Quick Ways To Lose Weight Naturally

Weight Loss


Published on: 02-Jul-2022


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Updated on : 28-Nov-2023



Quick Ways To Lose Weight Naturally

Quick Ways To Lose Weight Naturally

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The busier life and the thousand ways to avoid physical activity in the name of convenience have led to a sedentary lifestyle. Weight gain has become more of a lifestyle disorder than a side effect of any severe disease. Losing extra pounds has become troublesome for especially those who either are least interested in or find no time to exercise. However, there are other effective natural & quick ways of losing weight, one of which is making dietary changes in your routine. Modification in diet includes a change of food choices from unhealthy junk to well-planned home-cooked meals.

The body response and routine of every individual are different, hence, diet plans for quick and sustainable weight loss should be planned according to the body requirement of an individual. 

Table of Contents

A. 10 Tips for Healthy and Natural weight loss

 A. 10 Tips For Healthy and Natural Weight Loss


Excessive weight is a point of discussion for everyone these days. It might be obesity or excess fat around the belly, arms, thighs or hips, every other person is struggling to get in shape. The unplanned and inconsistent weight loss regime might give temporary and unsustainable results.

Here are some ways to double the efficiency of your weight loss regime.

1. Skipping Breakfast Is A Big No

Breakfast is the first meal and a commitment to a new day. A good healthy breakfast keeps you active the whole day and fuels you up with nutrients. It also restrains you from snacking upon something unhealthy throughout the day.

2. Have Regular Meals

Maintaining a consistent frequency of meals is essential to increase and maintain BMR (Body metabolism rate), which is the number of calories a body requires to accomplish its most basic (basal) life-sustaining functions. Regular meals are a helping hand in burning calories quicker and reducing the cravings for higher calories.

3. Fiber Is Your Friend In Need

Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of high-fibres and vitamins.  They are incredibly filling and keep the body energised with balanced calorie content.

4. Physical Activity Is A Must 

Remaining physically active doesn't only mean a heavy physical workout. It can be any form of exercise along with some daily routine activities like gardening or household chores like cleaning that may burn those extra calories.

5. Hydrate Yourself

Hydration is symbolically as important for the body as breathing. For the ideal functioning of the body and removal of toxins,  drinking sufficient water and other healthy drinks throughout the day is a must.

6. Stop & Check The Food Labels

Instead of just checking the flavour and expiry date, build a habit of checking food labels for nutritional information while buying packaged items. Pick only those which come under your daily calorie limit. It will not only help you choose healthy options but also make you understand the selling strategy of the market. 

7. Shop For Small-Sized Cutlery

Replace large bowls and plates with smaller ones. Psychologically, we are habitual of serving the whole bowl. Using smaller cutlery reduces the size of the meal along with giving a feeling of a full portion. You will gradually adopt a smaller portion size to sustain weight. Also, it takes about 20 minutes of eating for your stomach to feel full and signal the brain to stop eating. Hence, eating slowly reduces the amount of food intake. 

8. Do Not Give Up Your Favourite Food

In the heat of the moment, people generally stop eating particular food items to lose weight faster. Sometimes it leads to an increased craving for your lust food. Instead, maintain moderation and try to replace them with healthier versions. 

9. Plan Your Meals To Avoid Junk

It can't be emphasised enough, how important it is to prevent yourself from filling up on unhealthy junk food like cold drinks, biscuits, chocolates etc. On your next trip to the supermarket, check your diet plan & consciously pick healthy munching options like fruits, salads, oat cakes, makhana, popcorn, sprouts etc.

10. Sorry! But No Alcohol

You might not like to hear it, but alcohol triggers weight gain. Consuming alcohol while dieting will surely hinder weight loss. 


1. What are the ways to lose weight drastically?

 You can change your eating habits by including lots of veggies in your diet along with some good fats, high protein and fibre-rich food which will keep you full for longer and in turn cut down on unhealthy snacking 

 2.   How can I reduce my belly fat in a week?

You can lose belly fat by practising regular aerobic exercises, cycling, jogging or abdominal exercises, along with a diet rich in protein, carbs, fibre and fats. Keep yourself hydrated and stay away from unhealthy drinks.

 3.   Is there any specific diet that works better for women?

Certainly not, there is no specific diet for women or men. In general, the Mediterranean diet is a balanced diet which helps to lose weight for every gender. 

 4.   Is it safe to use extreme weight loss methods?

Well, it depends on the medical condition of a person. A person with insulin resistance or a female with PCOD can follow the low carb diet whereas a diabetic or hypertensive cannot follow the low carb diet. 

 5.   How can I lose weight at home? 

You can lose weight by making significant dietary changes like including more vegetables and whole fruits, proteins in the form of legumes, chicken, poultry and eggs, and whole grains (wheat, rice etc.). Also, avoid sugary foods, drink lots of water, and follow some physical exercises for at least 30-40 minutes a day.

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