Finding The Motivation: Following The Right Regime And Lifestyle



Published on: 25-Aug-2022


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Amrita Sandhu


Finding The Motivation: Following The Right Regime And Lifestyle

Finding The Motivation: Following The Right Regime And Lifestyle

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Getting out of bed or pausing your favourite Netflix show to go and work out can be difficult when you lack the motivation to achieve your fitness goals. So how can we change this? 

Motivation is the willingness to act towards a goal. It is an essential factor in setting and achieving goals. The word is derived from motive, which refers to an individual's needs, desires, wants or drives.

Motivation fuels human behaviour! It encourages competitiveness and fosters interpersonal ties. Its absence can result in depression and other mental illnesses. The desire to keep progressing toward a life with meaning, purpose and worth living is a component of motivation.

Table of Contents

1. Fitness and Motivation

2. Why Are We Not Motivated to Exercise?

3. How to Stay Motivated?

4. The Final Say

5. FAQs

Fitness and Motivation

Numerous elements go into making up a consistent FITNESS program having goals, being prepared, being disciplined, and staying committed. However, motivation is one of the most crucial and perhaps most elusive factors.

We frequently procrastinate exercising because we believe the drive will appear when we wake up. However, the planning stage is when most of us are motivated to exercise since most of us are working toward a future objective like losing weight, which is valid for many of us.

Motivation fuels human behaviour! It encourages competitiveness and fosters interpersonal ties. Its absence can result in depression and other mental illnesses. The desire to keep progressing toward a purpose and making life worthwhile is a motivation component.

We make plans, establish goals, and perhaps we even follow through on those intentions for a while. However, later we can notice that drive waning and question what we are doing wrong.

Why Are We Not Motivated To Exercise?

We may not be as motivated to exercise for many reasons. Some of the  obstacles we need to overcome are: 

1. Sedentary Jobs And Lifestyles

Most of us spend most of our day on our devices and in cars, implying less movement and increased sitting. The more you sit, the more you would get used to it and the harder it would be to get the body moving.

2. Being Overweight

If you are overweight, it is harder to exercise. In addition, exercise becomes more daunting and uncomfortable if you have physical issues, such as joint discomfort, injuries, or a heavier physique. 

3. Busy Lifestyles

Getting caught up in our hectic schedules is a great excuse to skip exercise. 

4. Stress

Exercise is a kind of physical stress on the body. So even though exercising is likely the most significant thing for you, if you are stressed out, it might not be what you want to do.

5. Access To Workout Facilities

If you do not have a gym or fitness centre nearby, that may influence whether you work out regularly. 

How to Stay Motivated?

1. Change Your Perspective

Think like an athlete instead of a couch potato by changing your thinking. It might seem challenging, but it is not as far-fetched as you imagine. Be inspired by everyone you encounter, including those unable to engage in physical activity.

2. Set A Goal

Nothing is more inspiring than seeing your goals getting accomplished. Register and commit to an exercise regimen. You will discover that as you move toward your objective, things start to fall into place in your career, personal life, and health. 

Setting realistic goals with clear milestones is essential. Whatever your goal may be, define it, write it down, and revisit it daily. Make it realistic and ensure you can adapt to certain changes to reach your goal.

3. Schedule A Regular Workout Time 

Some of the most dedicated exercisers work out every day in the early morning before work or evening after putting their kids to work. Try to include an hour each day to take care of your body in your weekly agenda. Schedule a daycare, schedule your workout, and plan your day around this hour. Use digital tools like daily email reminders, workout journaling websites, or apps to keep you on task.

4. Think Fun And Variation

Humans are naturally motivated by change and variation. Even though we work hard, we still need to have fun. Use both! Plan your workouts around various exercise styles, whether a toning and sculpting class where the choreography changes every week or a trail run where the landscape changes with the seasons. 

Include activities that you would genuinely enjoy and would look forward to doing, which may even help you forget that you are exercising, such as dancing, hula hooping or playing a sport with family and friends.

5. Reach Out!

Think about joining a social networking site or online community that offers support from other people striving to reduce weight, maintain healthy eating and exercise routines, and access fitness trainers, nutritionists, and other professionals. People that receive such support online have been proven to lose thrice as much weight as people doing it alone due to the amount and kind of fitness motivation they get daily.

You can further advance your goal of leading a healthy lifestyle by pushing for your place of employment to provide on-site fitness, yoga, or pilates courses. As a result, start viewing yourself as an athlete rather than a spectator. So have some fun, set a goal, enlist a friend, and put it on your calendar.  

6. Experiment

It is entirely normal for your initial attempts to fail. However, avoid continuing to attempt things that you find unappealing or ineffective. Instead, allow yourself to try new things until you understand who you are.

7. Be Flexible

There will be days when motivation is elusive, but every day is unique. Now is an excellent time to consider what is happening. Why do you not feel motivated? You should get more rest, or you could cancel your plans and take a walk instead. 

8. Reward Yourself

No matter how small, reward yourself after every workout. Listen to music, read a good book, soak in a hot tub, drive, or watch a movie. Plan larger monthly incentives, such as a massage or a night out. The prospect of a reward is a powerful motivation.

The Final Say

Being motivated to exercise is just one aspect of becoming an exerciser. Unfortunately, it is often the one thing we have the most trouble with when we first start. Consider what you truly desire for yourself, outside of weight loss and a good appearance, instead of letting that motivation go away.

People who exercise seek motivation because they know that it improves their quality of life. Consider how you could improve your life, and you will discover the drive to keep going.


1. I know I need to lose weight but cannot find the motivation to start my fitness journey because it scares me; what do I do?

Make a proper schedule, change your perspective and take small steps towards your goal. Always remember discipline is much more important than motivation.

2. What kind of rewards can I give myself to keep myself motivated during my fitness journey?

You can reward yourself in many ways, like a cheat meal on the weekend, a night out, or a day off from exercise.

3. Will finding a workout partner help solve my motivation issue?

Working out with a partner helps in many ways, and yes, motivation is one of them. They can help you stay consistent as you motivate each other.

4. How do I find the motivation to fit exercise into my busy and hectic schedule?

Try to include an hour each day to take care of your body in your weekly schedule. Or use technology like daily email reminders, workout journaling websites or apps to keep you on task.

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