Debunking Pre-Wedding Dietary Myths

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Published on: 27-Oct-2022


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Shubhi Sidnis


Debunking Pre-Wedding Dietary Myths

Debunking Pre-Wedding Dietary Myths

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Do not listen to those who claim to be experts and ask you to starve yourself!

Getting married and having stress about weight loss is usual for all brides and grooms. Unfortunately, there are many myths that people follow to lose weight quickly without considering how it will hamper their bodies in the long term.

Although some diet tricks are suitable for short-term weight loss, they should not be followed in the long run.

Avoiding the consumption of your favourite snacks to look best for your wedding is a little complicated. Working hard to lose some kilos to look pretty/ handsome is what your aim must be. However, going to extremes to achieve your ideal body type should not be the attitude one should have.

You may come across many dietary myths, but the wise thing to do is to not trust these dietary myths to lose weight quickly.

Pre-Wedding Weight Loss Dietary Myths

Here are some pre-wedding weight loss dietary myths. Have a look! 

1. Eat Mini Meals Throughout The Day

Sustainable weight loss requires controlled calorie consumption, which does not regard how you distribute your meals.  You can distribute your meals according to your preference; for, e.g. six meals a day or three big meals a day.

Consuming food in small quantities can be beneficial in many ways; it will keep your stomach full and will not be heavy. However, having at least three mini meals a day and three big meals a day curbs the chances of getting your body to starve.

2. Opt For Only Zero Carb, High Protein, And No-Fat Diet

Opting for this method of food intake can cause your body to suffer from fatigue, irritability and mood swings. It will surely make you lose weight but will hamper your health in the long term. 

Every nutrient has its importance, and avoiding any nutrient from your diet may leach the glow out of your skin and make you look paled and tired on your wedding day. It is better not to torture yourself by following this dietary myth. Eat everything but in controlled quantity and portion.

3. Cleanse With Fruit Juice  

For quick detoxification of your body, it is good to have fruits and vegetable juices in a day.  However, having them regularly will make you look deprived of essential nutrients like a zombie with no energy to survive. As a result, you will gain sudden weight, spikes blood sugar levels, and rapid heart rate.

4. Skip Your Meals

Meal skipping is the most prominent dietary myth of all time, and cutting your meals to lose weight is not worth it, as it will lower your metabolism and lead to weight gain when you start to have meals. 

Starving yourself the whole day can also make you dysfunctional and irritated.

Remember to eat breakfast, as it helps increase your metabolism and energy levels. Rather than skipping meals, you can incorporate the best diet plans for weight loss

5. By Accelerating Your Metabolism, You Can Lose Weight

Some people think certain fruits, veggies or nuts rich in specific vitamins and minerals will boost your metabolism and result in weight loss, which is incorrect. There will be a little of a result, but there is no such way in the long term. Instead, taking baby steps in the diet helps to achieve long-term weight loss.

6. Say No To Cheat Meals

Who said not to eat a cheat meal when you lose weight for your wedding? It is a dietary myth. 

Having at least one cheat meal every 15-20 days keeps you self-motivated for longer. In addition, cheat meals will lead to measurable changes in body composition and improve metabolic function.

7. No Dairy Products

Not consuming dairy products means you are not getting enough calcium in your diet, which will create an imbalance in your body and be visible on your face, which nobody wants, especially at the time of the wedding. Include dairy products in your daily diet plan, for instance, buttermilk; buttermilk has many health benefits and is also light when consumed.

8. Get In Shape Without Any Physical Activity

Stay away from such dietary myths. Getting your body moving and tired is as essential as being on a healthy diet. 

If you have never exercised and are a beginner, you can look up easy beginner workout plans and start your fitness journey. Tiring your body will help you relax at the end of the physical activity session and helps in building mass and strength.

9. Only Eating Raw Fruits And Vegetables Is The Real Meaning Of A Diet

Diet does not mean eating raw fruits and veggies; the real meaning of dieting is to have a balanced diet consisting of all the essential nutrients required for the body's healthy functioning.

There is a plethora of healthy food which you can consume while losing weight.

Keeping your tastebuds deprived of delicious food for weight loss is not something one should do.

Include foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, fish, poultry, and dairy products for a healthy transformation.

10. Having Pills To Get Slim Is Safe

Most pills are harmful to health, are not licensed, and have no proof of healthy change.

These pills should not be taken without consulting your healthcare professional. 

Only medications that the doctor prescribes should be considered safe.

11. Gluten-Free Foods Are Guilt-Free

The gluten-free trend is well known in the GenZ population. People allergic to gluten suffer acidity, bloating, acne, and skin issues. According to recent studies, 40 to 50% of the world’s population has some level of gluten intolerance, and it can go wrong for some people.

So it is better to not trust such myths blindly and do your research if you are prone to such foods.

12. The Food Labelled With No Fat Is Healthy

These are the ways most people get fooled by labelling food with low or no fat, which consists of the most fat. So make sure to check the food label before buying these products because they may contain sugar other than fat.

13. Harmful Calorie Consumption In The Name Of Other Benefits

Some foods are rich in fibre, which helps to burn down calories and has a negative calorie effect on your body. However, no study has been found regarding this dietary myth. Harmful calorie consumption means having low protein, carbs, and fat which can cause hormonal issues, which is a big no-no before the wedding.

Pull that last rep; that is the only extreme you need to go to! 

We often lose our patience when it comes to losing weight. We see people around us who are losing weight and transforming, which at some point makes us lose our minds and tempt us to follow a path which can be harmful. Especially when our wedding is on the loose, you ignore everything and focus on weight loss by means.

Weight loss should be a healthy experience throughout and not a nightmare. Getting a sound body and skin for your wedding makes you blindly trust any dietary myth, which can lead to irreversible damage and health issues. 

Consult an authorised person (Dietitian/ Nutritionist) for better guidance and get healthy weight loss and glowing skin for your wedding.

Moreover, ToneOp is here to save energy and time by bringing you an entire wedding makeover plan and making your wedding the best day of your life.


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