with stress.

3. Get A Sound Sleep

Stay away from unwanted thoughts the night before your wedding, get a good sleep and wake up fresh so that you do not look sleep deprived and exhausted. Lack of sleep can boost stress and anxiety and make you all frantic, affecting your entire next day and making you feel low on energy, which is the least you would want.

Drink herbal tea half an hour before going to bed; it will relax you and improve the quality of your sleep.

4. Make Sure To Stay Away From Triggers

Many brides and grooms take stress to find the perfect attire, which is understandable because you would want to look the way you envisioned yourself, but why stress about it?

Stressing about the decoration and how the make-up will look or how the food will taste can make you all anxious and increase the tension for no reason.

Stay away from these triggers, calm yourself down, deviate your mind to something else, and hold yourself up.

5. Do A Self-Care Routine

Self-care routine is not just treating your skin and body to get a perfect glow; taking care of yourself will make you feel less anxious and stressed. 

Meditation, staying alone for some time, and reading a book with a cup of coffee/tea will boost your self-confidence and make you believe in yourself. 

Self-talk is also a part of a self-care routine, so talk it out, intervene in your thoughts and affirm yourself with positive affirmations.

6. You Can Not Make Everything Perfect, And It Is Ok 

There is nothing like perfect, so running behind being perfect and doing everything to be on point should be avoided. 

Everything will work out at the end of the day, so do not stretch yourself and trigger your anxiety. Let it be the way it is and be in the moment rather than planning and looking for perfection throughout the day.

7. Do Not Compare Your Wedding With Anyone’s 

There is a saying that “Comparison is a thief of joy”. Everyone has their way of executing their thoughts on their weddings. Comparing your arrangements with someone else’s will only make you feel depressed, and there will be a constant thought of doing things the other way.  

Find peace in what you are doing and believe in your wedding arrangements. A wedding may sound like a great event because of the level it takes place, but it is mostly about you, your partner, your friends and your family, so look for a way to enjoy it.

8. You Are The Most Amazing Bride/Groom

Doubting yourself is human nature, especially when you take a big step in your life. 

Keep complimenting and affirming yourself often about your hair, dress, and makeup; this is how you will feel more confident and less anxious, as it will keep you optimistic throughout the day, and you will not lose your calm over little things. Finally, look at yourself when you are ready to appear in front of your guests and remind yourself that it will be a fantastic time.

Moving forward to what stress can do to your body and how brides can cope with it.

Pre And Post-Menstrual Cycle Disturbance From Pre-Wedding Stress

Pre-wedding preparations can bring a lot of stress and hamper your menstrual cycle. Let us enlighten you on how stress affects the period cycle and how you can cure it with the proper care.

How Does Stress Disturb The Period Cycle?

There is a gland named the hypothalamus which commands the periods and reacts when you go through emotional stress and anxiety-like lower sleep, family issues etc. When you do not have any stress or anxiety, the hypothalamus secretes some chemicals which boost the pituitary gland and signals the ovary to release the hormones progesterone and estrogen.

Excess stress can produce more cortisol, hindering the hypothalamus and ovary function and disturbing your periods. 

Treatment To Cure Irregular Menstrual Cycle

More often, irregular periods can cause hormonal imbalance, and your doctor may suggest you have progesterone and estrogens content medication to balance your hormones and promotes regular periods.

However, before going to the doctor, try some natural ways to reduce your cortisol levels, like

  • Meditation
  • Quality of sleep
  • Laughter
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise

Further, let us talk about foods known to eliminate stress and anxiety. Incorporating these food items into your daily diet will help calm down your nerves and keep you away from the anxiousness.

Foods That Help Eliminate Stress And Anxiety

1. Sweet potatoes

Some carb-based foods like sweet potatoes help to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Sweet potatoes are rich in Potassium and Vitamin C, which help to lower stress and make it a great stress relief food.

2. Eggs

Eggs are rich in antioxidants, minerals, proteins, vitamins and healthy fats, which help to increase the stress response in the body. Also, eggs are rich in choline, which is a nutrient that assists in a healthy brain and reduces stress.

3. Fish  

Fish like salmon and mackerel are rich in vitamin D and omega 3, improving mood and reducing stress. Omega 3 has stress-handling properties. Also, lower vitamin D may worsen anxiety and stress condition.

4. Garlic 

Garlic is rich in an antioxidant called glutathione which assists in stress defence. Also, garlic is higher in sulfur which helps to increase the glutathione nutrient.

5. Broccoli 

Broccoli is rich in vitamin C, folate and magnesium, which curb stress and anxiety symptoms. In addition, broccoli is potent in sulforaphane which has anti-depressant and neuroprotective properties.

6. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea treats insomnia and depressive thoughts and encourages sound sleep. Drinking chamomile tea twice a day helps to reduce the chances of stress.

7. Chickpeas

Chickpeas are rich in selenium, copper, manganese, zinc, potassium and B vitamins which are considered stress-fighting nutrients. In addition, chickpeas are rich in tryptophan which helps to produce neurotransmitters which regulate mood.

Things work out eventually; you just need to have faith!

Wedding stress can be a real deal, especially for your wedding.

The best thing to do in such times is to take a deep breath and go with the flow.

Overthinking can lead to stress and anxiety, making you doubt yourself and the preparation you have been doing for the wedding. 

You can lower the chances of having stress and anxiety by opting for the ways discussed above. 

ToneOp also brings you great  wedding makeover plans, and takes full responsibility for making your wedding the happiest day of your life.


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