Linseeds: Nutritional Value And Health Benefits



Published on: 04-Nov-2022


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Linseeds: Nutritional Value And Health Benefits

Linseeds: Nutritional Value And Health Benefits

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Linesseds are a superfood containing healthy fats and antioxidants. A serving of linseeds provides an impressive amount of nutrients like magnesium, fibre and iron. This plant-based miracle is an excellent source of fibre.

Linseeds are cultivated in Egypt, Germany, Switzerland and China. It is a food and a fibre crop; used to make fabrics and is also known as flax linen.

Table Of Contents

1. What Is Linseed In Kannada?

2. Nutritional Value Of Linseeds And Linseed 

3. Health Benefits of Linseeds

4. Health Benefits of Linseed’s Oil

5. Dietitian’s Recommendation

6. The Final Say

7. FAQs

What Is Linseed In Kannada?

Linseed in Kannada is called Agsabija ಲಿನ್ಸೆಡ್ and flaxseed in English. It has its popularity in the region of Karnataka. It is being used in many dishes like agase chutney pudi, agase bija laddoo, flaxseed chutney powder and many more finger-licking good dishes.

Because of its nutrient density, it is wise to incorporate linseed in your diet plan and take benefit of its nutrients and other health perks. 

Nutritional Value Of Linseeds And Linseed Oil 

Linseeds have emerged as an attractive nutritional food because of their exceptionally high dietary fibre, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), phytoestrogens and high-quality protein.

Underwritten are the nutritional values of linseed and linseed oil per 100g. 

  • Calories-  534kcal
  • Carbohydrates- 29g
  • Protein- 18g
  • Fat- 42g
  • Fibre- 27g
  • Potassium- 813mg
  • Sodium- 30mg

Here is the nutritional value of linseeds oil 

  • Calories-  884kcal
  • Protein- 0.1g
  • Fat-  100g

Further, ToneOp wants to enlighten you with the benefits of linseed and linseed oil so you can incorporate this food miracle into your diet for healthy life changes.

Health Benefits Of Linseeds

Linseed possesses hepatoprotective properties, and several studies advocated the cholesterol-lowering benefits of linseed meals.

Here are some more benefits of linseeds for you to lay your eyes on.

1. Improves Heart Health And Reduces Cholesterol Level 

Linseeds are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fibre, which help reduce the body's LDL cholesterol by keeping the heart healthy. To reduce cholesterol levels at home, one should incorporate linseed meals into the diet.

The lignans in the linseeds also help improve cardiovascular disease, and phytosterols, which resist cholesterol absorption in the intestines, reduce LDL levels.

2. Lower The Cancer Risk

Omega-3 presence in the linseeds prevents the formation of certain cancer cells. Moreover, the lignans present in linseeds slower the formation of the tumour by slowing down the production of new blood cells responsible for causing cancer.

Linseeds are known as anti-cancerous food and will benefit health if taken in moderate quantities.

3. Reduces Hot Flashes 

Generally, hot flashes occur in women going through menopause, and consuming linseeds helps to prevent hot flashes.

4. Curbs The Symptoms Of Arthritis

Linseeds curb stiffness and joint pain and work wonders for people suffering from osteoarthritis as it is anti-inflammatory, preventing the inflammation of the body.

5. Reduces The Signs Of Constipation

Linseeds are loaded with insoluble fibre, which keeps the bowel system smooth, reduces the chances of constipation, and adds bulk to the stool without increasing irritation.

Make sure to drink enough water when you consume linseed as they tend to absorb water due to the presence of fibre. Drinking ample fibre will not cause constipation. Instead, it will help flush out the bowel quickly.

6. Improves Blood Sugar Levels 

The lignans and phytoestrogens present in Agasebija help to control the onset of diabetes. It also helps to lower insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetes. In diabetes, mostly whole linseeds are more helpful compared to linseed oil. Linseed oil is low in fibre which cannot control the sugar levels in the body.

Health Benefits Of Linseed’s Oil

Linseed oil is made from ripe linseed by the cold-pressed method. Linseeds oil is in liquid and capsule form, containing ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid), omega-3 fatty acid. When ALA enters the body, it converts the tiny amount of fats into eicosapentaenoic acid docosahexaenoic acid.

1. Prevents And Cures Dermatitis (Atrophic)

It cures eczema, a type of dermatitis which causes the skin to be itchy and cause redness. If you already suffer from this condition, adding linseeds to your diet will show you improved results.

2. Helps In Skin Moisturiser 

The consumption of linseed oil keeps the skin supple and hydrated, protects the skin from heat and pollution, and detoxifies the body. Also, this oil is used to make serums and other skin products, which you can also opt for.

3. Keeps Scalp Healthy

Linseeds control sebum production by keeping the scalp clean and healthy, making hair strong and soft, and protecting it from dandruff and dryness. Also, it promotes hair growth.

4. Reduces The Signs Of Premature Ageing

Linseeds contain vitamin E, which slows the ageing process by reducing the onset of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Also keeps the skin free from sunburn, dark circles and dark spots.

5. Reduces Pain

Applying these linseeds on joints for joint pain in arthritis. Which helps in reducing inflammation and helps to regulate blood circulation.

Dietitian’s Recommendation

Linseeds are considered a superfood as it has many health and skin benefits due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids and fibre, which keeps digestion strong and heart issues away.

You can simply incorporate linseed in many dishes to enhance its benefits, like

  • Adding linseed while making roti to get extra fibre and healthy fats
  • Adding it to curd to make curd raita
  • Adding it to salads to add crunch and nutrition

It is recommended to consume 1-2 tbsp of linseed daily to get the proper health benefits. 

Dietitian Akshata Gandevikar

The Final Say

Linseeds are loaded with nutrients, stabilise blood sugar, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and much more. They are great for the skin; it promotes hair growth and adds hydration to the skin by protecting it from sunburn and pollution. Incorporating linseed in various dishes helps to enhance the nutrition of the dishes and provides you with health benefits.


1. Having whole linseed or linseed oil which one is best?

The whole linseed is healthier for consumption, while you can use linseed oil for topical use.

2. Is it compulsory to roast the linseed before consumption?

Yes, it is compulsory to roast linseed before consumption as it contains certain toxins, which flush away by roasting.

3. How did linseed help in weight loss?

Linseed is loaded with an omega-3 fatty acid, which helps reduce LDL cholesterol and thus helps in weight loss and fat loss.

4. How did linseed help with constipation?

Linseed is rich in fibre which means a good bowel movement and no constipation and related issues.

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