9 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Green Coffee



Published on: 08-Jun-2024


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Lalita Vishwakarma


9 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Green Coffee

9 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Green Coffee

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reen coffee, which consists of unroasted coffee beans, is noted for its health benefits due to its high chlorogenic acid and antioxidant content. It is commonly used as a weight loss supplement, which may aid in fat and glucose metabolism. Additionally, green coffee can help regulate blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, and provide a mild energy boost. It also offers protection against oxidative stress thanks to its antioxidant qualities. To learn more about the benefits of drinking green coffee, continue reading the blog!

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9 Best Green Coffee Benefits For Boosting Health

Green coffee, derived from unroasted coffee beans, is rich in antioxidants and protects you from oxidative stress. There are many more benefits of drinking green coffee for your health. Some are:

1. Supports Weight Loss

One of the best benefits of drinking green coffee is weight management. The high levels of chlorogenic acid in green coffee are believed to influence weight loss by modifying how the body processes fat and glucose. It inhibits the enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase, which is involved in the formation of glucose in the liver, thereby reducing overall glucose absorption in the bloodstream.

2. Gives A Metabolism Boost

Green coffee beans are known for their potential for weight loss due to their high chlorogenic acid content. The chlorogenic acid of green coffee enhances the metabolic rate by increasing the activity of certain enzymes in fat metabolism. It helps reduce fat storage and increase fat burning.

3. Regulates Blood Sugar 

Another great benefit of drinking green coffee is blood sugar regulation. Chlorogenic acid in green coffee slows carb absorption, preventing sudden blood sugar spikes after meals.

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4. Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Another way green coffee beans benefit the body is by improving insulin sensitivity. 

By modulating the hormones in glucose metabolism, chlorogenic acid can improve insulin sensitivity, making it easier for the body to manage blood sugar levels effectively.

5. Controls Blood Pressure 

The compounds in green coffee promote vasodilation, which is the widening of blood vessels. This can help resist blood flow, thus helping to lower blood pressure.

6. Reduces Oxidative Stress 

The high levels of polyphenols, an antioxidant in green tea, help neutralise free radicals in the body. This also reduces oxidative stress, which is a major factor in developing chronic diseases.

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7. Has Anti-inflammatory Effects

The antioxidants in green coffee also possess anti-inflammatory properties, helping to lower inflammation levels in the body and potentially reducing the risk of conditions like arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

8. Provides Energy Boost

Green coffee also contains a moderate amount of caffeine, which provides a gentle energy boost without the intense jitters or crashes often associated with higher doses of caffeine found in roasted coffee.

9. Enhances Cognitive Function

The benefits of drinking green coffee are that it also helps to improve cognitive function. The caffeine and other bioactive compounds in green coffee can improve mental clarity, focus, and overall mood,

contributing to better cognitive function throughout the day.

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The Final Say

Drinking green coffee has several health benefits thanks to its high levels of chlorogenic acid and antioxidants. It can help manage weight, regulate blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and combat oxidative stress. It provides a mild energy boost and improves focus without the jitters of high caffeine intake. However, it's better to take guidance from a healthcare provider before incorporating green coffee into your diet, especially if you have health issues or are taking other medications. Not only this, but it is also essential to be aware of green coffee's benefits and side effects. 


1. What are the side effects of green coffee beans?

Here are the possible side effects of green coffee: 

  • It may cause stomach upset or digestive issues

  • Possible caffeine-related effects like insomnia or increased heart rate

  • It could interact with medications, especially for those with health conditions.

2. What is green coffee bean good for?

Green coffee beans are good for:

  • Weight loss

  • Metabolism boost

  • Blood sugar regulation

  • Improved insulin sensitivity

  • Blood pressure control

  • Oxidative stress reduction

3. How do you eat green coffee beans?

Soak the green coffee beans in water overnight using a 3:1 water-to-beam ratio. The next day, boil the water and beans, then simmer for 10-15 minutes. Let it cool, then strain out the beans. The remaining water is ready to drink.


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