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How would you prefer to look in your wedding attire, fit or famished? 

Skipping a meal to look great for the wedding is not a good idea. Instead, you need to eat as much nutritious food as possible to look fabulous.

You find yourself worrying about looking fit and perfect on your wedding day. So naturally, you select everything best for yourself, starting from clothes to makeup to everything, but one thing which every girl or boy thinks is about their body, and they try numerous things to look slim and fit.

The bride and groom opt for crash dieting to get quick results, avoid having so many things in their diet and encourage eating liquid diets. But they are unaware of its side effects which can hinder the functioning of the body and can cause health issues.

Let us talk about some drawbacks of having a crash diet before a wedding and what exactly crash dieting is.

What Is A Crash Diet?

A crash diet is a quick weight loss diet with less than 800 calories to consume daily. It is a restrictive type of diet which only includes some fruits, soups and other liquids like juices.

The weight loss obtained by following a crash diet is not sustainable and good for the short term only.

Drawbacks Of Having A Crash Diet Before The Wedding

A crash diet is never a good option if you want to lose weight; though it is an instant way but will leave you feeling hungry and tired, eventually leading to exhaustion.

Here are some of the side effects you can come across if you choose o crash diet.

You Will Have Less Energy Throughout The Day

Our body needs nutrients to function properly, especially carbohydrates, which cannot be consumed in crash diets, making you feel low on energy and tired all day. 

As you continue to work and run here and there all day for your wedding preparations and don’t get ample nutrients, it will increase the stress in your body and will keep you irritated and frustrated.

Feeling Of Hunger; All Day Long

Amidst the pre-wedding preparations, your stomach needs to be full so you do not feel exhausted.

Ghrelin is a hormone which stimulates hunger, and eating only fruit in a day will spike the ghrelin production, and you will feel your stomach growling, your hunger will increase, and you may feel discomfort in your stomach.

You Will Gain The Lost Weight Quickly

The crash diet will switch on the starvation mode in your body, which will consume all the energy left in your body and store up some of the energy, slowing down the metabolism. 

If you do not consume a nutrient-rich diet and follow the crash diet, you will lose weight instantly, but you will tend to gain the lost weight in a day or two.

Your Outfit Fittings Will Be On A Swing

Usually, the bride and groom plan their wedding outfits 2-3 months before their wedding, and if you are on crash dieting, the measurements will definitely fluctuate. And we are pretty sure you would not want to create any blunder at the last minute, which can conclude as a nightmare.

The Crash Diet Will Leach Out All The Glow 

Not appropriate carbohydrate and fat intake may lead to saggy skin, baggy eyes and pale skin, which will look like you have been starving for ages. And hinder your wedding look, making you look famished and tired.

Will Weaken Your Immunity

Crash dieting deprives your body of necessary minerals and vitamins like A, E, K and D, which are required for proper functioning. These vitamins help boost immunity; lacking these vitamins can lead to slow immunity and ultimately will welcome certain infections. And who would want to fall ill during the wedding festivities?

It May Cause Dehydration

Crash diet leads to rapid weight loss as the body starts losing water. However, it is detrimental to your health in the long term. 

Failing all the water from the body will lead to dehydration, and when you start eating normally, the glycogen stores will bind with water, leading to weight gain.

Dehydration can also make your skin look rough and dry on your wedding day.

Stimulate Production Of Ketone Bodies 

When you follow low carb diet, your body starts using saturated fats as energy sources and forms ketones, which can surely help you lose weight but simultaneously will invite heart issues, bad breath and nausea and these symptoms are big “NO NO” for your big day.

May Vandalize Skin And Hair Health

Lacking intake of a nutrient-rich diet fades away the lustre of the skin and hair and makes it look dry and frizzy. Because crash diet plans aim for instant weight loss, they leave out the nutrient-rich diet and are included with diets deprived of nourishment which can lead to pale-looking skin and unhealthy hair.

May Hinder The Digestive Tract And Bowels

Crash diet leads to disturbed digestion and bowels. A low intake of fibre, carbs and fat can cause irregular bowels, which hampers the entire digestion process leading to blemishes on the skin and mouth ulcers. And how doomed it would be if you could not even eat your own wedding food with an ill mouth and disturbed digestive tract.

Other Alternatives To Avoid Crash Dieting Before Wedding

Instead of following the crash diet, the bride and groom should follow the tips and tricks that will work wonders with their weight, hair, and skin.

1. At least walk 10K steps a day which will help you to in the cardio and shed some calories as well.

2. Avoid drinking alcohol to prevent your body from storing excess water.

3. Have more lean protein, including chicken breast, egg whites, pulses, soy products etc.

4. Clean eating is the mantra for weight loss, so prohibit yourself from eating processed foods like junk and other fried food.

5. Try to stay away from stress and indulge in stress-busting activities.

6.  Have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals like fruits, nuts, pulses, vegetables whole grains.

7. Along with cardio, do some strength training for at least 30-35 minutes a day to keep your body in shape and for muscle building.

8. Increase a fibre-rich diet like fruits and veggies.

9. Try to include exercise in your regular schedule, so you don’t miss out on it and get a fit and fab look on your wedding day.

10. Make sure to consume healthy fats in the form of nuts and seeds and avoid trans fat.

11. 140-150 minutes of moderate physical activity in a week will show positive and sustainable results. 

An unhealthy approach to weight loss can lead to irreversible damage; 

all the brides and grooms who wish to lose weight before the wedding should not go for a crash diet as it has many side effects which can lead to irreversible health issues and also can leach out the actual glow of the skin and make you look dull and dehydrated. Hence, Toneop provides you with a healthy wedding makeover plan for you to look gorgeous on your wedding day.


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