Sattu Ke Laddu Recipe And Its Health Benefits



Published on: 13-Jan-2023


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Kajal Tharwani


Sattu Ke Laddu Recipe And Its Health Benefits

Sattu Ke Laddu Recipe And Its Health Benefits

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Protein is a macronutrient that the body requires for various functions. Therefore, there are numerous protein-rich foods. Unfortunately, many of them are out of reach for many people. However, in our Indian culture, we have a wide variety of food items. Thus, there are many budget-friendly foods. 

Sattu is one of these foods. Sattu is a protein-rich flour that makes an excellent summer drink due to its cooling and power detox properties. It has gained popularity in India as a superfood with numerous health benefits and helps to fight several medical conditions. 

Besides, it is often referred to as a powerhouse of energy. Sattu ke laddu is loved by everyone of every age, and they are delicious and healthy. However, some people find it confusing to make. Therefore, here we present the recipe for sattu ke laddu and its health benefits.

Table Of Contents 

1. What Is Sattu? 

2. Nutritional Value Of Sattu

3. How To Make Sattu Ke Laddu? 

4. Health Benefits Of Sattu Ke Laddu

5. What Is The Difference Between Sattu And Besan? 

5. Dietitian’s Recommendation 

6. The Final Say 

What Is Sattu? 

Sattu is Bengal gram that has been coarsely ground. It is made by dry roasting Bengal gram in the sand and then powdering it. Chickpeas are frequently added to Bengal gramme to add flavour when making sattu. It is the result of combining pulses and cereals. It can also be made of barley, known as barley sattu.

Sattu flour is a high-protein flour made from powdered chana or other pulses and cereals. It is popular in many parts of India, including Jharkhand, Bihar, Punjab, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh. It is also consumed in Pakistan. Sattu, previously restricted to a few states, is now available in various forms, including wheat, barley, and jowar. All of these variations contain some roasted gram.

Sattu powder is often referred to as poor man's protein. It is the most recent food to gain popularity and recognition as a superfood. Sattu has numerous health benefits and can be used to make some very quick and tasty recipes. 

Nutritional Value Of Sattu

Sattu contains the following nutrients per 100 g:

  • Calories- 413 kcal
  • Fat-  5 g
  • Carbohydrates-  64 g
  • Protein- 25 g
  • Fibre- 8 g
  • Sodium- 158 mg

How To Make Sattu Ke Laddu? 

Here is the quick and easy way to sattu ke laddu. Have a look! 


  • Sattu flour- 2 cups
  • Jaggery powder- 1 cup
  • Cardamom powder-  ½ tsp
  • Pure ghee- ½ cup

Preparation Method 

1. Preheat the pan. Roast the sattu flour in the pan over a low flame.

2. Continuously stir for 3 to 4 minutes. The flour should be lightly roasted on low heat; the colour should not change.

3. Transfer it to a separate bowl, add the cardamom powder, and mix well.

4. In the same pan, combine ghee and jaggery powder.

5. Cook, constantly stirring, until the jaggery melts.

6. Turn off the flame immediately. Here, you can also add 2 tbsp water. Mix this into the flour with a spatula.

7. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until they are well combined.

8. When the mixture is hot, make the ladoos by pressing small portions between your palms. Add some ghee if you can not get the ladoos to stick together.

9. Ladoos should be stored in an airtight container.These ladoos taste similar to besan ladoos.

Health Benefits Of Sattu Ke Laddu

Sattu is beneficial for our health; it has the following health benefits:

1. Sattu Aids In Weight Loss 

Is sattu beneficial for weight loss? It is, indeed. Sattu on an empty stomach makes it easier to burn excess fat. Besides, it reduces bloating, which boosts metabolism and promotes healthy weight loss. Moreover, the laddu is made from jaggery, which helps ease digestion.

2. Helps To Maintain Body Temperature

Sattu sherbet is all you need to quench your thirst when you feel dull and tired from the scorching heat of summer. Besides, it restores your energy levels due to high levels of minerals, carbohydrates, fibre, and other nutrients.

3. Keeps Skin Healthy 

Consume sattu daily to bring out the natural glow of your skin. It hydrates you, boosts your energy, and the iron in it can make your skin glow. It also fortifies your hair follicles and provides them with the required nutrition.

4. Beneficial For Blood Pressure 

Do you want to keep your blood pressure under control? Then, drink a sattu with a pinch of salt and water. Sattu's low sodium content can help you manage your blood pressure and regulate your body's circulation.

5. Keeps Gut Happy! 

Sattu, high in insoluble fibre, benefits the gut by scrubbing out the colon and alleviating symptoms such as clogging, swelling, and acidity. Furthermore, it relieves stomach irritability and burning sensations.

6. Helps To Treat Diabetes 

Sattu is a healthy and natural option for diabetes as it has a low glycemic index and helps regulate blood sugar levels. This makes it excellent for people with diabetes. 

Moreover, drinking chilled sattu sherbet can help you control your blood sugar and pressure. It is recommended to eat sattu laddu in moderation as it contains jaggery. 

What Is The Difference Between Sattu And Besan? 

Sattu refers to an ingredient that has been roasted and ground into a powder. For example, it is known as besan when horse gramme or chana is ground but not roasted. If besan were roasted and powdered, it would be known as sattu. Sattu is also slightly coarser than besan.

Dietitian's Recommendations 

Sattu has a very good nutritional content and is extremely high in proteins, which makes it an ideal choice to be included in meals. You can easily include 1 laddu per day in meals if not routing for weight loss, or you can also prepare many other delicious recipes out of sattu.

-Dietitian Lavina Chauhan

The Final Say 

Sattu is a unique formulation made using pulses and cereals, making it a complete protein that is good for our health. Wide varieties of recipes can be made of sattu. But sattu laddu is mostly the favourite of many and is also nutritious. So never miss the opportunity to grab the maximum benefits out of sattu.

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