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      Ganpati’s Large Stomach Symbolises Consistency: Consistent Healthy Practices

    • Ganpati Bappa Morya!

      Ganesha is the divine form of "Vidya (Knowledge) and Buddhi (Wisdom)", which is connected to making wise investments. So, Lord Ganesh always has new lessons to teach us every time. So, here he is with a new lesson!

      We all have heard of the famous story of Lord Ganesh, snake and the moon, right?

      We can learn many things from this story, one of which is how we must be consistent with our eating habits. With his enormous stomach, lord Ganesh tells us how to invest in our eating habits wisely.

      Large Stomach Of Ganpati Symbolises Consistency: Consistent Health Practices

      There are moments in our life which lead us to make various lifestyle choices. These ups and downs of life are not meant to harm our health but help us figure out how to move forward on a positive note. There are a few reasons why one ends up overeating or not eating when these ups and downs hit them hard;

      • Binge eating 
      • Depressed and not eating
      • Lack of control- Addictive to junk food
      • Medical issues

      There are ways to stay consistent with your health. It is not that difficult when you start to lead a healthy life. Still, barriers arise when you try to maintain consistency. 

      Here are ways through which you can be consistent with your health.

      1. Understand Your Body

      Do not let the craving overpower you!

      Try and understand how your body works and respect your body. Do not take long gaps or do frequent fasting as it will harm your body and psychological health.

      2. Know Your Portion Size

      A balanced diet combines all food groups, divided portion-wise during your day. You can always apply the “my plate” method to perfectly divide your meals and get healthy. 

      3. Know The Mantra Of Colours

      Focus on getting variety! Choose foods that have less saturated fats, sugar and salt. Incorporate colours into your diet; try to add at least 5 colours to your diet. It is the best way to fulfil your nutrient requirements. 

      4. Stay Hydrated! 

      Hydration is the most critical factor in being healthy. Unfortunately, we often forget to drink water while doing regular chores. Our body's hydration changes from season to season, and you can look for options to drink, such as detox drinks and juices. Your body feels fresh and rejuvenated when you stay hydrated. 

      5. Choose Healthier Alternatives

      You can always have a cheat meal, but this should be a once-in-a-while rule. Try to make these meals at home and keep them under your nutritional quantity. For example, make healthy kebabs in air fryers, use millets instead of wheat to make pizza bases and prefer multigrain bread. You can always make every meal tasty and healthy to stay consistent in your path of healthy eating. 

      All the adaptation steps become easy when you know where to start and how to overcome your habits. TONEOP is here to help you with the process of adaptation. 

      TONEOP has all the features to make your path much more accessible. For example, it keeps keen monitoring of what you are eating. It displays the number of calories or nutrients your body is getting from a particular food with the help of a food tracking feature. 

      Not only this, but TONEOP has the feature to track your water intake to know if you are having a healthy sleep or not. 

      So why make this process so challenging? Just download the TONEOP App and clear all the obstacles that make your path difficult. 

      About TONEOP

      TONEOP is a platform dedicated to improving and maintaining your good health through a comprehensive range of goal-oriented diet plans and recipes. It also intends to provide value-added content to our consumers.  



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