Black Turmeric: Health Benefits And Culinary Uses



Published on: 04-Apr-2023


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Kajal Tharwani


Black Turmeric: Health Benefits And Culinary Uses

Black Turmeric: Health Benefits And Culinary Uses

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I have got 99 problems, but turmeric solved 86 of them! 

Remember your grandparents telling you to have turmeric milk for every minor inconvenience in the body. Why? Because they knew how beneficial turmeric is for health. 

We have been using it for ages. It is well-known for its therapeutic benefits and numerous culinary and beverage applications. Everyone is familiar with yellow turmeric and its benefits for several medical conditions.  

However, few individuals are aware of black turmeric. Yes, you read that right! The wonderful turmeric rhizome you are acquainted with has a blackish-blue relative typically grown in Northeast India and a few other places. 

Today, we are here to make your day by telling you about black turmeric. So, keep on reading! 

Table Of Contents 

1. An Overview Of Black Turmeric 

2. Nutritional Value Of Black Turmeric 

3. Health Benefits Of Black Turmeric 

4. Culinary Uses Of Black Turmeric 

5. Dieititian’s Recommendation 

6. The Final Say 

7. FAQs  

An Overview Of Black Turmeric

Curcuma caesia is the scientific name for black turmeric, also known as black zedoary. The plant from which black turmeric is derived is a perennial herb with pale yellow blooms and a reddish border. 

The plant is farmed in the same way as regular turmeric, and black turmeric, like yellow turmeric, is available in fresh and powder form. The black turmeric rhizomes are auspicious in some Madhya Pradesh sections. 

The black turmeric rhizome has a characteristic sweet smell due to the presence of essential oils. The plant holds special meaning for tribes in Manipur and neighbouring states, where the rhizome paste is given to wounds and snake and scorpion stings. Moreover, it is recommended to use in the power detox diet. 

Nutritional Value Of Black Turmeric 

Nutritional Value Of Black Turmeric

Approx 100g of black turmeric contains the following nutrients: 

  • Calories- 29kcal 
  • Protein- 0.91g 
  • Fat- 0.31g 
  • Carbs- 6.31g 
  • Fibre- 2.1g 
  • Sugar- 0.3g 

7 Health Benefits Of Black Turmeric 

Black turmeric has numerous applications and health benefits. It is even considered a herbal adaptogen. The curcumin in all types of turmeric makes them so medicinally effective. 

Health Benefits Of Black Turmeric

However, it has definite applications and functions, much like any other therapeutic plant/herb. Here are the top black turmeric health benefits.

1. Helps To Treat Respiratory Diseases 

Black turmeric can help to improve or treat respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Curcumin, found in black turmeric, is once again the miraculous worker. This is because the chemicals present in turmeric do not interfere with standard medications' lung treatment or our immune system's healthy cells.

2. Relieves Pain 

Black turmeric is thought to be an effective pain reliever. It can assist with everything from rashes to toothaches to osteoarthritis to gastrointestinal problems. However, despite these positive effects, it must be consumed in moderation or at the recommended dosage. Depending on the condition you are attempting to cure or the level of discomfort you are experiencing.

3. Prevents The Growth Of Cancer Cells 

Curcumin, found in black turmeric, has been shown in studies to help prevent cancer cell growth. It has also been demonstrated that they alter pre-cancerous alterations in the body's organs. 

More study indicates that conventional chemotherapy combined with turmeric can be potent in combating cancer cells. So, if you seek an anti-cancer cure with no side effects, you might consider black turmeric.

4. Helps In Weight Loss 

Black turmeric aids the body's breakdown of dietary fat. So if you want to lose weight, adding a little turmeric to your daily curries is an excellent place to start! Besides, it reduces the likelihood of developing insulin resistance in the body.

5. Helps To Treat Skin Irritation 

Black turmeric can also be used to treat skin irritation. This is because the material in black turmeric is anti-inflammatory. Therefore, in addition to relieving itchy skin, it also is used as an anti-inflammatory on itchy skin.

6. Helps To Boost Stamina 

Like the other members of the ginger family, these Rhizomes work as a nutritional supplement and potent medicinal plant in your diet. When ingested in tiny amounts, it boosts stamina and energy. However, black turmeric should not be consumed more than 500 mg daily, as this can harm the human body.

7. Helps To Relieve Lung Disease

Asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia are all treated with black turmeric. If you are concerned about a new or old form of wet cough, turmeric can help. You can wash turmeric bumps, grind their juice, and drink it. 

This will quickly relieve your cough. Turmeric contains a substance known as kurkumini, which eliminates the ingredient that causes lung cancer. It reduces lung inflammation and reaches asthmatic patients.

Culinary Uses Of Black Turmeric 

Black turmeric is an uncommon turmeric rarely used in cooking. Instead, the rhizomes are primarily used in medicine, combining them into tinctures, teas, and pastes. 

It can be finely chopped in a food processor and then mixed with honey, sugarcane, or other ingredients to make an infusion. After a few weeks, a few drops of the mixture can be eaten as an immunity booster. 

Black turmeric is also used as a nutritional supplement, but only in modest amounts so that it does not overshadow the food. The rhizomes can be used fresh or powdered, popular in smoothies and juices among health-conscious people. To temper the bitterness of black turmeric, use it with stronger-flavoured components such as lemon and ginger. 

Kale, cucumber and tropical fruits can also be added for a sweeter taste. When stored in a air tight container in a cool and dark place, such as the refrigerator, black turmeric will keep for 4 to 6 months.

Dietitian’s Recommendation

It indicates that incorporating turmeric into your diet has health benefits. Purple spice can help with immune health, pain relief, and digestion, among other things. As a result, including it in your diet and using it can be incredibly useful.

-Dietitian Lavina Chauhan 

The Final Say 

Black turmeric is an uncommon herb. It has the greatest concentration of curcumin. It's also an effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, enjoy black turmeric and live a healthy life! 


1. Is black turmeric better than yellow turmeric?

Yes, it is comparatively better as black turmeric is more expensive than yellow turmeric as it has more medicinal benefits and is one of India's endangered species. Both species have some common medicinal features such as anti-inflammatory, pain soothing, and treating infections and bruises.

2. What is the difference between black turmeric and turmeric?

Turmeric is a finger-like species. However, unlike regular yellow turmeric, black turmeric is more like ginger in appearance, and black turmeric is characterised by its bluish colour, whereas turmeric is yellow.

3. Is black turmeric good for weight loss?

Many people use turmeric and black pepper for weight loss, as this powerful combination boosts fat-burning and prevents weight gain. According to a study published in Biofactors, curcumin helps block fat cells' growth to reduce obesity.

4. Where is black turmeric found in the world?

Black turmeric, also known as Curcuma Caesia or Black Zedoary, is found in parts of North East India and Madhya Pradesh. The plant grows similarly to yellow turmeric, with pale yellow flowers with a reddish border. It is a rare herb available in powdered and fresh forms.

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