Red Pear: Nutritional Value And Health Benefits



Published on: 07-Nov-2022


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Kajal Tharwani


Red Pear: Nutritional Value And Health Benefits

Red Pear: Nutritional Value And Health Benefits

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Whenever we think of eating healthy or leading a healthy lifestyle, the first thing that comes to mind is fruits. They have ample benefits and are good for health. Among many fruits, red pear is quite famous for its benefits and taste. 

This red pear is primarily grown in Pacific Northeast from September to the summer season.  It is also called the step-sister of the apple because it has some properties of the apple. 

Let us look at red pear's health benefits and nutritional value.

Table Of Contents 

1. Nutritional Value Of Red Pear 

2. Health Benefits Of Red Pear 

3. Hair And Benefits Of Red Per 

4. Dietitian’s Recommendation 

5. The Final Say 

6. FAQs 

Nutritional Value Of Red Pear 

The nutritional value of 100g of red pear is: 

  • Calories-  62kcal
  • Fat-  0.1g
  • Protein- 0.3g
  • Carbohydrates-  15g
  • Fibre-  3g
  • Potassium-  123mg
  • Calcium-  11mg
  • Sugar-  9.5g
  • Sodium- 1mg

Health Benefits Of Red Pear 

Here we have listed a few health benefits of red pear. Have a look! 

1. Prevents From Heart Diseases 

Pears are rich in fibre, which is excellent for people suffering from heart issues, and contain a good amount of potassium, which helps in blood pressure management and curbs the chances of heart troubles.

2. Fights Free Radicals 

Red pears are rich in vitamins A, C, and K, which work as antioxidants and fight the free radicals causing damage to the cells and provide healthy body functioning.

3. Curbs Allergic Reaction 

A few research says that pears when compared with other fruits, have less chance of allergic reactions when eaten and thus are one of the few fruits that can be given to infants. 

Some proteins in pear are available in pollen, which may cause allergies in some people. However, such allergies have not yet been noticed due to the consumption of red pear.

4. Boosts Immunity 

Red pear is rich in vitamin C, which helps to boost immunity and keep infections at bay. The presence of copper in red pear also fights diseases that cause infections. 

5. Controls Blood Sugar Levels 

Red pears are rich in anthocyanin, which can reduce the occurrence of type 2 diabetes. Also, red pears come under the category of foods with a low glycemic index, which is excellent for people having diabetes.

6. Keeps Gut Happy 

Red pear is a good source of fibre that keeps the bowel and digestion system smooth, thus lowering the chances of constipation and smoothening the bowels.

7. For Pregnant Women 

Red pears are rich in folic acid, which is excellent for pregnant women to consume to avoid congenital disabilities. Also, doctors recommend eating pears in a healthy diet during pregnancy.

8. Prevents From Health Issues 

Regular red pear consumption helps overcome gout, gall bladder, arthritis, and colitis. Other than that, it helps to reduce the chance of fever due to its cooling effect in the body and, lastly, it helps to control the blood sugar level with the presence of antioxidants and anti-carcinogen glutathione.

9. Treats Throat Problems 

Red pear juice is excellent for people with throat issues, mostly during summer, as it soothes the soreness and treats it. Secondly, red pears are also suitable for people with shortness of breath in summer, adults, and children.

Hair And Skin Benefits Of Red Pear 

Red pear is beneficial for health and has several hair and skin benefits. 

1. Keeps Skin Wrinkle Free 

Red pears are rich in copper, vitamin C, and vitamin K, which help fight free radicals and reduce signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and other damage to cells. Also, it helps to tone the skin up and protects the overall skin.

2. Avoids Skin Damage 

Red pears are rich in fibre which keeps the skin soft and smooth. The fibre in red pears helps to control the secretion of sugar in blood stream hence curbing the damage of collagen and keeping the skin plump.

3. Best For Oily Skin 

You can use red pear to treat oily skin and control excess sebum production. You just have to mash the red pear with some honey and apply it as a mask twice a week.

4. Keeps Skin Moisturised 

Red pear contains humectants that retain the skin's moisture by keeping a healthy balance of water in the skin.  Moreover, it is also great for dry skin. 

5. Natural Scrubber 

Red pears have natural scrubbing elements that remove dead skin cells easily without reactions or allergies. Besides that, the pear has lactic acid, which keeps the lip skin hydrated for a long time and promotes the skin's health, so consume pears regularly.

Dietitian’s Recommendation 

You can consume red pear differently, like making a salad with a combination of spinach or quinoa, nuts and olive oil dressing, and a little salt. It will give the salad a different texture and taste. 

You can also make natural jelly out of it. Also, it makes the best yogurt and chia seed pudding by adding some fresh red pears.

- Dietitian Akshata Gandevikar 

The Final Say 

Red pear is not only great for health but also for skin and hair, as when consumed helps to tame frizz. It improves the hair's overall texture and moistens the skin by controlling excess oil production. It is rich in fibre, making it an excellent choice for diabetic people and it curbs digestion issues. It can be used in salads, jams, candies, thick juices, etc.


1. How does red pear help to prevent heart issues?

Red pears are a good source of potassium which helps to control blood pressure in the body, which keeps the heart healthy and thus curbs heart troubles.

2. Which fruit is healthier, pear or apple?

Although some properties of red pear are the same as the apple, some properties can make both the fruit different from each other and also have distinct health benefits. Therefore, both fruits are good in their own way.

3. Does red pear curb the chances of insomnia/stress?

There is no research considering that stress and insomnia are related benefits of consuming red pears.

4. Does consuming red pear helps to prevent the digestive issue and constipation?

Yes, red pears are rich in fiber, which helps constipation by keeping the bowels smooth and aiding digestion issues like acidity and gas.

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