Change Life With Green Garlic And Its Benefits



Published on: 28-Feb-2023


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Harsimran Kaur


Change Life With Green Garlic And Its Benefits

Change Life With Green Garlic And Its Benefits

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Do you love the flavour of spring garlic? Are you using it without knowing its benefits?

While our kitchen is full of beneficial vegetables, fruits, and herbs, there are many items we have not used yet, and green garlic is one of them. It is not a part of most of our meals but has various health benefits to prevent you from medical conditions like heart attack and stroke, hypertension, poor blood circulation, and digestion-related issues.

In this blog, we will discuss the various benefits of green garlic and ways to use it in our meals. You will also learn the nutritional value of this vegetable to use it appropriately for better health. 

Table Of Contents

1. Green garlic: An overview

2. Nutritional Value Of Green Garlic

3. Benefits Of Green Garlic

4. Ways To Use Green Garlic In Dishes

5. The Final Say

6. FAQs

Green Garlic: An Overview

Green garlic is a younger garlic pulled by farmers before the cloves start maturing. It looks similar to the green onion that usually has a pale white bulb with a pink tint and deep green stalk. It is grown in warmer climates and has a peak season in early spring.

Green garlic is generally more expensive than regular garlic but not overly priced. When you cook this veggie, it tastes sweet. To enhance the flavours and presentation of your dish, you can use it raw or even cook it.

Nutritional Value Of Green Garlic

Green garlic is beneficial due to its nutritional content, mentioned below per 100 gm:

  • Calories- 149 cal
  • Protein- 6.38 gm
  • Fat- 0.5 gm
  • Carbohydrates- 33.1 gm
  • Fibre- 2.1 gm
  • Calcium- 181 mg
  • Iron- 1.7 mg
  • Magnesium- 25 mg
  • Phosphorus- 153 mg
  • Potassium- 401 mg
  • Sodium- 17 mg
  • Zinc- 1.16 mg
  • Copper- 0.299 mg
  • Manganese- 1.67 mg
  • Selenium- 14.2 mg
  • Vitamin C- 31.2 mg
  • Thiamin- 0.2 mg
  • Riboflavin- 0.11 mg
  • Niacin- 0.7 mg
  • Pantothenic acid- 0.59 mg
  • Vitamin B-6- 1.24 mg

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Garlic

Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Garlic

Though green garlic is the less used vegetable in your kitchen, it comes with various health benefits you can read below:

1. Helps In Detoxification

Green garlic has diuretic properties, which increase urine excretion resulting in the detoxification of kidneys. It helps clean the blood more efficiently in the liver and enhances overall health. If you follow a power detox plan, do not forget to include this miraculous veggie in the diet.

2. Aids Boost Immune System

People can use spring garlic to boost their immune system because of its natural antibiotic properties. So while you suffer from a cold and cough, adding green garlic to your soup will speed up healing. In addition, the vitamin C content in this veggie initiates the production of white blood cells to fight the flu. 

3. Improves Circulation

Spring garlic is the best veggie in your kitchen due to the presence of Vitamin C, iron, and other minerals in it at high levels. These nutritional contents help improve circulation in your body by producing more red blood cells to oxygenate your body and deliver vital nutrients to every organ quickly. 

4. Enhances Digestion

If there is irritation or inflammation in your gut, green garlic is the best home remedy due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps soothe the organ, speed up digestion, and remove discomfort. You can also consume this veggie to balance bacteria in your stomach as it is high in antioxidants and antibiotic properties. 

5. Has Anti-cancerous Properties

Allicin is an active ingredient in green garlic, making it an anti-cancerous food, which was studied to understand its effects on cancer cells. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps remove oxidative stress in your body to lower the risk of cellular mutation and cancer growth. It is also beneficial in preventing other chronic diseases initiated by free radical activity. 

6. Improves Heart Health

Apart from preventing cancer, allicin in green garlic also lowers LDL (bad cholesterol levels) and increases HDL (good cholesterol levels). It also helps lower blood pressure, eventually reducing the chances of heart attack and stroke. 

Green garlic is full of health benefits you can enjoy by adding it to your diet. In addition, you can consume the white bulb and green stems to stay fit. So, end the wait and stock your kitchen with this godsent veggie. 

Ways To Use Green Garlic In Your Kitchen

Incorporating green garlic into your meals is effortless in the following ways:

1. Soup

You can make any soup and add green garlic to it. Now, enjoy its mild flavour with numerous benefits daily. 

2. Salad

As we all love vegetable salads, adding spring garlic will increase its nutritional value. You can chop the stem and cloves to add to the plate and feel healthy with daily use.

3. Sandwiches

Another best way to use green garlic is by adding them to your sandwiches. This ingredient has a mild flavour and will enhance the taste of your sandwich. 

4. Pesto

Instead of using matured garlic in pesto, you can use spring garlic and add the sauce to your pasta, soups, and sandwiches. 

5. Omelette

If you want a healthy breakfast, make an omelette with vegetables like tomato, green garlic, broccoli, peas, and herbs.

The Final Say

Green garlic is an immature form of full-grown garlic. It has numerous health benefits, like maintaining blood pressure, boosting the immune system, and improving digestion with other advantages. You can add it to your diet in several ways and enjoy its nutritional value. 


1. What is the difference between spring garlic and garlic scapes?

Spring garlic and garlic scapes are not the same. Where spring garlic is pulled out immaturely before bulbs develop, garlic scapes are the flowering stalks of the grown hard-necked garlic, which indicates that you can now reap the garlic bulbs.

2. How to store green garlic?

To keep the spring garlic fresh for a long time, you will wrap it in a damp paper towel and keep it in a plastic bag by storing it in the fridge. It will let the ingredient survive and stay flavourful for a week. 

3. What is the taste of spring garlic?

Green garlic is less spicy than your regular stock of garlic. It tastes more like an onion but is milder. The flavour of immature garlic is a little sharp when eaten raw, but it sweetens after cooking. 

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