Wheatgrass: Health Benefits Of Wheatgrass Powder



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Wheatgrass: Health Benefits Of Wheatgrass Powder

Wheatgrass: Health Benefits Of Wheatgrass Powder

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Wheatgrass is also known as nature's finest medicine due to its abundance of goodness. Yet, this thin blade of grass is a nutrient powerhouse that is frequently overlooked. 

A single strand of wheatgrass contains 8 gm of protein and dietary fibre. It also has a good amount of vitamins A, C, iron, and calcium while being low in calories. The best part is that it promotes general health and aids in weight loss.

Let us educate ourselves about wheatgrass and make use of its benefits.

Table Of Content

1. Health Benefits Of Wheatgrass

2. Wheatgrass Side Effects

3. How To Include Wheatgrass In Your Daily Regime

4. Wheatgrass And Weight Loss

5. Dietitian Recommendations For Wheatgrass Consumption

6. The Final Say

7. FAQs

Health Benefits Of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is a product gained from the freshly sprouted leaves of the common wheat plant. Wheatgrass has gained popularity in the world of natural health care.

Wheatgrass is highly nutritious and has many health benefits, some of which are as follows:

1. A Superfood

Wheatgrass contains a potent combination of nutrients, making it highly beneficial for our health. It is known as complete nourishment and has many therapeutic benefits. 

Wheatgrass may be an excellent choice for improving your health due to its extensive combination of vitamins and nutrients. In addition, wheatgrass contains antioxidants, antibacterial agents, and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Some other nutrients present in wheatgrass are

  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Enzymes
  • 17 amino acids 
  • Magnesium 
  • Phytonutrients 
  • Vitamins A, C, E, K, and B complex chlorophyll 
  • Proteins

2. Eliminates Toxins

According to research in 2015 on NIN, the nutrients in wheatgrass help your body get rid of impurities and toxins developing internally.

According to a 2011 research review, it aids in removing toxic substances and supports healthy liver function. In addition, after cleansing your body, you may notice an increase in energy and overall health.

3. Enhances Digestion

Wheatgrass contains a high concentration of enzymes, aiding digestion by assisting your body in breaking down food and absorbing nutrients. 

Wheatgrass has detoxifying properties that clean your intestines. This results in less bloating and abdominal discomfort. In addition, according to a study done in 2015, wheatgrass may help relieve constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and other digestive issues.

4. Increases Metabolism

According to a study done in 2015, drinking wheatgrass juice boosts your metabolism and helps with weight loss. It is a good option if you are on a weight loss journey because it is low in calories and fat.

Wheatgrass is a nutrient-dense food that causes many people to feel fuller, faster, and for a more extended period. This can help reduce your desire for sugary or fatty foods.

5. Controls Cholesterol

According to a study done in 2010, wheatgrass can also help lower cholesterol levels and prevents your risk of developing heart disease.

6. Boosts Immune System

Wheatgrass improves the performance of your immune system. This can aid in the prevention of infection and disease. Furthermore, you will most likely feel better when your immunity is at its peak.

7. Provides Energy

Because of the nourishment you receive from wheatgrass juice, your energy levels may be higher than usual. Your energy will direct toward performing daily tasks and exercising once your body has cleared harmful substances. As a result, you might feel revitalised and refreshed.

8. Improves Brain Functioning

Wheatgrass has been shown to improve overall mental function and alleviate anxiety.

According to a 2010 lab study, neuroprotective effects improve cognitive function. They may help prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease.

It may also aid in the prevention of memory loss and the improvement of hand-eye coordination.

9. Good For Diabetic People

Wheatgrass has been shown in a study in 2014 to improvise blood sugar levels in people with Type II diabetes.

This is due to compounds in wheatgrass that have an effect similar to insulin. As a result, it lowers the glycemic index of foods, which improves blood sugar levels.

10. Has Anti-Ageing Properties

Wheatgrass has anti-ageing properties. It tightens loose skin, increases skin elasticity, and gives you younger-looking skin.

11. Promotes Hair Growth

Regular consumption of wheatgrass juice can promote new hair growth. Furthermore, topical application of this ingredient can also stimulate hair growth!

12. Act As An Acne Treatment

Applying wheatgrass to breakouts can help clear them up and give you healthy-looking skin, as it has healing properties.

13. Prevents Grey Hair

A topical application of wheatgrass to the hair can help prevent greying. Plus, it promotes hair growth, resulting in gorgeous looks!

Wheatgrass Side Effects 

When you first begin consuming wheatgrass, start with a small dose and gradually increase your intake until you reach the recommended dose. This will assist your body in adjusting to wheatgrass digestion.

A typical liquid dose ranges from 1 to 4 ounces, or approximately two shots. The usual powdered amount is 3 to 5g or about one teaspoon. After taking wheatgrass, drink an 8-ounce cup of water to reduce your risk of side effects.

The following are possible side effects:

  • Fever
  • Nausea 
  • Stomach upset
  • Headache 
  • Constipation

These symptoms usually go away after two weeks or when your body has adjusted to the wheatgrass.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, avoid taking wheatgrass. Some people may experience allergic reactions, particularly those allergic to wheat or grass.

How To Include Wheatgrass Powder In Your Daily Regime?

Wheatgrass is the wheat plant's young grass, belonging to the Triticum aestivum plant family. It is high in powerful nutrients, making it extremely healthy. Wheatgrass is well-known for being high in nutrients, particularly fibre and protein. 

It contains vitamin A, C, E, K, and B complexes. In addition, it is rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium.

According to a study published in Food Science and Quality Management, wheatgrass has antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it God's gift for healthy and glowing skin, good oral hygiene, and a strong gut.

Here are five quick ways to use wheatgrass powder to solve your health problems:

1. Wheatgrass Smoothie

To do this, make any of your favourite fruit smoothies and add a spoonful of wheatgrass powder. Increase the amount of fruit to offset the bitterness of the wheatgrass, and use honey instead of sugar. This can be used as an energy boost or as a pre-workout drink!

2. Wheatgrass Juice

A powerful combination of nutrients, antioxidants, and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, wheatgrass juice, has several health benefits and nutritional values.

Though wheatgrass leaves are traditionally used to make juice, wheatgrass powder is a more convenient alternative. Add a spoonful of wheatgrass powder to juice made with apples, oranges, pineapple, and ginger or add the fruit of your choice. Having this juice on an empty stomach and consuming it first thing in the morning will boost metabolism and promote weight loss.

3. Wheatgrass Mouthwash

Wheatgrass is high in chlorophyll, a chemo-protein that kills harmful bacteria. This protects your teeth from cavities, gum disease, and other problems. To maintain oral hygiene, you can mix wheatgrass powder into your regular toothpaste or mouthwash.

4. Wheatgrass Face Pack

Wheatgrass contains anti-inflammatory properties that aid in treating and preventing acne on our faces. You can incorporate wheatgrass powder into your face packs and use it weekly. This will undoubtedly provide you with healthy, glowing, and acne-free skin.

5. Wheatgrass Hair Pack

You can create a fantastic hair pack by combining wheatgrass powder and water. First, check that it has a paste-like consistency. Apply this to your hair for 15-20 minutes, then thoroughly wash it. This will assist you in getting rid of dandruff while strengthening your roots.

Wheatgrass And Weight Loss

Wheatgrass regularly stimulates the thyroid gland, increasing metabolism, providing more energy, and aiding in weight loss, as a 2015 study demonstrated. Furthermore, wheatgrass is an energy booster, which aids in weight loss by providing much-needed stamina. To get the best results, consume it on an empty stomach.

For a clean eating plan for weight loss, you should definitely include wheatgrass in your diet for its detoxifying qualities and mineral enrichment. 

Wheatgrass, which is high in nutrients, helps to reduce cravings and compensate for the lack of vitamins or minerals. A wheatgrass supplement in the morning may help you avoid overeating throughout the day.

Dietician Recommendation 

Consuming wheatgrass is highly beneficial for your health because of its nutritional content. Ideally, wheatgrass Powder is to be included in the morning meal. Still, as per me a dietician, a few points need to be considered while having wheatgrass, which is as follows:

  • Wheatgrass should be consumed on an empty stomach or with other fruits and vegetables. Begin with one ounce per day and gradually increase to two ounces.
  • The best time to consume it is in the morning, shortly after waking up. It should not be consumed after a meal because it may cause nausea.
  • This natural supplement is simple to obtain; you can grow and juice it at home or purchase it at a health and wellness store.
  • While fresh juice should be consumed within 10 minutes of juicing, wheatgrass powder can be kept for extended periods.
  • If you cannot stand the taste at first, try mixing it with orange juice, milkshakes, or smoothies before moving on to other forms of consumption.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Dt. Lavina Chauhan

The Final Say

To make the most of these benefits, try taking a serving of wheatgrass daily or every other day. Take notes of any changes in your body at the end of each day to help you map when you experience side effects or other effects, such as an increase in energy. However, finding the dosage and time of day that works for you is essential. 

It is best to consume wheatgrass on an empty stomach or before eating anything. If you are taking wheatgrass for a specific health issue, look into other lifestyle changes that can help you improve your health even more. Furthermore, your Dietician may also suggest specific dietary or routine changes.


1. Is it OK to drink wheatgrass every day?

It can be consumed as an everyday health tonic as it helps maintain overall health.

2. How much wheatgrass powder should I drink a day?

The potency of wheatgrass is extreme, so we only need to drink a minimal quantity. The recommended daily wheatgrass powder intake for optimum health is approximately 30 ml. 

3. Does wheatgrass affect periods?

Regular consumption of wheat grass juice, packed with vitamins, eases menstrual cramps and regulates the cycle.

4. Who should not take wheatgrass?

Some believe wheatgrass contains gluten. As a result, it could cause adverse symptoms, including nausea, in glucose-intolerant people.

5. Does wheat grass powder increase haemoglobin?

Yes, regular wheatgrass powder consumption helps improve RBC count and helps to increase haemoglobin in the blood.

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