Is Curd Good For Weight Loss? Read To Know!



Published on: 16-Mar-2023


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Shubhi Sidnis


Is Curd Good For Weight Loss? Read To Know!

Is Curd Good For Weight Loss? Read To Know!

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A bowl of curd is always a good choice for a balanced diet, whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Curd, a dairy product made by fermentation, is high in calcium and is highly efficient in aiding weight loss. Make sure to incorporate curd in your diet for several health benefits and to prevent medical conditions.

Table Of Contents

1.An Overview Of Curd

2.Nutritional Content Of Curd

3.How Curd Helps In Weight Loss

4.5 Weight Loss Curd Recipes Suggestions

5.Dietitian’s Recommendation

6.The Final Say


An Overview Of Curd

Curd is an essential component of our nutrition. It functions as a digestive catalyst. Curd is a probiotic dairy product that includes live bacteria called Lactobacillus bulgaricus, which is important for a healthy digestive tract. Therefore, the curd is a highly nutritious food for your diet. Protein is the ultimate key to weight loss, and curd has a high protein content.

Nutritional Content Of Curd

100 grams of curd contain the following nutrients:

  • Calories- 100 kcal
  • Protein- 11.75 g
  • Fat- 4.2 g
  • Carbohydrates- 3.45 g
  • Sodium- 371 mg
  • Potassium- 99 mg
  • Calcium- 72 mg
  • Iron- 0.13 mg
  • Vitamin A- 42 mcg

How Curd Helps In Weight Loss          

If you are wondering how curd will help you shed some of the extra weight you have been acquiring, here are several important qualities to know:

1. Improves Digestion

One of the primary reasons of weight gain is the irregular evacuation of waste from our bodies, which can be caused by indigestion or an upset stomach. The live bacteria in curd help with digestion. 

Lactobacillus bulgaricus, found in curd, is responsible for decreasing intestinal transit time, allowing waste to be evacuated more quickly, alleviating gastrointestinal discomfort, and improving digestion.

2. High In Protein

Curd, unlike milk, is made by fermentation, which separates the milk solids from the liquid (known as whey), making it more concentrated and richer in protein than milk. Because proteins are more difficult to digest, the high protein content of curd is to blame for the slower digestion rate.

3. High In Calcium

Curd, like all dairy products, is high in calcium. On the other hand, dietary calcium provides additional advantages, such as decreasing weight gain. If you have lost weight in a healthy amount, a calcium-rich diet may protect you from regaining it.

4. Lactose-Free

In terms of weight reduction, adding milk in your diet would benefit your low-fat eating habits; but, because milk includes lactose, a lactose-sensitive individual may find it difficult to incorporate it into their diet. Curd, on the other hand, is prepared by fermenting milk with a bacteria called Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Lactose-intolerant persons can ingest curd because these bacteria convert lactose in milk to lactic acid.

5. Rich In Minerals

You may lose weight due to a hormone associated with high blood pressure. Blood pressure is maintained, however, since helpful minerals such as potassium and magnesium make it easier for surplus water in the cells to exit and swiftly reach the bladder.

6. Abudant With Vitamin A

Contrary to popular belief, vitamin A only gradually affects your weight problems. However, consuming it may only have an indirect influence on weight maintenance. For example, increasing your intake of vitamin A may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, which is one of the primary causes of weight gain and high blood pressure.

7. High In Saturated Fat

Because of its minimal fat content, the curd is an excellent choice for weight loss. Saturated fats, single-bond fat molecules found in meat and oils solid at room temperature, account for approximately 1.7g of each 100g serving of curd. Saturated fat consumption is linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, which leads to weight gain.

8. Excellent Fat Burner

Curd, a powerful fat burner, might be a staple food for people who want to lose abdominal fat and have a flat tummy. Furthermore, being rich in minerals, particularly calcium, benefits in weight reduction by increasing metabolism and decreasing dietary fats.

9. Reduces Appetite

Curd is high in protein. It aids in calorie reduction while satisfying hunger and prevents binge eating. Because it is strong in protein, curd makes an excellent afternoon snack. 

According to studies, the more protein in curd, the more it benefits with hunger control. GLP-1, peptide YY, and cholecystokinin are appetite-reducing hormones that are increased by protein consumption. On the other side, it lowers ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

5 Weight Loss Curd Recipes Suggestions

Given curd's nutritional richness and advantages, you might incorporate a few curd-based meals into your weight reduction diet. These meals are nutritious and delicious:

1. Oats Dahi Masala

Oatmeal is regarded as one of the most effective weight-loss nutrients. You have probably tried a variety of oats dishes. This one is a winning balance of health and flavour. The addition of curd gives it a highly acidic flavour.

2. Dahi Chana Chaat

This chaat dish, made with protein-rich boiling chickpeas and dahi, is an excellent addition to your diet. Add your preferred seasonings, and the chaat is ready to eat.

3. Dahi Chicken (Low Fat)

Looking for a low-calorie lunch recipe? We have got you covered with this very tasty curd-based chicken curry. Protein-rich and low in carbs.

4. Mix Veg Raita

A fantastic compliment! This raita dish is full of vegetables and spices, making it an excellent supplement to your diet. You can eat it as a main course or as an addition.

5. Flaxseed Raita

Finally, here is another raita recipe with curd and flaxseeds/linseed. This raita recipe, which contains flax seeds, benefits weight reduction and immunity building. Flax seeds are marketed as one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Dietitian’s Recommendation 

Curd is low in calories and increases metabolism. One bowl of curd is so high in protein and other nutrients that it may satisfy your appetite and keep your stomach full for longer. You may flavour it with raw honey and almonds or make a vegetable curd salad.

-Dietitian Lavina Chauhan

The Final Say

Curd is a superfood when ingested in the correct amount, at the right time, and in the right way. So, if you seek a superfood that can also be a force of direction for weight reduction, curd, when used appropriately, can always be a good decision. It is nutritious, but most importantly, it is organic.


1. Does curd help you lose weight at night?

Ayurveda recommends against eating curd after sunset since it might disturb the body's chemistry and produce colds, coughing, and bloating throughout the night. Whether attempting to reduce weight or not, it is better to avoid curd at night.

2. When should you eat curd to lose weight?

Curd works best with honey or a natural sweetener such as jaggery before breakfast. One cup of homemade curd, eaten 2-3 times a week, helps to keep the intestines healthy and may promote weight reduction.

3. Which is better for weight loss: curd or yoghurt?

The fundamental distinction between curd and yoghurt is that curd naturally includes many different strains of bacteria, is manufactured without adding sugar or preservatives, and has a cloudy texture. Conversely, yoghurt appears smooth and uncomplicated, with only one strain of bacteria and added sugar, flavours, and preservatives. Since yoghurt sometimes contains added sugars, which can occasionally result in weight gain, homemade curd is recommended instead of yoghurt for people seeking to reduce weight.

4. Is it true that curd causes belly fat?

Curd only causes weight gain once consumed in quantities of 5-6 cups per day or more. Therefore, for weight reduction, 2-3 cups per day are recommended. Anything more may result in weight gain.

5. Is curd a cause of acne and pimples?

Curd is a good moisturiser, helps remove acne, and protects against sunburn since it contains vitamin E, zinc, and phosphorus, all of which firm up your skin, decrease acne, and indicate ageing.

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