Healthy Recipes For Wedding Menu



Published on: 15-Oct-2022


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Sana Fakir


Healthy Recipes For Wedding Menu

Healthy Recipes For Wedding Menu

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Wedding wedding in the air, and the healthiest tasty food is what all we care!

Any wedding would not be complete without a delicious wedding feast. Well, why not? After all, it is about celebrating the bond of two souls. 

When it comes to celebrations, how can someone miss food? However, usually, the wedding feast comprises unhealthy dishes.

People frequently spend a lot of money on weddings, particularly on meals that include everything from starters to desserts. The sorts of food that can be provided during a marriage are endless.

If you are health conscious, or even if you are not, why not consider the health of your wedding guests? 

Especially after the pandemic, almost everyone has become so health conscious and wants to have a healthy diet. So adhering to the practice of healthiness at your wedding, let us help you with some very healthy yet delicious recipe options for your wedding menu.

Already thinking of some luscious and healthy wedding feast? So, let us get started!

Healthy Recipes For Wedding Menu

1. Low-calorie Welcome Drinks

What is a better way to delight your wedding guest than greeting them with some refreshing yet healthy welcome drinks? Here are a few options you could consider.

Mint, Watermelon And Ginger Cooler

This is a rejuvenating, low-calorie welcome drink with fresh watermelon juice and a dash of ginger and mint leaves served chilled.

Pomegranate And Mint Mojito

This Mojito consists of fresh pomegranate juice, mint, and little black salt to enhance the taste of the juice.

Lemonade With Basil

This is a tangy lemonade to refresh the mood of your guests, with the warmth of basil in it. This drink serves as a most pleasing and healthy welcome drink.

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2. Appetisers

Stimulate the tasty desires of your guests with these appealing yet healthy appetisers!

Vegetable Soup

You might choose a delicious fresh vegetable soup that is calming and healthy for everyone at your wedding instead of any Chinese soup containing thickeners. The goodness of vegetables would make it a healthy and tasty option as an appetiser in your wedding menu.

Tomato And Broccoli Soup

The tomato and broccoli soup is another healthy appetiser that could be added to your wedding menu. It is very in calories and has a tangy flavour loaded with the goodness of fibre and antioxidants.

Onion And Mushroom Soup

This is an exciting soup that you can have on your wedding menu. It is delicious and is excellent for weddings in winter. The soup is full of vitamins and minerals but low in calories. 

Chicken And Carrot Soup

If you are considering non-veg appetisers, then chicken and carrot soup is another healthy and delicious option you could consider. It contains vitamin A and is rich in protein. 

3. Starters

When something starts well, it often ends well. These starters can give a kickstart to your outlandish wedding menu.

Green Peas Kabab

This is a popular starter option that is loaded with vitamins and proteins. This makes a great dish to serve your guest as a starter with delicious chutney or sauce.

Lettuce Wraps

Do you want to add a tasty, healthy, and appealing starter to your wedding menu? Go for lettuce wraps! 

Lettuce wraps filled with paneer, chicken, soybeans, and loads of vegetables make a filling appetiser that is adored by all and has a catchy appearance.

Mexican Bean Salad

If you want to satisfy your guests, ensure to choose something that looks more delicious and is healthy too, such as a Mexican salad. It contains several vegetables and beans and is high in vitamins and proteins.

Schezwan Chicken Bites

Another tasty and exciting, healthy starter that you could consider is the schezwan chicken bites. These are small boneless chicken bites sauteed in schezwan sauce to enhance the flavour and are served with a mint dip.

Sounds mouth-watering, right? More to come!

4. Main Course

This is the hero of your wedding menu! Make sure it is both healthy and tasty so your guests enjoy it.

Mix Vegetable Makhani

Give a Punjabi touch to your wedding menu with mixed vegetable makhani! It is a delicious sabzi with a bit of cream and Punjabi flavours. 

You can serve it with parathas or whole wheat roti, as they are easy to digest and filled with multi-nutrients. This can help to keep the gut happy.

Panchmel Kadhai Dal 

Panchal Kadhai Dal is yet another alternative to the mixed vegetable makhani. It is a mixed delicacy with spicy flavours served with rice or Lachha paratha loaded. 

It is also tasty and full of minerals and proteins, making itself a perfect healthy main course on your wedding menu.

Vegetable Curry Goan Style (With Coconut)

Vegetable curry with coconut is a typical Gaon-style main course option for weddings. It is loaded with fibre, vitamins and healthy fats of coconut and mixed vegetable curry made with coconut milk and spicy flavours.

Mix Vegetable And Paneer Sabzi

Mixed vegetable and paneer sabzi is again a classic choice for the wedding menu main course. It comprises a beautiful combination of protein and vitamins due to its vegetables. It is served with pulao or paratha and cooked in whole masalas to enhance the flavour.

Mushroom And Corn Sabzi

Wish to add some tangy, savoury and earthy flavours to your wedding menu? For example, you could add Mushroom and Corn Sabz. 

It is infused with low-carbohydrate mushrooms and the sweetness of corn, making an impressive combination of moderate carbohydrate sabzi.

Chicken Kadhai (With No Butter)

This is another healthy and luscious main course recipe option you could add. However, ensure to keep it with no butter. 

Chicken Kadhai (with no butter) is a chicken gravy which could have some cream and whole spices to enhance flavours and make it a delicious dish on your wedding menu.

5. Desserts

Wedding menus are incomplete without a mouth-watering dessert! Well, it is the last but most important element of your wedding menu to make your guests feel delighted. First, however, ensure to have tasty yet healthy desserts. 

Here are a few that you could consider.

Nuts And Dates Kheer (Sugar-Free)

This sugar-free dessert with the natural taste of dates and milk and the goodness of nuts is perfect for health-conscious people.

Almond Barfi (Grilled And Sugar-Free)

Almond barfi is a new generation of barfi that is baked before being served hot and has enticing flavours blended with stevia or jaggery, which is great for health-conscious people.

Moong Dal Halwa

This is a traditional delicacy that you can add to your wedding menu. However, ensure that it is baked and sugar-free. It can be made with jaggery so that people, especially those with diabetes, have healthier food options.

You can also incorporate ingredients from 20 Foods With A Low Glycemic Index For Diabetes in your desserts. 

Things To Consider While Planning A Healthy Wedding Menu

  • Include a variety of vegetables and fruits on the menu.
  • Include wholesome proteins in the meal.
  • Offer some vegan options as well.
  • Have a welcome drink of freshly squeezed fruit juices.
  • Be sure to take the weather into account.

The Final Say

It takes a lot of thought to plan a wedding menu because there are so many things to consider. However, you should serve as healthily as you can to consider the well-being of your guests because, in the end, they will be the ones to compliment your delicious menu to others. 

Serving a healthy menu provides a lot of nutrients, and do not forget about the taste; the healthy food menu should also be tasty.

Along with the menu, ensure you take care of yourself before your wedding. Eat healthily and exercise to give you a fabulous wedding makeover. ToneOp’s expert panel is a call away from making your wedding happier and healthier!


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