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      Black Coffee For Weight Loss

    • We all have been in that phase where we just one day start dieting. The first thing we consume on a diet is Black Coffee.

      Well, this is an accurate way to start the process. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) studies, One cup of coffee daily can help to stay active. Moreover, it has various health benefits and contains many nutrients and antioxidants. 

      Black coffee also has a chemical compound which helps in preventing various diseases. For example, it can help lower any risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other diseases.

      Black coffee also aids in weight loss, as it increases your metabolism. According to the National Institute of Nutrition, one cup of black coffee brewed from ground beans contains only 2 calories. The calorie count is zero if the coffee is made from decaffeinated beans. If you are trying to lose weight, avoid adding sugar and other flavours to your coffee, such as jaggery, soy, milk, chocolate syrup, or vanilla.

      Table Of Contents

      1. The Nutritional Content Of Black Coffee

      2. Health Benefits Of Black Coffee

      3. How Black Coffee Helps In Weight Loss

      4. Dietitian's Recommendations

      5. The Final Say

      6. FAQs

      The Nutritional Content Of Black Coffee

      Black coffee is your best friend. It is low in calories, carbohydrates and fat. However, drinking coffee can become a cause for concern when it is accompanied by milk, sugar, cream, and other additives that may add calories to an extra-large slice of cake.

      A cup of black coffee contains the following ingredients:

      • Calories- 2 kcal
      • Fat- 0%
      • Cholesterol- 0%
      • Sodium- 0%
      • Carbohydrates- 0%
      • Sugar- 0%
      • Potassium- 4%

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      Black Coffee And Its Health Benefits

      To all black coffee lovers, we know you are pleased that it has numerous health and mental benefits. Let us talk about the advantages of drinking black coffee.

      1. Improves Mood And Productivity

      It stimulates the nervous system, increasing the release of neurotransmitters known as happy chemicals, such as dopamine and norepinephrine, which make you joyful and positive.

      Caffeine in black coffee increases brain excitability, improves mood, and promotes a more productive environment by improving cognitive skills.

      2. Works As An Anti-Depressant

      Coffee's anti-depressant effect stems from its ability to increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, alleviating depression symptoms such as sadness, grief, and loneliness. Coffee also contains chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid, and caffeic acid.

      These acids help reduce the inflammation of nerve cells that occurs in the brains of people suffering from depression and the associated discomfort and distress.

      3. Benefits Cardiovascular Health

      Regular consumption of black coffee may cause an increase in blood pressure at first, but this effect fades over time.

      Drinking 1-2 cups of black coffee daily has been shown in studies to reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, including stroke.

      4.  Boosts Your Memory

      Black coffee has been shown to improve memory.  As our cognitive abilities deteriorate as we age, making us more prone to developing memory-related diseases such as Alzheimer's, dementia, and Parkinson's.

      Regularly drinking black coffee can help combat these by keeping your nerves active and thus improving brain function.

      5. Beneficial To Your Liver

      Liver is a vital organ that performs numerous bodily functions. According to studies, drinking black coffee daily lowers harmful liver enzymes in the blood. As a result, it protects the liver from diseases such as cancer, fatty liver, hepatitis, and alcoholic cirrhosis.

      6. Helps You Cleanse Your Stomach

      Coffee is a diuretic, meaning the more you drink, the more frequently you urinate. Urination on a daily and flushes toxins & bacteria from the body. Cleaning your stomach, keeping you healthy.

      7. Reduces The Risk Of Developing Cancer

      Coffee is excellent for reducing inflammation in the body, which aids in the prevention of tumour development. According to research at NIN (National Institute Of Nutrition), drinking black coffee regularly may reduce the risk of developing cancers.

      8. Rich In Antioxidants

      The high antioxidant content of black coffee accounts for many of its health benefits. Black coffee contains powerful antioxidants such as potassium, magnesium, vitamins B2, B3, B5, and manganese.

      Potassium and magnesium help our bodies maintain fluid levels and blood pressure. In addition, the vitamins boost the body's immunity and metabolic rate.

       9. Reduces Cellulite

      It is said to enlarge blood vessels, smoothing out dimples in the skin and tightening the skin. Larger blood vessels allow more blood to flow through the area, allowing more nutrients to enter and making it easier for the skin to rid itself of toxins and thrive.

      10. Reduces Risk Of Gout

      According to studies by various research scholars in leading Indian universities, people who drink black coffee daily have a 57% lower risk of gout.

      Caffeine and polyphenols are two beneficial compounds found in coffee. Caffeine inhibits the formation of uric acid around body tissues. Polyphenols aid in the reduction of insulin levels in the blood.

      How Does Black Coffee Help In Weight Loss?

      Did you know that, in addition to making us feel awake and active, coffee can also help us lose weight? 

      When you drink coffee without sugar, the effect is multiplied. Black coffee offers much more than caffeine and a pleasant flavour. Drinking 4 cups of coffee daily can reduce body fat by up to 4%. So, let us investigate how black coffee aids in weight loss.

      1. Less In Calories

      In comparison, two calories are contained in one cup of rich black espresso. When you use decaffeinated beans, the number of calories in your coffee is reduced to zero.

      2. Aids In Weight Loss

      Black coffee also contains chlorogenic acid and has been shown to help in weight loss because the presence of chlorogenic acid in it slows the body's production of glucose after supper or dinner. 

      Furthermore, new fat cell formation is reduced, resulting in fewer calories in the body. Coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which acts as an antioxidant. As a result, it aids in the control of high blood pressure, weight loss, and the maintenance of blood sugar levels in the body.

      3. Controls Unexpected Hunger

      Caffeine is a naturally occurring stimulant that aids our brain and central nervous system in remaining active and focused. It also contributes to an increase in our energy levels.

      4. Capability to Burn Fat

      Coffee beans help our bodies burn fat more efficiently. It stimulates the body to produce more fat-burning enzymes. It also acts as a natural liver cleanser. It cleanses the liver and eliminates excess lipids and bad cholesterol, allowing our metabolism.

      5. Sheds Water Weight

      Black coffee is also said to have natural healing properties; many people feel heavy because of the extra water weight. Black coffee aids in the removal of excess water present in the body. This method promotes weight loss without causing any harmful side effects. However, this weight loss could only be temporary.

      Dietitian’s Recommendations

      As previously stated, black coffee has numerous health benefits and aids in weight loss. However, black coffee should be consumed moderately because, like anything else, too much of it can have negative side effects. 

      Acidity, increased stress and anxiety, a low mineral absorption rate, and a disrupted sleeping routine are among them. Nevertheless, black coffee is a great beverage with no extra calories, fats, or cholesterol when consumed in moderation.

      - Dietitian Lavina Chauhan

      The Final Say

      Overall, coffee is an energising beverage with numerous health benefits. The drink's low calorie and caffeine content can aid in weight loss. 

      However, it is essential to know what and how much you drink. For example, consume low-calorie coffee beverages by limiting your drink's added sugars and fat content. 

      Limit caffeine intake to 400mg daily and avoid it several hours before bedtime. Everyone is affected differently by coffee. Therefore, its impact on you may differ from its impact on someone else. 


      1. Can I drink black coffee every day?

      Coffee has less evidence of harm and has various health benefits. But 4–5 cups daily may be optimal. If you drink coffee daily in moderation, there is no reason to stop drinking it.

      2. Can black coffee reduce belly fat?

      A combination of black coffee and lemon juice daily works well to burn belly fat and lose weight effectively. 

      3. Is there any specific time to drink black coffee?

      It is advised to drink it 30 mins before any workout or early in the morning, empty stomach. Make sure not to drink black coffee after having any heavy meals.

      4. Is drinking black coffee at night good?

      Consuming coffee too close to bedtime can cause sleeping problems. To avoid this, it is recommended to avoid drinking caffeine for a minimum of 6 hours before bed. Additionally, caffeine can increase anxiety in some people.

      5. Can I put sugar in black coffee?

      Avoid adding sugar to your coffee. If you regularly turn your coffee into a sugary treat, you might eliminate its overall health benefits.

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