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      Lifestyle Changes To Manage Hypertension

    • Are you wondering if medication is necessary to control hypertension? Tweaking your lifestyle changes can also regulate your blood pressure.

      High blood pressure is blood pressure that is higher than usual. However, eating a healthier diet and taking medications can reduce the risk of blood pressure.  

      Table Of Contents

      1. Tips To Manage Hypertension

      • Watch Your Waistline
      • Get Some Exercise
      • Adopting A Healthy Diet
      • Watch Your Salt
      • Limit The Amount Of Alcohol
      • Say No To Smoking
      • Curb Your Caffeine Intake
      • Keep Stress At Bay

      2. The Final Say

      3. FAQs

      Tips To Manage Hypertension

      Tips To Manage Hypertension

      1. Watch Your Waistline

      Shedding some kilos is an effective way to reduce hypertension.

      Carrying too much fat around your waist can lead to high blood pressure, which is why weight loss can help you reduce blood pressure. 

      • The risk of hypertension increases in men whose waist is more than 40 inches.
      • The risk of hypertension increases in women whose waists are more than 35 inches

      2. Get Some Exercise

      Exercising daily is necessary to prevent the rise in blood pressure. Therefore, strive to make exercise a part of your routine. Once acclimated, then gradually increase speed. 

      Look for aerobic activities like jogging, cycling and swimming, walking, or dancing to strengthen your heart. Interval training with high intensity and strength training also plays a vital role in reducing the levels.

       3. Adopting A Healthy Diet

      Consuming whole foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and low-fat dairy products can lower the chances of high BP as they do not contain saturated fats and cholesterol. The change in high blood pressure can be observed up to 11mm Hg.  

      Some Healthy Hacks For A Healthy Diet 

      • Food Diary- Keeping a tab of what you eat daily can help you check on some food items which can cause blood pressure to rise and be avoided on time.
      • Consider Boosting Potassium- Having potassium-rich food can help to prevent rising blood pressure as it can lessen the effect of sodium, as per the studies. Foods like coconut water, seeds, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables can work best.
      • Shop wisely- Try to make a habit of reading food labels. It helps you to make wise decision.

      4. Watch Your Salt 

      Too much sodium can trigger your blood pressure. Sodium is not only present in salt, but it is also found in packed foods. Therefore, checking food labels while shopping is essential to opt for low-sodium foods.

      • Avoid eating processed foods as they are high in sodium, which can hamper heart health by increasing blood pressure.
      • Use condiments rather than salt to add taste to food.

      5. Say No To Smoking 

      Smoking elevates blood pressure and can lead to stroke or heart attack. If you want to overcome hypertension, try to avoid smoking. Medicines may not be effective if you smoke heavily. 

      6. Get A Good Amount Of Sleep

      Having a good sleep cycle can help in lowering blood pressure. You can also keep your heart and blood vessels healthy by getting enough sleep. For people with hypertension getting quality sleep can be of great help.

      7. Keep Stress At Bay

      Nowadays, it has become challenging to grapple with stress, but even a little effort can make a change in lowering your blood pressure.

      High amounts of stress can lead to high blood pressure, heart issues, and stroke.

      Make sure to understand the reason behind your stress, try to find a solution, and work on it to reduce the same. 

      Healthier Ways To Cope With Stress

      1. Engage yourself in activities like reading, listening to music, etc., that bring joy and release stress.

      2. Practising mindfulness, like yoga, pranayam, etc., helps lower stress.

      3. Vent out your feelings as it alleviates your stress and frustration. e.g. if you have misunderstandings with your co-worker, boss, or family, try to resolve them quickly.

      4. Cut off from negativity that triggers stress. 

      The Final Say

      Hypertension is one of the leading health conditions in middle-aged groups. Keeping your blood pressure under control lowers the risk of cardiac arrest and metabolic issues. In addition, doing some modifications in your lifestyle, like quitting smoking, making minor changes in your diet,  getting some exercise, and cutting back on sodium, will help you manage hypertension.


      1. What are the signs of high blood pressure?

      Some signs of high blood pressure are chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, etc.

      2. Is hypertension hereditary?

      Hypertension can be a genetic condition impacting people even if they are fit and healthy. But it also depends upon your lifestyle. Following a healthy lifestyle makes you less likely to get hypertension.

      3. How can hypertension be controlled?

      Hypertension can be controlled by eating healthy, consuming alcohol in moderation, not smoking, etc.

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