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      10 Types Of High Fibre Foods In India

    • Are you looking for healthy and delicious food to help you stay healthy and fit? If so, high-fibre foods are the answer. 

      According to health experts, adding fibre to your diet can improve digestion, stabilise blood sugar levels, and helps in weight loss. Here, we will introduce you to 10 high-fibre foods in India that are both healthy and delicious. 

      From leafy greens to whole grains, these foods are sure to satisfy your appetite and keep you healthy at the same time. So do not wait any longer - start incorporating more fibre-rich foods into your diet today.

      Table Of Contents

      1. What Is Fibre?

      2. Types Of Fibre

      3. Fibre-Rich Foods In India

      4. The Final Say

      5. FAQs

      What Is Fibre?

      The importance of fibre is unquestionable. It is essential for keeping your digestive system working properly, regulating blood sugar levels, and reducing the risk of developing constipation and other medical conditions

      India is a country with a variety of available sources of fibre, making it a great place to include plenty of fibre in your diet. Some high-fibre foods that are a great source of fibre include oatmeal, fruits and vegetables, whole grains and cereals, legumes and lentils, and nuts and seeds. 

      A well-rounded diet with plenty of fibre will help improve your digestion and overall health!

      Types Of Fibre

      India is blessed with various healthy and delicious high-fibre food options. There are two primary types of fibre – insoluble and soluble. Both play an essential role in healthy digestion and weight loss. 

      1. Soluble Fibre

      Soluble fibre is essential for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and the digestive system. In addition, it works to improve constipation, reduce the risk of heart disease, manage cholesterol levels, and much more! Luckily, soluble fibre can be found in several Indian food items, including oats, barley, psyllium husk, etc. 

      2. Insoluble Fibre

      Insoluble fibre is beneficial for keeping your digestive system moving and working properly. In addition, soluble fibre helps to bulk up food so that it passes through the stomach more easily, reducing constipation risk. 

      Furthermore, both kinds of fibre have been linked with improved bowel regularity and a reduced risk of obesity or chronic diseases such as heart disease or type II diabetes. The best sources of insoluble fibre are beans, lentils, and pulses. Soaked in water overnight before eating them makes insoluble fibres more absorbable too!

      Readily Available Types Of High-Fibre Foods In India

      In India, a high-fibre diet is considered healthy and beneficial for overall health. Fibre-rich foods are easy to eat and digest, making them an excellent option for those with digestive problems or cholesterol concerns. 

      Additionally, fibre-rich foods can help regulate bowel movements and promote regularity in the excretory system. So, go ahead and indulge in some fibre-rich foods! 

      Here are the top 10 high-fibre foods in India that are worth trying:

      They are healthy and delicious and will help you feel your best!

      1. Apples

      There are many great-tasting fruits, but which is best for you? For example, apples and quinoa are low in sugar and fat while being rich in fibre and nutrients. Other great choices include Indian pears, which are also rich in antioxidants. 

      2. Guava

      Guava is a fruit that is high in fibre and has a sweet taste. It is often eaten as snacks or part of meals, providing nutrients like potassium, magnesium and vitamin C. Guava also contains dietary fibre, which helps to regulate bowel movements.

      3. Banana

      Bananas are a great fruit for anyone looking to boost and improve their moods. Not only and it a great source of dietary fibre, but bananas provide sustained energy throughout the day. They make an excellent breakfast choice and can be used as a healthy snack or part of a meal plan. In addition, they are rich in potassium which helps regulate blood sugar levels.

      4. Nuts

      Nuts are a great source of fibre, healthy fats, and potassium. They also have a low glycemic index, making them perfect for people on a diet. Plus, they are delicious and nutritious, so adding nuts to your diet is advisable!

      5. Broccoli

      Broccoli is a healthy food that can be enjoyed in many ways. It is rich in dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, essential for running your digestive system smoothly. In addition, it is low in calories and fat, so it can also be used as part of weight loss plans.

      6. Coconut

      Coconut is a rich source of dietary fibre, healthy fats, and essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium and zinc. It can be added to any meal for an enjoyable experience that is also nutritious and low in calories. For example, 100 grams of coconut contains just 60 kcal, making it the perfect food for weight-loss enthusiasts!

      7. Green Peas

      Green peas are a healthy food that can be enjoyed in many ways. They are rich in fibre and nutrients, making them an essential part of a healthy diet. Additionally, they offer a good amount of protein, perfect for people looking to boost their intake of this essential nutrient.

      Boiled or mashed green peas make them more delicious and satisfying to eat. They can also be incorporated into salads or dishes as the main course. In short, green peas are a versatile and nutritious food everyone should include in their regular diet!

      8. Cauliflower

      Cauliflower can be used in many different dishes. Not only is it healthy and low in calories, but it also has a high level of fibre which helps to regulate digestion and provide gut-healthy benefits. While cauliflower can be eaten raw or cooked, its best taste occurs when it is roasted with spices like cumin seeds or curry leaves for a fantastic flavour profile.

      9. Dried Fruits

      Dried fruits are a great way to boost your intake of fibre and antioxidants. Some of the best-dried fruits for inclusion in your diet include raisins, apricots, figs, and dates. They can be enjoyed as part of a morning smoothie or snack‌.

      10. Onion

      The onion is one of the most common fibre-rich foods in India. It is a great source of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants that help protect your body from diseases. You can eat them raw or cook or add them to sauces and other dishes.

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      The Final Say

      Fibre is essential for a healthy digestive system and overall health. Unfortunately, in India, fibre-rich foods often lack in the diet, which can lead to digestive problems and other health concerns. Try incorporating fibre-rich foods into your diet to improve your digestion and overall health!


      1. Are bananas high in fibre?

      Bananas are high in fibre, and this is something that people know and love about them. Fibre is important for overall health as it helps to reduce cholesterol levels, supports weight loss, regulates blood sugar levels, improves digestion, etc.

      As a snack or breakfast, bananas can be enjoyed anytime and are a great addition to any diet plan. You can also include bananas in your daily routine to increase your fibre intake. Other high-fibre foods in India include pulses such as dal, peas and chickpeas! Eating these foods regularly will provide you with the above benefits and help improve bowel movements.

      2. Is rice high in fibre?

      Rice is high in fibre and can be a great food option for people looking to improve their digestion. You can find different types of rice - short grain, long grain, white, brown etc. Each rice type has unique health benefits and tastes great, too.

      3. Are carrots a good source of fibre?

      Carrots are high in fibre and can be enjoyed for their fibre-rich content and their vitamin A, potassium and other minerals. Other high-fibre fruits include apples, grapes and pears. 

      4. What are high fibre snacks?

      High-fibre snacks are essential for a healthy diet. They help to control weight, eat healthily and stay fuller for longer. In addition, high-fibre snacks can help you reduce your risk of constipation and other gastrointestinal issues. Many high-fibre snacks are both healthy and delicious. Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts in your diet.

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