Holi Skin And Hair Care Tips



Published on: 07-Mar-2023


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Kajal Tharwani


Holi Skin And Hair Care Tips

Holi Skin And Hair Care Tips

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Holi is not a day’s celebration but a season full of love, emotions, food and colours!

One of the most exciting festivals in India is around the corner. From having ghujiya to dancing like crazy in the pool, Holi is the festival of love and colours. However, festive colours can take a toll on your skin and hair and cause severe skin-related medical conditions. 

But can a minor inconvenience stop you from having a blast? Of course not! You just need to follow some tips, and you can enjoy the festival without causing severe damage to your skin and hair. 

So without any further ado. ToneOp is here with some tips for hair and skin care during Holi. Here we go! 

Table Of Contents 

1. Pre-Holi Tips For Hair And Skin  

2. Post-Holi Tips For Hair And Skin 

3. Additional Tips For Self-Care During Holi 

4. The Final Say 

5. FAQs 

Pre-Holi Tips For Hair And Skin 

The colours of Holi may seem harmless and fun, but they can damage the skin and hair. Following a few pre-Holi skincare tips is vital to protect your skin and hair from damage.

1. Smear Oils 

Going out to play Holi without oiling yourself? My dear friend, it is not a good idea! The Holi colour can damage your skin and hair to a great extent. Be it almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil, coating your hair and skin with a layer is necessary for their protection. In addition, it helps to reduce the effect of the colour's chemicals on your skin and hair. 

Moreover, oiling will not let the colour settle, which will eventually help you wash it off easily. 

2. Sunscreen Is Always A Good Idea

You are going to play Holi outside all day. Therefore, covering your skin with a generous amount of sunscreen becomes essential. Make sure to use sunscreen with an SPF of more than 30, as it will protect your skin from getting tanned and sunburnt. 

3. Cover Your Hair 

Try to braid your hair and cover them with a cap or scarves. It will save your hair from breakage and protect it from unwanted damage. Look your best, and style the way you want but keep in mind that you need to protect yourself. 

4. Dress Right 

Holi is not just about wearing the clothes you want to discard. It plays a significant role in protecting your skin from damage. Wear clothes that are made with light and breathable fabrics. Moreover, wear clothes that mostly cover your skin to avoid direct contact with the sun and the colour chemical on your skin as much as possible. 

Post-Holi Tips For Hair And Skin 

After crazy fun and dancing, here is the time you are back home and want to clean yourself. So, here are some tips you should follow post-Holi. 

1. Clean Yourself Well 

As soon as you reach home, you must first wash your face with water and a gentle facial cleanser. Then, rub your face gently, massage all the corners of your face, and ensure the colour goes out. Avoid scrubbing the skin vigorously and remove colours gently.

Take a bath and wash your hair with gentle shampoo with a lot of water. Massage the shampoo on your scalp and wash off all the colour, so it does not stay. 

2. Moisturise!  Moisturise!  Moisturise! 

Read that again! Use a deep moisturiser all over your body to hydrate and soothe irritated skin. Also, not only externally hydrate your skin but have a lot of water to combat the dehydration and exhaustion of the day. 

3. Use Home Remedies 

The best way to repair your damaged skin and hair is by using home remedies like oiling hair, using DIY hair masks, and skin masks for the following weeks. You can put a beaten egg with curd on your hair or milk and besan mixture on your hands and face. 

Additional Tips For Self-Care During Holi 

Here are some additional tips for self-care during Holi. Read and opt! 

1. Do not forget your lips. Apply a lip balm that has SPF, it will help your lips protect from sun and colour damage. 

2. Take care of your nails! Keep your nails short and paint them to prevent the colour from getting nail corners and irritating the nail folds.

3. Do not go for parlour sessions, as you have just cleared your skin. Instead, let your skin breathe for a few days. 

4. Make sure you do not apply colour near to eyes, nose and mouth as the colour’s chemical can cause severe issues. 

The Final Say 

Taking care of your skin and hair during the festive season is essential. It’s important to moisturise your skin, exfoliate it regularly, and keep it hydrated. Use gentle cleansers and facial mists to clean your face and avoid harsh cleaners. 

For hair care, try not to wash your hair too often and use cleansing oils to clean your scalp. Besides that, avoid harsh chemicals like makeup removers and conditioners and excessive sun exposure. Have a happy, healthy and safe Holi! 


1. Does Holi colour lead to hair fall? 

Yes! The Holi colour consists of chemicals and can cause your hair to become dull and well, eventually leading to hair fall. 

2. Should I open my hair during Holi celebrations? 

It is a big NO! You must apply oil to your hair, braid them and cover them with a scarf. It will help you to protect your hair from colour chemicals. 

3. Which oil is best to apply on hair before Holi? 

Argan, coconut, and almond oils are the best to apply on hair before the Holi celebration

4. How to cure rashes on the face after the Holi celebration? 

Massage your face gently using a good quality cream. You can also use aloe vera and rose water to pamper your skin. 

5. Do Holi colour cause acne? 

Yes! The artificial chemicals in colour cause breakouts, dryness and other skin issues.

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