Chicken White Meat VS Dark Meat: Which Is Better?



Published on: 15-Dec-2023


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Lalita Vishwakarma


Chicken White Meat VS Dark Meat: Which Is Better?

Chicken White Meat VS Dark Meat: Which Is Better?

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Which meat is better: White or dark? Well, this is a question that chicken lovers have debated for years. Some people prefer the white meat, while others prefer the dark meat. But which one is better?

There are a few things to consider when choosing chicken white meat vs dark meat. Firstly, nutrition matters as white meat chicken is lower in fat and calories than dark meat chicken. However, dark meat chicken is higher in protein and iron. 

Secondly, the flavour of white and dark meat chicken is different. White meat chicken has a milder flavour, while dark meat chicken has a richer flavour. 

Here, we will learn about chicken white meat vs dark meat, their nutritional value, benefits and disadvantages. So, to stay fit and healthy, continue reading to learn more about these two meat varieties.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is White Meat?

  2. What Is Dark Meat?

  3. Chicken White Meat VS Dark Meat

  4. Nutritional Values Of Chicken White Meat And Dark Meat

  5. Difference Between Chicken White Meat And Dark Meat

  6. Disadvantages Of Using Dark Meat

  7. The Final Say

  8. FAQs

  9. References

What Is White Meat?

White meat refers to breast meat, tenderloin, chicken wings and part of the back of the chicken. These cuts are lighter in colour and softer than their black counterparts. 

Meat is white because the muscles have been used less and contain less myoglobin (a protein that makes meat red). 

Many people believe that white meat is healthier than dark meat because it is generally lower in fat and calories and higher in protein. White meat is known for its versatility in the kitchen. It can also easily dry when cooked and is always tender because the muscles do not exercise much.

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What Is Dark Meat?

Another meat variety is dark meat found in chicken thighs and legs. It appears dark due to the presence of a particular protein called myoglobin. It is responsible for carrying out oxygen to different muscles of the body.

Dark meat contains iron and zinc, which are helpful for disease prevention and wound healing. It also contains niacin and vitamin B6, essential for energy and brain health. However, both meat varieties have their special taste and benefits, so it is necessary to understand their nutritional value.

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Chicken White Meat VS Dark Meat

Chicken white meat VS dark meat key differential factors are:


White Meat

Dark Meat

Muscle Fibre Type

Fast-twitch muscle fibres

Slow-twitch muscle fibres

Location in the Animal

Breasts and Wings

Thighs and Legs

Myoglobin Content



Fat Content





Rich and Gamey




Cooking Methods

Quick cooking methods (e.g., grilling, roasting)

Slow cooking methods (e.g., braising, stewing)

Nutritional Profile

Lower in calories and fat, higher in protein

Higher in calories and fat, lower in protein

Preferred Temperature

165°F (74°C)

175-180°F (79-82°C)

Difference In The Nutritional Values Of Chicken White Meat Or Dark Meat

To find the nutrition values of chicken white meat or dark meat, study the following table depicting the data for 100 g of chicken white meat vs dark meat: 

Nutritional Components

White meat 

Dark meat



125 kcal



20.0 g

Total fat 


4.31 g



80 mg 

Vitamin B3 


6.264 mg

Vitamin B6


0.33 mg

Vitamin C 


3 mg




Difference In The Properties Of Chicken White Meat And Dark Meat

Dark meat contains more fat than white meat, but many customers prefer white meat's mild flavour and leanness. White and dark meat comes from chicken, but their unique properties and benefits make them suitable for different cooking and flavour profiles. 

We have listed the key differences between white and dark meat below so you can quickly determine the benefits of each.

Chicken White Meat

  • White meat has more variety than dark meat and is known for its mild taste and ability to absorb flavours. This makes it perfect for marinades and sauces.

  • White meat cooks faster than dark meat and is an easy choice for cooks.

  • White meat is leaner than dark meat. White cuts of meat contain less fat than dark meat, making them a leaner choice for consumers looking to reduce fat.

Chicken Dark Meat

  • Dark meat is cheaper than white meat. You can usually find dark meat at a lower price because it is required less than white meat.

  • It is easier to extract the juice from dark meat than white meat. Myoglobin, which contains more fat and protein, makes the meat thick and juicy. 

  • Dark meat is often considered to be more delicious than white meat. It is rich in iron and contains more nutrients such as enzymes, biochemicals and fats. 

Disadvantages Of Using Dark Meat

Some of the disadvantages of dark meat include the following:

  • Higher In Saturated Fat: Dark meat is higher in saturated fat than white meat, raising cholesterol levels and increasing the risk of heart disease.

  • Higher In Calories: The higher calorie content of dark meat can lead to unhealthy weight gain. so, if you are trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight, limiting your intake of dark meat is best.

  • More Difficult To Digest: The presence of more connective tissues in dark meat can hinder your digestion process. 

The Final Say

Finally, understanding chicken white meat vs dark meat enables us to choose the best among them. Although both chicken white meat and dark meat are enriched with nutrients, it is also essential to learn the consequences. 

White meat has a light and tender taste, and you can enjoy it in many dishes. Whether you want a rich flavour, tender texture, or easy cooking, dark meat has its appeal. 

So, to get the balance of all the good ingredients in chicken, eat a little of both or stick to your preference. The difference is minimal and, therefore, insignificant. It’s all about pleasing your palate! 


1. What are chicken white meat or dark meat? 

Chicken white meat comes from the breast and wings and is known for their lean and mild flavour. Dark meat, from the thighs and legs, is richer, juicier, and contains more fat and iron.

2. So which one should you choose?

It depends on your taste and choice, as both meat categories have high protein content. 

3. Can I eat dark meat everyday?

Dark meat is highly pretentious, but consuming it daily can cause an imbalance in health and nutrition. It is advised to eat in moderate amounts to keep yourself safe from the adverse effects.

4. Is dark meat high in protein?

Yes, dark meat can provide 23 grams in its 1 serving.

5. Is chicken good for health?

Yes, chicken is beneficial for health. Chicken contains all the essential nutrients like proteins, vitamin B6, biotin, vitamin B12, and niacin responsible for the body's growth and development.

6. How does dark meat taste? 

Dark meat has a richer and more flavorful taste than white meat, with a juicier and succulent texture.


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