Health Benefits Of Boodu Kumbalakai (Ash Gourd)



Published on: 22-Sep-2022


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Health Benefits Of Boodu Kumbalakai (Ash Gourd)

Health Benefits Of Boodu Kumbalakai (Ash Gourd)

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Ash gourd, also known as Benincasa Hispida, winter melon, wax gourd, white gourd, and Chinese watermelon, is a fruit native to South Asia. It grows on a vine and ripens into a round or oblong melon about the same size and colour as a watermelon.

Once ripe, the fruit's flaky exterior turns into a powdery, ash-coloured coating, giving it its name. Ash gourd has a mild flavour reminiscent of cucumbers. The pulp is a trendy addition to Chinese and Indian dishes. The fruit is touted for various health benefits and has been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. However, only some of the benefits are currently supported by science.

Table Of Contents

1. Nutritive Value Of Boodu Kumbalakai

2. Health Benefits Of Boodu Kumbalakai

3. Dietitian’s Recommendations

4. The Final Say

5. FAQs                      

Nutritive Value Of Boodu Kumbalakai      

Like most plants in the cucurbitaceous family, the vegetable extracts, seeds, leaves, and juices of the Boodu Kumbalakai are fortified with vital nutrients. It also contains many plant compounds, including phenols. The nutritional information for ash gourd for a 100g serving is: 

  • Calories - 86.2 kcal
  • Total Fat - 3.9 g 
  • Saturated Fat 0.5 g 
  • Total Carbohydrates - 12.5 g
  • Dietary Fibre - 0.6 g
  • Protein - 2.0 g
  • Sodium - 33.0 mg
  • Potassium - 359.1 mg
  • Vitamin A - 9.8 %
  • Vitamin B6 - 11.3 %
  • Vitamin C - 30.5 %
  • Vitamin E - 1.1 %
  • Calcium - 5.1 %
  • Magnesium - 6.7 %
  • Phosphorus - 5.0 %
  • Zinc - 7.2 %
  • Iron - 5.7 %
  • Manganese - 12.5 %
  • Iodine - 5.9 %

Health Benefits Of Boodu Kumbalakai

Health Benefits Of Boodu Kumbalakai

1. Accelerates Weight Loss

Ash gourd, being low on energy and excessive in vital nutrients, may be consumed by folks strictly following a healthy eating plan to lose weight, specifically within the case of those with diabetes. Ash gourd additionally contains nutritional fibres that help digestion, making you feel fuller for longer, decreasing cravings and assisting in burning fats at a faster pace.

2. Augments Heart Function

With negligible LDL cholesterol content, ash gourd positively affects our heart health. Therefore, the vegetable is added to many Indian dishes because it improves blood flow by ensuring the smooth functioning of cardiac muscles.

3. Detoxifies The Kidneys

It stimulates the regular removal of waste products through the excretory system within the body. It boosts the secretion of fluids in the kidneys by directly eliminating toxins and ensuring hydration of the internal organs in the body. Ash gourd juice helps in the normal functioning of the kidneys and bladder.

4. Enhances Digestive System 

Due to its high fibre content, ash gourd can help you avoid experiencing constipation, bloating, or stomach cramps after a large meal. Additionally, the laxative properties of the substance control bowel motions, reducing abdominal pain.

5. Vitalises The Respiratory Processes 

Ash gourd has a natural expectorant property, which enables it to loosen up any additional mucus or phlegm and expel it from the respiratory tract. This immensely advantages lung features and prevents hypersensitive reactions and respiration difficulties.

6. Complements Ketogenic Diet 

Non-starchy greens are a steady addition to all keto diets. In this regard, ash gourd, low in carbohydrates and sugars, is excellent in a keto food regimen. It specialises in reducing calorie consumption since it is common in carbs. An easy quick-restoration recipe is boiling reduced ash gourd and seasoning it with salt and pepper. This may be integrated into an everyday foundation for lunch in a ketogenic food regimen.

Dietitian’s Recommendation

Boodu Kumbalakai, also known as white pumpkin, is an extraordinarily delicious and nutritious vegetable. It has many health benefits and is healthy for weight loss, and making it a part of our diet is a good idea. It can be a versatile addition to salads, stews, and soups. Additionally, it can be used to prepare vegetables, ketchup, jam, juices, smoothies, candied goods, baked goods, and desserts. 

                                                                                                       - Dietician Lavina Chauhan

The Final Say

Boodu Kumbalakai is a low-calorie fruit high in water, fibre, and other beneficial nutrients. It is commonly utilised in conventional medicine to prevent or treat various illnesses. It is a versatile addition to many dishes. Ash gourd is also believed to aid digestion, reduce inflammation, and protect against infection, ulcers and type 2 diabetes. However, none of these benefits is currently supported by solid science.


1. What is the best time to drink ash gourd juice?

The optimum time to consume ash gourd juice is first thing in the morning. This juice can absorb all the toxins, pathogens, and contaminants that may have accumulated in one's body over the day. Additionally, it might be used to remove waste from our system.

2. Is ash gourd good for diabetes?

Ash gourd (Benincasa hispida) contains plenty of moisture, protein, carbohydrates and fibre. In addition, it is packed with calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and vitamin C. It is perfect for diabetes and people trying to lose weight because it has few calories.

3. Is it safe to consume gourds during pregnancy?

Eating a lot of vegetables while pregnant is advised, especially kaddu, lauki, tori, and karela. A bedtime ritual involving taking a cup of milk flavoured with nutmeg is helpful (jaiphal). It promotes relaxation and improves sleep. Maintain simplicity and incorporate easy foods into your diet.

4. Is ash gourd good for gastric?

Ash Gourd helps treat Acid reflux syndrome with help from its active principles such as Terpenes, Flavonoid C, glycosides, and sterols since they have antioxidant effects that help inhibit gastric mucosal damage.

5. Is ash gourd beneficial for skin health?

The emollient or smoothing Vitamin E, which also possesses antioxidant qualities, is naturally present in ash gourds. When used on sunburns and rashes, the vegetable's gel extract calms the skin's irritated and dried-out areas, leaving them smooth and thoroughly moisturised.

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