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      Wedding Haldi Ceremony: Benefits Of Haldi And Ubtan For Skin

    • Haldi is the most beautiful day for the wedding couple! 

      The Haldi ceremony marks the beginning of the wedding on the Indian subcontinent. It is the wedding ceremony's most vibrant, fun and happening ritual. It is a proper balance of fun, laughter, emotions, and dance. 

      The Haldi ritual involves applying a paste of turmeric and water, milk or gram flour on the face and body of the bride, groom, and each other. 

      However, friends being friends take advantage of the occasion and lather each other like a bread pakora on the day. However, this can be escalated quickly by putting things like eggs, beer and water during the groom’s Haldi ceremony.

      Wait! Where are you going? Do you not want to know about the benefits of Haldi and the significance of this occasion? Be here and keep on scrolling! 

      What Is The Significance Of The Haldi Ceremony?

      Which wedding couple do not want to look the best? The Haldi ceremony is celebrated to beautify the skin of the bride and the groom for the wedding day, as turmeric is the beauty ingredient that keeps the pores and the skin clear. 

      The Haldi ceremony is not only for the beautification of the bride and the groom, but it also has much more significance. Let us have a look! 

      1. Keeps The Evil Eye Away 

      If you ask any of the elders in your family what the purpose of a Haldi ceremony is, they will tell you it is to protect the bride and groom from evil spirits and the evil eye. 

      This is also why the bride and groom are not supposed to go anywhere after the Haldi ceremony. Likewise, their hands are bound with a sacred red thread to shield them from the evil eye. 

      2. Yellow Colour Is Auspicious 

      Yellow is an extremely lucky and auspicious colour in Indian culture. The colour yellow is associated with purity, wealth, and royalty. As a result, yellow is frequently used in many aspects of the wedding ceremony.

      From decor to clothing, jewellery and the fortunate hue of Agni, yellow is prevalent at Indian weddings. The bride and husband, along with the families and guests, traditionally wear yellow on Haldi day to represent a fresh start.

      3. Turmeric Relaxes Your Mind 

      Turmeric helps to calm the mind and eliminate pre-wedding anxiety. The application and massaging of Haldi ubtan on the body is calming. The anxiety, stress, and depression symptoms can all be reduced using Haldi. These benefits are amplified when Haldi is consumed, but even topical use guarantees these advantages. 

      This is mainly because the skin is a direct route for absorbing even the most potent Ayurvedic medications. So, when combined with other herbs like saffron, particularly curcumin, depressive symptoms can be reduced when added to ubtan.

      4. The Ceremony Is For Blessings 

      Elders usually put Haldi on the bride or groom to start the Haldi ceremony. Along the way, they also give blessings, wishing them a lifetime of love, joy, and serenity. 

      This ceremony allows the family to express their feelings before the day gets too hectic. The ceremony is often an emotional experience for the bride and groom's elders. 

      5. Symbol Of New Beginning 

      The Haldi ceremony symbolises new beginnings for the love birds! According to the Vedas, the Haldi cleans and purifies the mind, body and soul. The ceremony signifies the start of a new journey for the bride and groom, where it purifies their soul and heart before entering the new life together. 

      Sometimes the Haldi available in the market might cause a reaction, therefore, it is essential to use homemade Haldi and ubtan for glowing skin on the wedding day, as damaging the skin is the last thing you want before the wedding. 

      No! We are not scaring you; it is just that prevention is better than cure! Haldi can have immense benefits for the skin if complemented with other home-based natural elements. The experts at ToneOp have curated customised ubtan and packs for different skin types and problems. Get ToneOp’s wedding makeover plan to access the best DIY Haldi and ubtan for your skin! 

      What Are The Benefits Of Haldi Or Ubtan For Skin?

      The use and preparation of Haldi ubtan and packs are always passed on from generation to generation. Not only because of its significance in Indian weddings but also the benefits it has for the skin of the bride and groom. 

      Here are a few benefits of Haldi or ubtan for the skin: 

      1. Turmeric and ubtan are the best remedies for acne, scars and marks on the skin. Moreover, they help to clean the skin and make it flawless for the big fat wedding day. 

      2. Amid the wedding chores and preparation, applying Haldi or ubtan can help you look active and young on the wedding day. 

      3. A few elements present in the turmeric act as a natural bleaching agent and enhance the tone of the skin. 

      4. It helps to tighten the pores of the skin and make it look firm and taut. 

      Every bride and groom wants to look perfect and confident on their wedding day. If you wish to, you can take the help of experts in this journey and start the new phase of life beautifully. You can opt ToneOp’s wedding makeover plans to get a wedding diet, workout and yoga plans with a pinch of counselling to gear you up for the wedding day! 

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