Why Should You Put Yourself First? Read To Know!



Published on: 11-Mar-2023


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Ritika Sharma


Why Should You Put Yourself First? Read To Know!

Why Should You Put Yourself First? Read To Know!

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Putting yourself first is not irresponsible behaviour if you think it is. Not at all, just the reverse! To be a responsible driver, you must ensure your gas tank is full before taking passengers. 

You can help people more effectively if you put yourself first, and there are many little things you can do every day to get closer to your goals and pursuits of pleasure. Putting yourself first will lead to good mental and physical health, and you can fight chronic medical issues like diabetes, thyroid, etc.

The value of prioritising oneself is a lesson I have learnt through the years and one that, in an ideal world, would be taught in classrooms. Unfortunately, it is not easy, particularly if you do not grow up in a culture that celebrates selflessness. 

Even though there is a wealth of knowledge available regarding this issue in this era of social media, many people still struggle to put it to the test, which is quite disheartening.

Table Of Contents

1. Why Should You Put Yourself First?

2. How To Put Yourself First?

3. The Final Say

4. FAQs

Why Should You Put Yourself First?

The question now arises, why should you put yourself first? You, and only you, are responsible for reaching your goals. Nobody else will take responsibility if you do not. 

Assume control of your life and make the changes required to go toward your goals if you want to live the life you have always imagined. Both the act of goal-setting and the actual accomplishing of those goals need considerable effort and dedication. It is easy to let the tension build up if you do not deal with things appropriately. 

The importance of prioritising needs and well-being or self-care is often undervalued in the pursuit of achieving goals. One way to practise self-care is to prioritise emotional and physical wellness.

Truthfully, you may encounter an overwhelming obstacle if you neglect your own physical and emotional health. The reserves of vitality, zeal and drive are not infinite. What if your mental or bodily health prevented you from accomplishing your goals? There should be thought given to this.

You cannot just keep taking; you must work to replenish your resources regularly. Putting oneself first entails making this a habit and a top priority. You do not fix a problem when it is already caused problems. To be proactive, you need to put yourself first. You do not wait until you are at rock bottom before you start taking measures to replenish your supply of vitality, zeal, and drive. 

How To Put Yourself First?

Here are some of the tips that will help you choose over any other thing. 

1. Realising Your Health Is Your Responsibility

The moment is now! You must start making decisions that are best for your well-being and life. The whole of your identity is solely your responsibility because of the decisions you have made and the actions you have taken. 

The decision to maintain a healthy lifestyle must be made every day. Our bodies and minds constantly send us messages, and it is up to us to learn to tune in. ToneOp provides many health plans, like an active fitness plan and a complete transformation plan that can help you maintain your health.

2. Schedule Your Self Care

Self-care is the philosophy that each person is ultimately responsible for his or her state of health and happiness, as well as for maintaining a level of conventional beauty. Regularly taking time for relaxation and pleasure, such as vacations, spa visits, and shopping trips, is essential. 

Remember that prioritising your own well-being is a continuous process that may require you to modify your self-care routine as your requirements change. Scheduling self-care can be a great way to ensure that you prioritise taking care of yourself amidst a busy schedule.

3. Start Saying “No” When You Are Overloaded

Saying "no" can be difficult, especially when you feel overwhelmed and overburdened. But, setting boundaries is an important aspect of self-care and can help prevent burnout. 

For most of us, refusal is difficult to grasp. You feel terrible about letting down a coworker, bad about disappointing your boss, and nervous about upsetting a customer. Remember, saying no and prioritising your well-being is okay. You can reduce stress and improve your overall quality of life by setting boundaries.

4. Set And Stick To Healthy Boundaries

Setting and sticking to healthy boundaries is an important aspect of self-care and can help improve relationships, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being. Take some time to reflect on what boundaries are important to you, both in your personal and professional life. 

This could include things like setting limits on your availability, saying "no" to commitments that do not align with your values, and setting physical or emotional boundaries. 

Remember, setting and sticking to healthy boundaries is an ongoing process and requires patience, practice, and self-awareness. Setting and upholding boundaries can improve your relationships, and chronic signs of depression, reduce stress and promote overall well-being.

5. Make Time For You Everyday

Making time for yourself is an important aspect of self-care and can help reduce stress, improve your overall well-being, and increase your sense of happiness and fulfilment. 

Treat self-care time as a non-negotiable appointment in your schedule. Block out time in your day to do activities you enjoy or help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Remember, self-care is an ongoing process and it is important to make time for yourself each day, even if it is just a few minutes. By taking care of yourself, you can reduce stress, improve your well-being, and increase your sense of happiness and fulfilment.

6. Speaking When Required

Speaking effectively and confidently when required is an important skill for personal and professional success. Prepare for the speech or presentation by researching the topic, creating an outline, and practising your delivery. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel when it is time to speak. Remember, speaking effectively and confidently takes practice and preparation.

The Final Say

To prioritise yourself simply implies not ignoring your requirements. A person's ability to care for others improves when their physical, emotional, and mental health are prioritised.

To begin, treat yourself kindly. Then, establish reasonable limits, prioritise your own health and happiness, and carve out time to do the things that bring you joy. If you are having trouble processing your emotions, you may want to look into counselling or a similar service.


1. How important is it to put yourself first?

If you love yourself by prioritising your needs, you can ensure that caring for others will originate from a place of inner plenty, a sense of being cared for on the inside. 

2. Is it good to put yourself first?

It is a certain way to boost your self-esteem. Since a lack of confidence is directly linked to poor self-esteem, it is no surprise that many of us struggle to muster it sometimes. We may boost our self-esteem and outlook by prioritising our own needs.

3. How is putting yourself first not selfish?

Providing for the individuals you cherish since they are a component of your life is an example of putting yourself first. Consider the planet your home and treat it with respect by doing everything you can to keep it healthy. For all intents and purposes, the "yourself" in "put yourself first" does not refer to a selfish, inconsiderate, or cunning person.

4. Why is it hard to put yourself first?

If you are always hurrying to make other people happy, you may not have time to stop and consider your own needs. Sometimes, being so busy might serve as a diversion from one's true emotions and the underlying problem.

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