Ganpati’s Head Symbolises Wisdom: Understand The Importance Of Health



Published on: 31-Aug-2022


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Kajal Tharwani


Ganpati’s Head Symbolises Wisdom: Understand The Importance Of Health

Ganpati’s Head Symbolises Wisdom: Understand The Importance Of Health

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Ganpati Bappa Morya! Ganesh Utsav is here, and everyone is busy with the preparations to welcome Bappa to their homes. However, in this chaos, we forget the messages that he is trying to convey. 

Also known as Siddhi Vinayaka, Lambodara, or Gajanan, Lord Ganpati is believed to bring a happy beginning and good fortune. Moreover, everything associated with  Lord Ganesha teaches us something or the other. 

Ganesha’s elephant head symbolises wisdom! As we say, health is wealth. Therefore, you must understand the importance of your health and try leading a healthy life. But unfortunately, in our busy lives, we fail to realise that it is essential to be wise about healthy choices.

Be wise and understand the importance of health! Taking this message from Lord Ganpati, we have brought up a list of reasons why you should understand the importance of health. 

1. The most obvious benefit of living healthy is that it helps you live longer and happier. Moreover, leading a healthy lifestyle keeps you away from deadly diseases 

leading to a better and longer life. 

2. A healthy person can serve society and the nation. 

3. Living a healthy life will save you from unnecessary treatment costs and the hassle of going to hospitals. 

4. Psychologically healthy people feel comfortable and happy and enjoy their life well. 

5. Healthy lifestyle keeps you energetic and productive throughout the day. 

We have told you the importance of a healthy life but do you know how to be wise about your health? Do not worry! Like Ganpati Bappa, we have also got some helpful advice for you! 

1. Watch The Weight 

Keeping track of your weight is essential! Develop a habit of tracking your body weight daily or weekly. It will help you see the fluctuation in the weight. Therefore, you can design a diet and physical activity accordingly. 

2. Eat Healthy Meals 

Do not forget to eat breakfast! Having a healthy and nutritious breakfast keeps you energised throughout the day. Moreover, make sure to have a healthy meal. Your plate must have more fibre, protein and less sugar, fats and calories.

3. Stay Hydrated 

Drink water regularly! It regulates body temperature, prevents infections, and keeps the organ functioning properly. Experts recommend drinking around 11 cups of water for women and 16 cups for men. However, it is essential to mention that not all those cups have to come from water. It can also be from fruits, vegetables, coffee or tea. 

4. Be Active 

Exercise, and be physically active! The benefits of being physically active are unavoidable. It helps keep you fresh, combat health conditions, improve mood, manage weight, boost energy, and so on. 

5. Regular Check-ups 

Be wise and visit your doctor regularly! Regular health checkup helps your body from recovering from any health concerns. It assures your health, and following the doctor’s prescriptions can help you increase your lifespan. Remember, the check-ups can vary depending on age, gender, family history and overall health conditions. 
You can also download an app to keep track of your sleep, calories and overall health. ToneOp is a health and nutrition app offering personalised diet plans for your health goals. Be wise,  and understand the importance of health. 

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