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      Ganpati’s Ekadanta Symbolises Removal Of Bad: Eliminate Bad Habits

    • Ganpati Bappa Morya! Lord Ganesha is celebrated as a hero of strength, a happy dancer, the wisest god, a playful child and whatnot. The word Eka means the one, and Danta is the tusk. Therefore, he is also known as the lord with a single tusk. 

      His ekdanta represents the removal of evil and retention of good. So, whatever it is, be it bad eating habits or something terrible that has happened to you, remember to throw it away and keep only the good.

      It is tough, but not impossible! Here are suggestions to help you eliminate bad habits and replace them with good. 

      1. Choose A Substitute

      Most people are deteriorating their health by eating junk, smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol. However, if you are one of them, remember you always have a healthy choice.  You just have to make a plan. For example, if you urge to smoke, you can eat dark chocolate instead. So, replace whatever bad habit you are dealing with, with a healthier substitute.    

      2. Visualise Your Success 

      See yourself eliminating bad habits and adapting to the good ones. For instance, if you have a terrible habit of eating junk, replace it with healthier options. Whatever the bad habits you have, visualise them crushing with a big smile. Visualise your new identity! 

      3. Be In the Right Company 

      Be with people who live healthy and happy life! However, for that, you do not have to ditch your old friends. You just have to understand the power of making some new ones associated with health and fitness. Socialise, and you will eventually find a good group of people. 

      4. Be Yourself

      You do not have to become like someone else while eliminating bad habits. You just have to be an old you, without toxic habits. That is it! Do not take the burden of transforming into a healthy person. Instead, target unlearning those things which hamper your health. Remember when you did not adopt those bad habits; you can do it again! 

      5. Track Your Activities 

      Track activities, the calorie count and your health parameters. To lead a healthy life, seek expert advice. Do you know you can get these all in one app? Start your fitness journey with ToneOp. Here you can track your activities and calorie count and consult health experts.

      What is better than eliminating bad habits with the blessings of Ganesha? So, this Ganesha Utsav, make a promise to lead a healthy life! So, start your health journey today! 

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