Finding The Best Time To Workout: Morning Vs. Evening



Published on: 08-Aug-2022


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Finding The Best Time To Workout: Morning Vs. Evening

Finding The Best Time To Workout: Morning Vs. Evening

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Ever wonder what the most suitable time to be working out is? Let us look at the pros and cons of working out in the morning vs evening!

It is said that the best workout is the one that you actually do. Before we discuss any science or opinions on when you should be working out, you need to ask yourself a few questions. When can you go to the gym? When will you enjoy it? When do you feel most energetic? When can you exercise concerning your work schedule? When do you feel the best?

The key, as always, is balancing exercise and eating according to your liking. Whether that means a 7 am spin session fuelled by caffeine or a 7 pm weights workout fuelled by meals. 

Table of Contents

1. Advantages Of Working Out In The Morning

2. Disadvantages Of Working Out In The Morning

3. Benefits Of Working Out In The Evening

4. Disadvantages Of Working Out In The Evening

5. The Final Say

6. FAQs

Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

1. The Happy Hormone Rush Throughout the Day

A bad start to the day can impact the rest of it. Our brains produce serotonin hormone when we exercise. Serotonin makes you happier and more cheerful. Endorphins, dopamine, and norepinephrine are among the additional neurotransmitters and hormones that impact mood.

2. More Energy Throughout the Day

According to the results of numerous research, exercise immediately affects the central nervous system by increasing energy and decreasing fatigue. Morning exercises can be your energy supplement. It enhances blood flow and aids in supplying muscular tissue with nutrients and oxygen. The body experiences a surge in energy as a result.

3. Better Sleep at Night 

Deep sleep, during which the body and brain have an opportunity to regenerate, is referred to as slow-wave sleep. The amount of slow-wave sleep you get is increased by moderate aerobic exercise. The National sleep foundation reports that people who exercise on a treadmill at 7:00 am are more likely to sleep longer and sustain deeper sleep cycles than people who work out later in the day.

4. Feeling Confident and Accomplished

Over time, one of the advantages of morning exercise is that it increases self-confidence and self-esteem. You would feel fitter, healthier and stronger with consistency. Better self-esteem goes a long way to improving our productivity and social lives.

5. More Likely to Lose Body Fat Faster

Our bodies need energy as fuel while we work out. The body can store this fuel source as fat, protein or carbs. During the research, the group who exercised before breakfast exhibited an increase in fat oxidation, which is the process of burning fat for energy. And losing weight is associated with using body fat as fuel. 

6. Improved Metabolism

Our bodies use the metabolic process to turn food and liquids into energy. Even while resting, our bodies depend on this system to continue working. Consider that your body requires you to breathe, circulate blood, develop, and repair cells even when you are resting. The good news is that the benefits of a morning workout on metabolism last throughout the day, enabling you to expend calories throughout the day.

Disadvantages of Working Out in the Morning

1. Lower Energy Stores

During the night, your body burns up its glycogen reserves, which serve as your body's primary energy source. It takes some time to refuel these energy reserves after you wake up and a meal high in carbohydrates. Since your body burns fat for energy when you don't have enough glycogen, early workouts are frequently preferable. Though less effective, this breakdown causes athletes to experience weariness far more quickly than they would if they trained later in the day. 

2. Inability to Add Muscles

Working out first in the morning does not support muscular growth. A morning workout does not produce significant muscle growth or an increase in strength because you do not have enough glucose in your system to fuel weight-lifting and resistance activities. Your body needs a few hours to replenish the energy it uses during the night. If building more muscle or strength is your main objective, working out later in the day will produce better benefits.

3. Increased Risk Due to Lack of Alertness

The best time to exercise in the morning varies from person to person, but if you wake up and work out right away, likely, you're not fully awake. Exercising while you are still tired puts you at greater risk of injuring yourself by not paying attention to your body or environment. Wait until you are completely alert before exercising in the morning.

Advantages of Working Out in the Evening

1. Eases Your Day’s Stress

Exercise has numerous positive effects on both our bodies and our thoughts. Therefore, having a sweat session can be the answer if you're seeking a technique to relieve mental fatigue from being out all day, calm your thoughts and get ready for a good night's sleep. Numerous studies indicate that people claim to feel calmer even after just 20-30 minutes of exercise, and this feeling may persist for several hours afterwards.

2. Improves Sleep

If you've heard that working out in the evening can hinder your sleep, realise that it's not as straightforward as it would seem. In fact, evening exercise may improve your quality of sleep. Research indicates that positive sleep outcomes, increased sleep efficiency, deep sleep and high-quality sleep are all related to exercise. Even better performance, higher endurance levels, longer workout sessions and more physical benefits may result from working out at night.

3. Less Pressure to Incorporate a Workout Into Your Daily Routine

Exercise might be the last thing on your mind if you are the person who always wakes up thinking about everything you need to do before the day is through. So you may as well put it on your list of things to accomplish later during the day and still benefit from it without any issues. When you work out in the evening, you are free to tackle the more important tasks of the day without getting upset about missing your workout. Additionally, you can concentrate better and have more fun during your gym sessions once the day is over.

Disadvantages of Working Out in the Evening

1. Challenging to remain constant

Studies suggest that working out in the morning would make it easier for you to make it a habit of exercising at night. If you are to put exercise as the last thing to do in your day, it can very quickly be pushed over to the next day because you feel too tired. Additionally, other enjoyable activities need less energy, such as watching television or browsing social media.

2. Creating a routine

Studies recommend that being consistent can help you turn exercising into a habit. Any exercise, be it running or yoga, will give you good results as long as you are consistent. It will also improve your sleep quality. As a beginner, go slow, understand the limits of what your body allows you to do and what it does not, and find what you enjoy most.

The Final Say

After weighing the advantages and disadvantages of morning and evening workouts, you need to figure out what would work best for you and your body. While the morning works best for some, evening workouts might work better for others. Explore and experiment with different timings to find your match. Start by asking yourself what your goals, priorities and commitments are, and you're already making progress!


1Can my workout routine alternate between morning and evening in the same week?

Yes, you can do that. But always make sure to plan your meals accordingly.

2. Can I divide my workout into two halves throughout the day?

Yes! You can do that. You can make it 30-30 minutes split and divide your workout into something like cardio in the morning and strength workout in the evening.

3. I do not have time in the morning and am too tired to work out in the evening. What should I do?

Plan your day accordingly. Try to wake up early to make time for your workouts, or take a short break in the evening and do some exercises. You may divide your workout and do half in the evening and a half in the morning.

4. How can I start waking up early in the morning?

The best way to do this is to go to bed early. Get into the habit of sleeping early so you can have a proper 7-8 hours of sleep by the time you wake up.


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