12 Ways To Break Weight Loss Plateau



Published on: 29-Aug-2022


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12 Ways To Break Weight Loss Plateau

12 Ways To Break Weight Loss Plateau

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Losing weight is like you are in a continuous battle with yourself. Some days there are outright victories, and some days, you are left with disappointments. One central point in the weight loss journey that demotivates a person. The weight loss plateau is what gets stuck, besides doing a lot of things to break it. It occurs when you keep doing something continuously for a long time, and your body habituates it. 

Do not lose heart! It is prevalent in weight loss to slow down. Knowing what triggered your weight-loss plateau will help you to decide how to respond and prevent you from returning to your old unhealthy lifestyle.

You have to understand that body at one point becomes so resistant to weight loss that it maintains the same weight instead of shedding pounds. It mostly happens when the body comes to the ideal weight according to height. There are some factors through which perfect weight is determined:

  • Genetics
  • Activity level
  • Your current weight

Table Of Contents

1. How Does Weight Loss Plateau Occur?

2. Tips For Breaking Weight Loss Plateau

3. The Final Say

4. FAQs

How Does Weight Loss Plateau Occur?

Your body still thinks it is starving when you start losing weight by following a healthy diet. Your body starts stimulating hunger hormones that do not let you feel full. As a result, you keep hogging on foods until your body thinks it is the perfect limit.

Plateau is believed to be a healthy part of weight loss and helps manage your expectations. It is not viable to shed weight in a short time. Losing almost 500-700 grams of weight a week is considered healthy. It is essential to have healthy eating habits and maintain a healthy diet to lose weight. 

Tips For Breaking Weight Loss Plateau

Tips For Breaking Weight Loss Plateau

Reaching an ideal weight is a challenge! At first, weight loss is usually rapid, but it can feel as if nothing is working after a while.

A weight loss plateau or stall occurs when weight reduction stops progressing, which can be disappointing. Here are 12 tips for breaking the weight loss plateau and accelerating your weight loss.

1. Cut Back On Carbs

It is known that a low-calorie diet works better for weight loss. A low-carb diet may help the rapid fat-burning process and promote metabolic changes that may favour weight loss. Cutting carbs can help keep your weight right when you feel stuck. Carb restriction boosts metabolic changes, which speeds up the body to burn extra calories.

2. Increase Th Frequency of Exercise 

Changing your exercise intensity or frequency may reverse the plateau. As you lose weight, the metabolic rate slows down. Opt for resistance training which is known to be best for weight loss.

3. Track Everything You Eat

Keep tracking what you eat and how much you eat because sometimes it is like you are not eating in excess and still have difficulty losing weight. Start monitoring your calorie intake to get an exact idea about what is happening so that you can change your diet as needed.

4. Do Not  Skip The Protein

Protein helps boost metabolism and stimulates the making of hormones such as peptide tyrosine(PYY), suppressing the appetite and keeping you fuller for a longer time. So most of the time, increasing your protein intake can help you break the plateau.

5. Manage The Stress

Encouraging comfort eating and food cravings can stimulate cortisol hormones, increasing stress and hampering weight loss. Some exhausting stress reduction strategies may adversely increase stress and act as a barrier to weight loss.

6. Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting (I.F.) is eating in an 8-hour window and keeping fast for 16 hours. It can have the positive effect of plateau breaking, which can sustain the metabolic rate and maintain muscle mass while losing weight.

7. Just Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol consumption may increase abdominal fat and make you eat in excess amounts. Moreover, it hinders weight loss by adding calories, so if you have a weight loss plateau, make sure to cut down alcohol intake or take in minimal amounts.

8. Eat More Fibre

Soluble fibre helps to aid weight loss by reducing the calories you absorb from foods. In addition, you can break the weight loss plateau as soluble fibre tends to dissolve with water or liquid.

9. Drink More Coffee And Water

Drinking water before eating meals helps you to eat less. Besides that, coffee and tea boost your metabolism, which aids in weight loss. Caffeine has shown positive effects on fat burning.

10. Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep-deprived people tend to have a slower metabolism, which does not let the body shed pounds. So 7-8 hours of sleep is required for overall health. 

11.  Eat A Vegetable At Every Meal

Veggies are always low in calories and high in fibre. Therefore, they have all the essential nutrients that help you lose weight and reverse the weight loss plateau.

12. Be As Active As Possible

Keeping your body active in physical or non-physical exercise is vital to boost your metabolism and promote weight loss.   

The Final Say  

It is difficult to continue the weight loss regime when the results slow down even after following a proper diet and exercising consistently. It is known as a weight loss plateau which is considered normal. 

However, after a certain period, our body gets adapted to the daily activities and diet, due to which the body stops shedding pounds. Some lifestyle changes like drinking lots of water, cutting carbs, and consuming enough vegetables can help reverse the weight loss plateau.


1. For how long does a weight loss plateau last?

It depends from person to person. Generally, it lasts 8-12 weeks; if they have an excellent metabolic rate, it takes less time to reverse the situation and vice versa.

2. What are the reasons for the weight loss plateau?

Sleep deprivation, stress, overeating, and certain medical conditions like insulin resistance and menopause can cause a plateau.

3. Can I still lose weight during the plateau?

Yes, you can lose weight. However, it sometimes fluctuates, and you can gain the lost weight if your body cannot sustain it.

4. Should I eat more to break the weight loss plateau?

You do not have to eat more, but you have to eat in the right way to break the plateau. For example, eating more fibre-rich foods, more water, and lots of vegetables in the correct quantity can help to break the plateau.

5. Why is anyone stuck on a weight loss plateau?

Your body builds muscles as you work out. Muscles are denser than fat which takes more space in your body, so if you are not losing weight, then you are not losing fat but are building muscle and yet able to maintain the weight.

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