Ellu Seeds (Black Sesame Seeds): Health Benefits To Know



Published on: 02-Nov-2022


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Ellu Seeds (Black Sesame Seeds): Health Benefits To Know

Ellu Seeds (Black Sesame Seeds): Health Benefits To Know

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Whether in a delicious dessert or a savoury dish, Ellu seeds are sure to have made you happy!

One of the earliest domesticated oilseed crops is the Ellu seed (black sesame seeds), which dates back more than three thousand years. It is one of the seeds with the highest oil content. Ellu seeds or black sesame seeds have a deep, nutty flavour and are used frequently in cuisines worldwide.

Ellu seeds (Sesamum Indicum), usually referred to as sesame or Til, is a flowering plant in the Sesamum Genus. It is widely naturalised in tropical regions worldwide and is raised for its edible seeds, which are produced in pods. 

In 2018, Sudan, Myanmar, and India were the countries that produced it the most. It grows well in places where drought has caused other crops to fail.

Black sesame seeds are a fantastic energy source because of their high fat content. They contain a lot of Omega-6 and polyunsaturated fatty acids. They also contain fibre, iron, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

According to a NIN study, ingesting 40 grams of sesame seed powder every day for two months reduced the inflammatory molecules in the blood of persons with knee osteoarthritis.

In India, Ellu or black sesame seeds and oils are abundantly accessible. The seeds are typically made into balls for snacking after being heated with palm sugar, jaggery, or sugar. Black sesame is also used to make Thoiding and Singju in Manipur (a kind of salad). Ellu seeds are also used to prepare the Assamese festival foods Tilor Laru and Til Pitha (sesame seed sweet balls).

Let us dive deep into understanding more about the Ellu seeds or black sesame seeds.

Table Of Contents

1. Nutritional Contents Of Ellu Seeds

2. Health Benefits Of Ellu Seeds

3. Dietitian’s Recommendations

4. Final Thoughts

5. FAQs

Nutritional Contents Of Ellu Seeds

Bakeries are one of the most frequent users of Ellu seeds and oil. Protein, vitamin B1, dietary fibre, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper, and zinc are all present in black sesame seeds in good amounts. Following are the nutritional contents of 100 grams of Ellu seeds:

  • Calories - 567 kcal
  • Total Fat - 50 g
  • Protein - 18 g
  • Carbohydrate - 23 g 
  • Dietary Fibre - 12 g
  • Calcium - 1450 mg
  • Sodium - 11 mg 
  • Potassium - 468 mg 
  • Iron - 9.3 mg 
  • Zinc - 12.20 mg 
  • Magnesium - 87%
  • Vitamin B6 - 40%

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Health Benefits Of Ellu Seeds

Ellu seeds consumed widely, are such oilseeds packed with nutrients and health benefits. Let us jump on to these benefits:

1. Possess Anti-Aging Properties

If you want to look younger and happening, consider including Ellu seeds into your diet! The nutrients in Ellu seeds, according to traditional Chinese medicine, can help prevent or treat some of the adverse effects of ageing. 

Most people who are iron or vitamin-B-deficient experience symptoms including hearing loss, memory loss, and greying of the hair, all of which are signs of ageing. Ellu seeds are rich in iron and vitamin B, which can help you with ageing signs.

2. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

It has been demonstrated that the antioxidant sesamin, found in black sesame seeds, protects the liver from harm caused by the body's free radicals. 

The seeds are also rich in fibre, lignan, and phytosterols, phytochemicals that can protect you from developing colon cancer.

3. Relief From Constipation And Indigestion

Ellu seeds' high fibre and unsaturated fatty acid content can help treat constipation. The oil in the seed can lubricate your intestines, while the seed's fibre promotes simple bowel motions. 

These seeds also improve digestion and help get rid of intestinal worms. In addition, the seeds can be ground or soaked in water for an extended period to make them more easily digested.

4. Helps To Control Blood Pressure

Magnesium, abundant in Ellu seeds, makes it food to reduce high blood pressure and prevents hypertension. In addition, polyunsaturated fats and the sesamin component of sesame oil are well known for controlling blood pressure.

5. For Stronger Bones

Osteoporosis is a condition characterised by fragile bones more prone to fracture. Bone mass drops after age 35, and women lose bone more quickly after menopause. 
Ellu seeds are a good source of calcium and zinc, which support strong bones.

Dietitian’s Recommendations 

Ellu seeds are elementary to incorporate into our meals and contain nutrients. Sprinkle these nutrient-dense seeds over your rice, noodles, or cereal to include them in your regular diet. You can add them to smoothies or yoghurt to give them a nutty flavour.

Additionally, soaking these seeds overnight aids in the absorption of calcium and other minerals from the seeds and minimises the effects of oxalic acid, which is contained in them and can prevent nutrient absorption.

                                                                                                           - Dietitian Lavina Chauhan

Final Thoughts

Ellu seeds are nutrient-rich oilseeds produced by the Sesamum indicum plant and have been used since ancient times. There is some evidence that Ellu seeds can increase blood pressure and decrease blood oxidation. Nevertheless, Ellu seeds add flavour to many foods and are typically safe for people who do not have sesame sensitivity.

Enjoy dishes with a touch of this nutritious ingredient, Ellu seeds, by adding a nutty flavour and reaping several health benefits.


1. Which is better, white sesame or Ellu seeds?

Compared to white sesame seeds, which have a milder flavour, Ellu seeds have a little stronger flavour. White sesame seeds and Ellu seeds might also have slightly different nutritional qualities. According to a 2016 study, Ellu seeds may be more antioxidant-active than white sesame seeds.

2. Can I consume raw Ellu seeds?

Raw Ellu seeds can be consumed hulled or unhulled. In addition, they can be cooked and roasted.

3. Are there any side effects of Ellu seeds?

Ellu seeds can lower blood glucose levels if not ingested within the recommended amount. The excessive ingestion of Ellu seeds might cause dangerously low blood pressure. Ellu seed fibre has the potential to form a layer over the appendix, resulting in discomfort and bloating.

4. Do Ellu seeds require soaking?

You can soak Ellu seeds overnight and eat them the following day. There is justification for soaking it. It has phytic acid in it. This hinders the body's ability to absorb some substances.

5. Are Ellu seeds healthy for the brain?

Tryptophan, an amino acid that contributes to the synthesis of the neurotransmitter serotonin, is abundant in Ellu seeds and has been shown to improve mood and sleep quality.

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