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Weight Loss Diet Plan

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  • Weight Loss Diet Plan

  • Looking to turn towards a health goal? Let us help you achieve a healthy weight with our delicious, calorie-conscious diet plans.
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Gain Diet Plans

Diet Plan As per medical condition
  • Muscle
    Gain Diet Plans

  • Diet plans that provide you with all the proper nutrition that your body needs, no matter whether your end goal is to increase muscle mass or maintain a proper BMI.
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Makeover Plans

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  • Wedding
    Makeover Plans

  • With TONEOP's wedding makeover plan, we put the best of our years' of learning and expertise to make you look your best on your special day.We also offer plans for the Grooms, Friends & Families.
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Medical Condition-Based
Diet Plans

Diabetic, Cholesterol, Hypothyroid

diet plan for  Weight Loss
  • Medical Condition-Based
    Diet Plans

  • Diabetic, Cholesterol, Hypothyroid

  • Imagine if we could make your diet tastier along with managing health conditions. Our innovative diet plans help in managing ailments and maintaining good health.
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Detox Plans

Lose up to 2 Kgs in 3 days*

diet plan for  Weight Gain
  • Power
    Detox Plans

  • Lose up to 2 Kgs in 3 days*

  • Our bodies deserves a Detox every once in a while for a refreshed and cleansed gut. We have amazing plans that will help you detox on a cellular level.
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What Our Clients Say

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    Being a woman and mother brings so many responsibilities that personal health becomes the last thing to look after. I gained extra weight due to menopause & hormonal imbalance. With hypothyroidism, managing weight became more difficult. The regional diet plans helped to choose from the easily available meal options. In just 3 months I lost 10 kg. I am impressed by how finely everything is taken care of by TONEOP.

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    I started my weight loss journey with a body weight of 104 kg and achieved 79 kg in just 4 months. I gained weight due to my sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, and frequent alcohol consumption. TONEOP has an interesting approach. I was so confident in the keenly designed diet plans that I was resolute to continue. Thank You TONEOP for the recipes and the diet plans that give visible results.

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    I am a health enthusiast and often keep on exploring new health tech and gadgets. After trying various health apps, I was amazed by the features of TONEOP like regional diet plans that made my plan so personalized. With the help of the diet team, my eating habits have changed, and I feel healthier and more confident


How To Use TONEOP?

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App Features

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Keep Your Health On Track

Tracking your calories, BMI, water intake, or sleep was never so easy until now. With TONEOP, you exactly know the areas of improvement and concern.


Connect, Track And Build Your Health

No more diving deep into graphs and charts for measuring your health progress anymore! TONEOP will provide you with a daily log of your nutrition and even create an overview of your macronutrients, to ensure you meet your goals.

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Holistic And Nutritious Diet Plans

TONEOP makes dieting easy by providing you with diet plans for your dietary preferences and medical conditions. With easy-to-make and delicious recipes our team of experts has curated, you’ll be eating up a storm in no time.


Map Your Health Improvement

Monitor the results of your consistency & witness how close you are to your desired health.

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Region Based Diet Plans

Diet can be much easier with the taste of homemade food. Presenting you the Region-Based diet plans with the magic of an authentic Indian taste palette customized according to your needs.

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